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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 118

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Sung-hyun entered the dungeon.

Entering the crack, he looked up.

Looking around, the stone-structured ruins were spread out widely, and fortunately, the size of the dungeon itself was not so large as it was small and medium-sized.

‘But I can handle it before it’s too late.’

A giant standing in the way.

The ancient golem looked at the Sung-Hyun with a buzz of noise.

From giants to golem in the form of beasts.

The golem figures were all slightly different.

There was a clear difference from the typical Golem monsters that seemed to have been filmed in factories.


A group of golems approaching the intruder, Sung-hyun.

The pressure of those big men was hard for even veteran hunters to handle.

But the back of Sung-hyun.

Numerous monsters poured out of the crack at the entrance to the dungeon.


Goblin, steel spider, skeleton warrior, etc.

Sung-hyun’s minions, who had already been summoned, appeared.

A group of monsters poured into the dungeon and confronted the golem head-on.

Numbers were clearly the predominance of Sung-hyun’s corps.

However, it did not become a one-sided fight.

It was not an ordinary dungeon, but S rank’s dungeon where they entered.

Even ordinary monsters were so big and strong that it was not easy to simply press them with just minions

A fierce battle was taking place more than I thought.


‘It’s hard as it should be.’

Sung-Hyun, who took the lead in cutting off a golem, also narrowed his eyes.

He can also easily cut off the body of this golem by combining shadow mana and sword power.

These guys weren’t usually durable.

Even the golem here was not all solid.


Goblin cut the legs of the ancient golem.

His spear that pierced the body of a solid golem.

They were Goblin armed with weapons and armor made of rare metal alloys, and after entering 140 levels along the Gaerd.

It’s been a while since it went beyond the normal Goblin category.

Let’s go!

However, the broken leg of the ancient Golem began to regain its shape.

Even if it got hurt, it recovered quickly.

The durability is not normal because it is already very hard and large, but it means that it can only be knocked down if it causes a fatal injury that cannot be recovered.

‘Self-resilience with Golem. You’re not the monster of the S rank Dungeon for nothing.’

Sung-hyun’s eyes became narrower

The number of golems deployed in the dungeon, not to mention their tricky opponents, was significant.

Although the attack itself is not at the level of the dungeon.

At this rate, it would take quite a long time to move on.

Sung-Hyun was cutting down the people who were blocking him with a single knife, but the ordinary subordinates couldn’t shake off the golem easily and were caught in the ankle.



Of course, Sung-hyun had boss-class summoners.

he didn’t bring in all the other people and left Izuna, Locan, or Oleg.

Several monarchs, including Geard and Ankaras, were advancing ahead, knocking down Golems.

Their performance was as good as that of Sung-Hyun, who was clearly different from ordinary subordinates.

Then the sickle of Queen Maitria swung, splitting the golem in exactly half.

Oh, my god.

“Wait, this is……?”

The moment Golem split in half on Maitria’s sickle.

Sung-Hyun found something in between.

It was the core of mana, the area where mana was concentrated as the power part of the golem.

Sung-Hyun clearly witnessed Golem’s body shattering and scattering as soon as the nucleus was destroyed.

‘Then the first guy I knocked down was cut, but he broke into pieces and collapsed into rubble. That’s the weak spot.’

Sensing what happened, Sung-Hyun immediately opened his mouth.

“Everyone’s after Golem’s core! It’s right in the middle of my heart!”


The men were ordered by him moved in unison.

Then, no matter who it was, he fiercely rushed to Golem and stretched out his weapons and arms toward the area where their core was placed.

Do you know that they’re important powerhouses, golems who move fiercely to protect their core?

As the enemies with more numbers persistently rushed in, they could not have made a proper counterattack.


A Golem whose core of mana was destroyed collapsed in Goblin’s hands.

On the other side, skeleton warriors inserted a sword into the nucleus and shattered the golem.

The core of mana is not exposed to the outside, and even if it is inside Golem’s solid body, it has enough power to hurt the ancient Golem and create a gap.

Of course, Sung-hyun and the monarchs started to knock down Golem easily.

Of course, Sung-hyun and the monarchs started to knock down Golems easily.

When even ordinary monsters attacked intensively using their weaknesses, they began to collapse one by one.

Thanks to this, it was definitely speeding up the way through the dungeon that Golem were blocking.

‘It’s going to break through in one go……!’

Sung-hyun, who took the lead, made it through the dungeon even faster.

The density and persistence of monsters were very difficult, but the size itself was about a small and medium-sized dungeon.

It was fortunate for Sung-hyun, who had to deal with the dungeon as quickly as possible so as not to encounter any possible dangers.

Sung-hyun, who was so outspoken in his way into the dungeon, was inside after less than an hour.

He reached the last place.


Sung-hyun faced a blue eyepiece looking at him.

‘Is that him?’

Giant arms and legs made of old rock.


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