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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 119

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A giant boss monster with a blue light that leaks through the gap that is attached.

It was the ancient Golem, Walten.

‘This is almost the same as the giant statue of that time.’

Sung-hyun’s head was tilted back to capture all of his appearance.

Ankaras and Niadra, who are now standing behind Sunghyun’s back, were quite big bosses, but they were no different from regular monsters in front of Walten.

The pressure from his big body was also unique.

Except for Sung-hyun and the monarchs, the bodies of ordinary minions were instinctively cowering.


It was Walten who took action first.

His huge arm swung and flew toward Sung-hyun, turning the ground upside down loudly.

It was powerful as expected.

However, Sung-hyun, who had already pulled himself out, swung the sword at his missed arm.


Sung-hyun’s sword that cut off Walten’s huge arm.

The cut-off wound remained on his arm.

However, Sung-hyun frowned and stepped back.

‘I’ve finished doping, and I didn’t expect this much. You’re not an S-class boss for no reason.’

The sword did not go as deep as expected, and Sung-hyun’s arm was numb by the repulsion.


Sung-hyun gestured and bit his regular minions behind him.

He couldn’t even scratch him with his usual strength.

Getting involved in this fight was no use.

‘The core of mana must be hidden in his body.’

Sung-hyun slightly corrected the sword.

It’s natural to share characteristics with each other since they were bosses and monsters of the same line.

One of its features was attack methods and weaknesses.

‘You can destroy the core of mana. But it won’t be as easy as I’ve been dealing with Golem.’

The core of the mana hidden in Walten’s chest.

Basically, as it is much more durable and has a thicker body, it has a deeper depth to simply dig in.

You can’t break it just by putting sword it in once.

He needed some help.

Let’s go!

‘Cause it’s the same with this guy who’s an S-class boss.’

Izuna, Locan, Carlisle.

The three monarchical summons appeared in the shadow of Sung-hyun at the same time.

Creation of S-class dungeons in neutral regions.

Since it was a dungeon that could not be handled by a general guild, all the S-class hunters around them could be contacted.

It was the same for this dungeon.

Shortly after its creation, Sung-hyun arrived at the dungeon and entered, but the systematically sent message was not retrieved.

The end of the dungeon grade that appeared in history was the highest level of S.

However, it did not mean that only dungeons below a certain level would appear.

Even if it was the same S-class, there were many different levels, and the worst dungeons of mankind in the past were classified as S-class.

Because of this, he couldn’t clearly measure the level of difficulty.

In other words, unlike ordinary dungeons, it is impossible to set a clear standard that a certain amount of power will be used to solve it.

Even if the S-class hunter entered the dungeon to destroy it, a major disaster could have occurred at any time if it exceeded expectations.

In order to prevent this, a national system has been set up to gather several S-level hunters to prepare for any unforeseen events.

It has been a system that mankind has learned and settled naturally by fighting against dungeons.

However, not all systems had net functionality.

On the contrary, it caused friction between S-class hunters over the dungeon.

“Is it here?”

A man with a sharp impression stood on the broken street.

The representative of the Viryu Guild, the rabid dog, Koo Chang-hwan.

He rushed over after hearing the news of the creation of the S-class dungeon.

But contrary to his expectations that he was the fastest, a woman in a white coat stood at the entrance to the dungeon.

“Oh, you’ve got an ugly face.”

Koo Chang-hwan said as if he were shooting beams from his eyes

The CEO of the 100 people guild, Han Seung-hee.

Two of the three guild leaders who occupy the southwestern part of Gyeonggi Province gathered here.

Like a guild that is ready to strike each other’s throats at any time.

The guild leaders were not on friendly terms with each other.

“I’m sorry, but I’m one step behind.”

Han Seung-hee, who turned her head slightly, opened her mouth.

She arrived one step faster than Koo Chang-hwan, but there was a reason why she was not entering the dungeon.

“You’re gonna take this place all by yourself? You haven’t even entered the dungeon yet. Why don’t we have a fight here.

“You still don’t understand.”

Han Seung-hee looked at Koo Chang-hwan as if he were pathetic.

“It’s not me, it’s someone who’s already in. It was much faster than us.”

“What? Damn it.”

Koo Chang-hwan’s expression was distorted by her words.

He ran right to the news of the S-class dungeon around him, and he can’t believe there was someone who arrived much faster than that.

“Who’s already here? If it’s around here, is it Yoo Jung-soo?

“A masked necromancer… I heard King Yeong went in first.”

“Oh, the one who had a fight with Cheongseong?”

Koo Chang-hwan smirked a false laugh at her words.

In many ways, it was a pretty hot rookie, so it was a name that they and other guild leaders of large guilds couldn’t not know.

Koo Chang-hwan’s expression as if he’s  gloating again.

Han Seung-hee shook her head for a while and woke up.

“You’re just leaving?”

“It’s not just one S-class dungeon here. I’m not interested in the leftovers.”

Han Seung-hee turned her back and left.

He didn’t even arrive first, but he didn’t like to fight over the dungeon in a messy way.

But not all of them had the same tendency as her.

“Well… I’d be happy to yield.”

Koo Chang-hwan picked up the sword without hesitation.

As long as anyone became an S-class hunter, no matter how they worked, they were eventually going to be competitors.

Of course, it was in his interest to get rid of it in advance.

It was the easiest way to step on it when it was just rookie.

“That’s great. I’ll like it if you send it to Cheongseong as a gift.”

Koo Chang-hwan’s mouth went up.

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