Damn Reincarnation

Damn Reincarnation Chapter 5.3

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Hezar glanced at Eugene with a firm look. Then he lowered his body and raised Cyan. Hezar’s hands and uniforms were now full of vomit. Ciel took a few steps back at the sight, as if she hated it.

“…Greetings. I’m Hezar, the coach of Master Cyan.”

Hezar bowed his head as he assisted Cyan.

“I heard it from my servant, but I came so quickly that I couldn’t hear it until the end. What happened?”

“I’m Eugene Lionhart from Gidol.”

Eugene didn’t lower hhead.

“Gidol… That’s where Jehard family is.”

“Yes, that’s my father. The situation is… Cyan got into a quarrel with me. I tried not to respond, but…”

Eugene continued to look at Xian’s face.

“Cyan insulted my father.”

“When did I?!”

“Didn’t you tell me my father didn’t learn what honor is, and you said I was a coward?”

Cyan’s face flushed red at the words.

“He also said that my body smells like cow dung.”

“…really. Your body smells like cow dung!”

“Shut up because your mouth smells like vomit.”

Eugene glared at Cyan with his eyes wide open. Xian shivered unknowingly at the fixed gaze. He still has a throbbing sense of honor, and felt like he was defeated in an orthodoxy manner.

“…so a duel?”

“Cyan insulted not only me but also my father. Sir Hezar, is there any reason why I should not accept a duel?”

Hezar felt a strong sense of incompatibility with the question. The boy in front of him must be about the same age as Cyan and Ciel, but he is not ahead of the conversation and has a calm tone. Hezar, who had been suffering from twins’ whining for years, did not dare to judge whether the boy in front of him was abnormal or if the twins were abnormal.

“…the reason is reasonable, but… I think your methods were too much.”

“Isn’t showing mercy in a duel an insult to the other person?”


“Sir Hezar, if I’m clumsy, I’d be grateful for your advice, but I don’t want to hear that my hands are too heavy.”

“…I apologize for saying something presumptuous.”

Hezar bowed his head once again. Cyan, who was supported by him, has his face distorted.

“Hezar! That bastard trained Mana. You didn’t even do the Blood Ceremony, but you already trained Mana!”

“I asked you to close your mouth.”

Eugene tilted his head sharply and stared at Cyan. Cyan closed his mouth again and lowered his gaze.

“…Young Lady.”

Hezar shook his head with a long sigh. 

“Eugene didn’t train Mana.”

“Hezar! Are you lying to me, too?””

“Why should I lie to you…”

“That doesn’t make sense…! How can he win over me if he didn’t learn mana! And… and that! Those sandbags! He put them on his body…”

“I can’t feel mana in Eugene.” Hezar glanced at the sandbags behind him and said, At first glance, the weight seems considerable. He put all that on his body? Hezar couldn’t easily imagine the sight.

However, even after looking at it several times, he still couldn’t feel any mana from him.

“Lie… it’s a lie.”

“Cyan, first of all… Let’s start with your injury.”

Hezar looked at Eugene’s expression as he spoke like an old man. 

“He stabbed me with a spear.”

“…where else?”

“It was on my stomach.”

Stomach… Hezar groaned low, and Cyan chewed his lips in shame.

“…then… Mr. Eugene. I’ll see you next time.”

Hezar could not speak any more and bowed politely. Nina, who had been running from afar, arrived at the yard by that time. She bent her head down in a daze.

“Sorry, sorry.”

“What are you sorry about?”

Eugene grinned as he saw from the distance where Cyan was on Hezar’s shoulder, who was still being supported, dropped down. Why did he do that to the little child? It was also true that he felt such skepticism, but it was fun to break the habit of a nice little boy.  

“See you next time.” 

Ciel, who was following Hezar’s back, looked back at Eugene and laughed. 


Eugene smiled face to face and waved to Ciel.

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