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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 117

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In all three guilds, S-class hunters with tinnitus were in charge of the guild, and many high-ranking hunters were in charge.

Sung-Hyun was a different opponent from the middle-class guilds they had faced so far.

‘The wilderness guild was one of the most unrivaled allies.’

Allies who had close ties with the Viryu Guild, although not directly classified as an affiliated guild.

In the southwestern part of the country, if you don’t form an alliance with one of the three, you’ll soon be preyed upon and targeted.

In this way, a faction naturally formed.

And Sung-Hyun defeated the wilderness guild and robbed the area, resulting in the establishment of a guild not in the hands of Viryu guild.

It’s still quiet.

By now, the Viryu Guild must be working hard to investigate the guild.

‘They’re the ones that need to be cleaned up in the end… It’s not going to be easy. There will be a real fight from now on.’

Whether it’s the size of power or individual strength.

It was not an enemy that could be simply swept away just by thinking like the previous enemies.

Monsters with different powers than conventional hunters.

It was an S-class hunter.

“There is Gu Chang-hwan in Viryu Guild.’

A guild leader with the name of ‘ rabid dog’

He was a strong player who entered the S-class Hunter five years ago, and Sung-Hyun was also a steady name from before.

Gu Chang-hwan, the guild leader. Of course, his personal history.

Considering the size of the hunters below him, some measures had to be taken.


At that time, a message popped up in front of Sung-Hyun.

[Quest has occurred!]

[Quest markers are generated for the goal!]

“Is this…?”


Recently, there has been one hot issue related to the Hunter industry.

The production of dungeons has begun to increase.

There has always been an increase and decrease in the creation of dungeons depending on time in each region.

But about 15 days ago, the production of dungeons began to go beyond the general standard.

The global increase was not limited to a particular country or region.

Because of this, it was not just a matter of timing, but rather an ideal phenomenon.

It didn’t mean that there was a huge increase to worry about annihilation.

Countries with weak Hunter power were suffering significant casualties.

Greater property damage was also occurring in the large-scale powerhouse.

At the same time, Korea has a dense population and a large Hunter population, so there was nothing that the general public could feel.

Rather, the creation of dungeons increased, which eased the lack of dungeons to some extent for middle and lower-tier hunters.

However, there was a problem in Korea as well, too.

It was the emergence of the top-level dungeons, which increased in proportion to the total amount of dungeons produced.


The entrance to the great big dungeon.

There were a lot of guild hunters in front of the barricade.

“Jesus, I can’t believe an S-class dungeon appears in our area. It’s no joke.”

A guild member shook his head.

They were middle-class guilds that managed nearby areas underneath, but in this situation, it became meaningless.

Unless it is a large guild, it is an S-class dungeon that cannot be handled on its own.

Even if it was a group of C-class hunters who would not normally be ignored anywhere, they were also called as bulletproof in case of an unexpected incident.

“When are the Hunters coming? I’ll be nervous.”

The man, who was looking at the clock and the dungeon alternately, muttered nervously.

The only way to cope with this situation is to fight the S-class dungeon.

He was just hoping that the S-class hunter, who was as close as possible, would arrive at the scene as soon as possible.

In the face of such a non-standard dungeon, rights and affiliation were not important.

However, it was quite difficult to respond quickly in such a sudden dungeon.

It takes a lot of time for monsters to pour out of the dungeon.


“I… am out!”

“What? Already? It’s been a few minutes……!”

A group of monsters appeared at the entrance of the dungeon.


Huge ancient golems began to pour out of there.

Powerful golem with unknown texts all over its body.

It was different from the energy felt by ordinary Golem monsters.

Completely frightened, the Hunters faltered back.

Damn it, it’s a big accident!

“Everyone back off! The level we can handle……!”

However, the moment the Hunters were about to throw away their weapons and run away.

The body of a giant golem trying to stretch its arms cracked.


In the rubble of an ancient golem that was shattered and collapsed.

A man wearing a bone mask appeared with a huge Drake.

“It’s not too late.”

“Ah… you?”

The necromancer of the mask, King of the shadows.

Not long ago, an S-class hunter who heated the whole country was standing in front of them.

“Is there another hunter here yet?”

“Oh, yeah… yeah! It’s been too fast since the dungeon was activated…….”

Hunters answered with a lot of nervousness.

With an S-class hunter in front of him, he felt his tongue twisted.

Meanwhile, Sung-Hyun nodded when he heard the story.

It was definitely a dungeon with a very short activation time.

Even Sung-Hyun could not have come this quickly if quest markers had not been created in advance in the planned area.

‘ I didn’t expect a quest marker to appear for a dungeon that hasn’t even occurred yet. Thanks to you, I was able to arrive not late.’

Sung-Hyun’s eyes were on him.

The goal of this quest was in this dungeon.

It’s a dungeon that he must deal with.

However, he couldn’t move slowly just because he arrived first.

“On average, the value of an S-class dungeon is tremendous, so other hunters will soon be in contact.’

Usually, it was common for the person who arrived first to handle the dungeon.

There were many disputes over the dungeon.

It is not far from the area of Cheongseong, and from the perspective of Sung-hyun now, it was an absolute no-go.

“To avoid facing other S-level Hunters, I’m leaving as soon as possible.”’


Sung-hyun’s shadow with a sword stretched out.

Hunters’ bodies trembled with chills.

‘Hey, this is….’


In the face of the pouring ancient golem, countless monsters flashed their eyes in the shadow of Seonghyeon.

It was time to show off my skills.

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