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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 120

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Monarchs who emerged from the shadows.

Locan and Izuna stood on both sides of him.


“Did you call me?”

With a nod, Sung-hyun exchanged glances with them.

After the connection because tighter due to the characteristics of a white night , there was no need to talk to the extent that his power part was a weakness.

By the time it was about the operation, he could exchange it enough in his head.

“It’s a quick finish without dragging it out.”



The huge body size of the approaching Walten.

It was Sung-hyun who moved first before his arm stretched out.

Sure enough, Walten is aiming for Sunghyun and moving his eyes with his movements.

He knew that Sung-hyun was the leader of all these minions.

However, other electricity sources were not negligible to sell their eyes to only Sung-hyun.

Yay! Yay! Yay!

Izuna’s flame ball emitted a fierce fire.

With a great shock, Walten’s big body was shaken for a while

Of course, it was an ancient Golem Walten with great durability, and he was not the opponent who could do anything with one or two attacks.

The impact cracked and burned surface quickly recovered and returned to its original state.


But at that moment, the spider queen Niadra opened her mouth wide.

A powerful acid poison from her mouth flew toward the center of Walten.

The poisoned surface of the boy sizzled and corroded, and the defense near the area where the power part was located was weakened.

Geard and Carlisle attacked both legs to disturb the movement, and Sung-hyun, who jumped at once, wielded a sword with black energy.


Balten’s chest was sunken by the strong shock.

Although the core of mana has yet to be seen, his recovery was also being delayed due to the poison that continued to gnaw at the surface.

“I’m pushing you like this!”

Sung-hyun grabbed the sword more strongly and teased his body.

It was Walten who faced not only Seonghyeon but also seven monarchs at the same time.

No matter how much it was called S rank Boss Monster, it was flowing into a one-sided fight.

Despite all kinds of attacks, he fought back, but so did the monarchs of Seonghyeon who were boss monsters.

Even if they were caught up in his attack, the monarchs quickly recovered and got up.

He couldn’t keep up with the fast pace of recovery, and eventually large wounds gradually increased on Balten’s body.

In particular, the core of mana was almost revealed near the chest where it was intensively attacked.

“It’s time to wrap it up.”

Sung-Hyun examined Walten’s condition, signaled the monarchs.

Then Niadra sprouted a spider web and wrapped his body around her.

The moment when the giant golem’s movement is interrupted by a stronger spider’s web.

Two boss monsters that can travel in the air.

Banshee Maitria and Drake Ankaras aimed at Walten’s head, interfering with his movements and vision.


Sung-hyun grabbed the sword and threw himself away.

It was to give to him a final blow that would end him.

[Lord, you have absorbed the shadow of the Gaerd!]

[The ‘Shockwave’ attribute is enabled!]


Walten’s body collapsed with a loud noise!

The man who was hit directly by the last blow given by Sung-hyun ended up destroying the core of mana was destroyed.

He lost his power source and his whole body was shattered.

A message came up in front of Sung-hyun, who finished the fight.

[Quest completed!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]



Among the piles of debris, Sung-hyun wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Sung-hyun, who leveled up 8 times as compensation for the quest after defeating Walten.

[Name – Lee Sung-hyun]

[Celebration – Those who have reached the level.]

[Level – 166]

[Job – Necromancer]

[Key Capabilities]

Strength: 310

Agility: 294

Health: 295

Mana: 388

[Hold Properties]

Status window (S), Shadow Monarch (S), White Night (S)

Recently, growth, which has slowed a little due to outside work, has gained momentum at once.

The fact that he cleared the S-class dungeon like this much clearly meant that his growth was very fast.

Of course, even the same S-level dungeons differed in difficulty in each dungeon, but it is clear that they attacked at least more simply than when they first experienced S-level dungeons.

“I’m sorry I called you out all of a sudden when you were hunting. It’s better to deal with S-level dungeons as soon as possible.”

Sung-hyun looked at Izuna and Locan and said.

The power of the four monarchs, including Sung-hyun himself and Geard, would not have failed to capture Walten.

But the problem was time.

I didn’t know when other S-class hunters would come in.

In order to finalize the situation as quickly as possible, three of the other monarchs were called in secondly.

“No, Lord. Just because we’re away for a while doesn’t mean we’re going to get in trouble.”

Locan stepped up and said,

Most of the monarchs were now leading their forces to explore the fourth field of ‘forest of life’.

This was the same for Izuna and Locan, the demons.

They also serve as guild leaders, but they also have been guilded outside.

He usually continued hunting in the dungeon in the basement, where nothing special happened, and left the general dungeon to his subordinates.

This is because Izuna and Locan had no choice but to lag behind Sung-hyun and other bosses because they couldn’t level up if they kept coming out of the dungeon and were buried in guild work.

As a monarch-grade boss summoner and demon mafia.

It was like rotting Izuna and Locan, the most important power.

In addition, this choice was essential as the monarchs, the vampires and the Werewolves, who were rolling guilds outside, would also be strong together.


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