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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 116

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The night before, what happened between the two hunters spread quickly.

The story spread quickly because there were not many witnesses from the victims directly.

It is said that citizens who were being beaten due to a dispute with Hunter were saved by the guild members of Aegis.

Since then, he has even been disciplined at the guild level.

In fact, this would have been a natural story, but it was very fresh and surprising for citizens in the district to hear.

It was never common for ordinary people to come forward and solve problems between hunters at the guild level.

The ending was not a Hunter, but an ordinary citizen’s hand.

But that wasn’t the end.

“Huh? What is this?”

“You’re not going to pay protection?”

The Aegis Guild has officially announced that it will eliminate all future taxes on citizens.

It was a protective fee that was received in the name of protecting citizens from dungeons. However, it is absurd that they are already earning great wealth from dungeons and collecting double taxes from citizens.

“Does this make sense……?”

Of course, this was unprecedented and unconventional.

The profits from dungeons and trophies were the main source of income for the guilds, but the protection tax was never a small amount of money.

Even the 9 guilds collected all the protection taxes.

It goes without saying that guilds in conflict areas need to secure more funds at least for every penny.

“Can I really believe that?”

“…I know.”

In today’s society, it was ridiculous.

As a result, citizens were puzzled and couldn’t believe the announcement.

However, the Aegis Guild did not just give a presentation but began to act directly.

“Hey, look at this!”

“Huh? You really got the money, didn’t you?”

“Is that true?

The voices of the people.

People couldn’t hide their surprise.

It was because of the money that suddenly came to all the citizens in the area.

“This is the protection tax I paid this month.”

“Oh, my God.”

The Aegis Guild did not simply mean that they would not have to pay the protection tax from next month.

Before the area’s owner was changed.

Citizens will be able to return the month-long protection tax they had already paid to the wilderness guild this month.

“Wow, I thought the Hunter Guild guys were all the same when I pretended to be nice on the outside… There are guilds like this.”

“Don’t even compare them to the wilderness.”

With this one shot Public opinion began to shift sharply to one side.

It was said that they were all the same, and overnight public opinion was completely changed to favor.

The Aegis Guild’s actions against the protection tax have caused a stir.

In fact, the state and the guild are paying double taxes.

From the perspective of ordinary people, the amount that cannot be ignored was to escape every month.

However, it was a great benefit for citizens to feel more comfortable than any other mouth-to-mouth sound.

Even if there is a difference in tendency between guilds, it was surprising that there has never been a single case of giving up sum of protection taxes entirely.

“You won’t be attacked by another guild soon enough.”

“It’s a world where dirty people eat well and live well. I want you to hold on as long as you can in my neighborhood.”

“A guild like this needs to be big so that even non-wakened people like us can live comfortably.”

Citizens longed for the continued guild of this unconventional move.

It was the first time that they sincerely supported the guild in a reality where they had even given up expectations.

“Well, as expected, public opinion isn’t bad.”

Sung-Hyun, who was looking into the screen, nodded.

Things were going well as he thought.

He had experience working under Cheongseong, who was very concerned with public opinion, so he could expect how things would go.

“The Incheon Guild, which was involved in the accident, has been properly taken care of.”

It is natural that there is a punishment for the individual who caused the accident.

However, if a guild member causes an accident in the area, the guild has also been penalized.

Of course, the Incheon guild, which had already seen blood, strongly protested when it said that it would be disadvantaged at the guild level.

But one of Aegis’ guild members visited the Incheon guild and had a calm conversation.

They agreed with the half-crushed guild office.

‘Thanks to the fact that they broke the rule early on, things got a little easier.’

When they watched what became of the Incheon guild, other local guilds were watching themselves and working hard to crack down on the inside.

Thanks to this, they will not be able to act recklessly as they did in the days of the wilderness guild.

Sung-Hyun was always under the guild, so he knew the absurdities he felt as a non-wakening person.

He was now a high-ranking Hunter, but at least he wanted to change what he thought was wrong in the past.

‘As the guild settled down, the income was huge.’

Sung-Hyun peeked at the documents lying next to him.

When the Hunter Guild’s main task, the dungeon attack, began in earnest.

The lower dungeons were distributed to local guilds, and Sung-hyun’s minions were moving to sweep the spoils and resources from the higher dungeons.

Thanks to this, the guild’s finances, which had already been ample, were rapidly increasing.

The biggest burden of escaping guild sales was recruiting hunters and distributing profits.

Sung-Hyun did not have to pay the salaries of the hunters or share the profits of the dungeons.

In the end, they were subordinates in their own shadow, so they could take all the profits.

Except for ordinary employees, there was no distribution process, so it was literally no different from the level of sweeping money.

The protection tax on citizens was never a small amount of money.

Thanks to this, Sung-Hyun had enough money to ignore that much profit.

In fact, it is almost as good as having a 100 percent stake in a conglomerate.

‘But even if you want to stay still, you’ll soon be checked by the other guilds.’

Sung-Hyun’s eyes swung back.

The three largest guilds in southwestern Gyeonggi Province.

Viryu, 100 people, Five Star Guild.

Of course, it was not a force that would dare be compared to the 9 guilds, but it was definitely a “large guild” as most of the southwestern region is being trifolded.


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