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DQAAO Chapter 2.1- Not going back

Sorry for a late update since my last update!


My morning begins with an Aronia shake. Every morning, the maid brings Aronia freshly picked from the field. After adding honey and milk, it became the shake I am drinking right now while I leisurely gazed through the window.

Looking at the vast sea under the warm sun, the scene quickly calmed me down after all the nightmares I had last night.

I am currently in a nursing home on southern island of the Quilz territory. It’s my own heaven without my other crazy siblings.

When I finished drinking the shake, I head to the bathroom. In an antique marble bathtub, petals float in the water.
These are petals that are good for the skin. I took off my gown, and a while later I frowned, as I tried to soak my feet in the bath heated by the maid in advance. I could already feel the hotness of the water, before I could even touch the water. I wore the gown again and called the maid.

“Girlie! The bath water is too hot!”

The maid arrived quickly to my shout.
Her name is Girlie, she had been my personal maid since childhood. When Girlie dipped her finger in the bath, she was surprised and shook off her red ripe finger.

“Oh? That’s true.”

Girlie is quite clumsy.

“Were you trying to kill me? Do you want me to become boiled like chicken?”

“Oh, no. I still like master.”

“If you didn’t like me, were you going to kill me?”

I am just joking with her. She is stupid and tactless, she wouldn’t dare to think about killing me.
Originally, she should have been kicked out because her frequent mistakes, but I hired her as my personal maid.
I needed an idiotic and tactless maid rather than a smart and talkative maid.

“Oh! Are you okay?”

Girlie said with a surprised look while sucking her finger to appease the hotness feeling.

“Are you really asking me that? I am fine you know.”

When Girlie, who didn’t even understand my sarcasm, tried to look around my body, I had to explain that I was okay because I didn’t go into the water. If I were an ordinary nobleman, she would have been beaten hundreds of times.

Then Girlie said with admiration.

“You’re amazing! How do you know it is hot without even touching it?”

“I know everything.”


“Anyway, let me take a bath now.”

After taking a bath, I returned to my room. It is now time for breakfast, the food prepared on the table are sunny side up egg, baked bread, non-sweet apple jam, and deep-flavored Arakia coffee. A perfect breakfast that suits my taste. This is a luxury that I didn’t even get to enjoy in my previous life. I am really satisfied with this life.

Knock knock!

While eating leisurely, someone knocked on the door.

“Young master, may I come in?”


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“O kxbw.”

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“Ecxlcdgc…Fsgip… Mqlsnx…lb…laq… oczgir nghal xbw…?”

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“O ybx’l wcxl lb nqlsnx.”

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“Ol’f xbl zr mbyr, msl zr aqcnl asnlf.”

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“Tagf gf c iqllqn onbz Acycz. Bb rbs wcxl lb nqcy gl?”


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“Nsl O wbx’l hb.”

O wgii xqdqn hb mcvk.

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Duke’s Quadruplets Are All Overpowered

Duke’s Quadruplets Are All Overpowered

공작가 네 쌍둥이는 모두 먼치킨
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
Quadruplets were born in the Reinberg family! All the children were unusual. The firstborn was the ruler of Murim. The second was Demon’s ruler. The third was an angel that descended from heaven. They were all the invaders who tried to invade Earth in their previous lives, “Who were you?” As the youngest, I… “Cantavia” I was someone that protected the Earth.


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Retired Acolyte
Retired Acolyte
7 months ago

Quickly go home for my entertainment, you infantilised uncle. I want to see the other siblings instead of the leisurely life of an old man with a teenager’s body.

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