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Damn Reincarnation Chapter 5.2

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Of course, Eugene doesn’t even know how strong the 13-year-old Vermouth was. The first time I met him was when Vermouth and Hamel turned 20. But he could still have guessed it. 

Cyan Lionhart. The little boy, who his family had taught since he was a child, was unbelievably poor as a descendant of Vermouth.

‘But there’s still a trick.’

It’s because the standard is Vermouth. Looking at the possibility of the future, the number of drafts was fine. And Ciel. Even though she didn’t compete herself, she seems to have an eye for it. 

“You… you dare… I’ll…!”

Cyan took a breath and looked up at Eugene. His head was spinning. It hurts whenever you move as if the body’s center is penetrated, and it has a fishy and rotten taste in your mouth.

“Coward… Coward!”

“Both of you say the same thing because you’re twins.”

Eugene looked at Cyan with a smile. 

“I don’t want to say what I said again. Ask your sister what I just said.”

“You… you son of a…!”

“Or try to trace your memory well. Your ears should have been open while you were puking around and rolling around.”

Cyan couldn’t refute anything. For sure. He heard Eugene’s words in the midst of his terrible pain and resentment. 

However, even if he wasn’t cowardly, Cyan, 13, couldn’t accept this defeat. In front of his sister and his servants… Such an embarrassing thing!

“Clean up.”

Eugene looked at Cyan’s face, distorted by humiliation, and uploaded the medicine.

“You threw up all of your pukes. If you clean all that, I’ll clean the carriage, too. Then it’s fair and good. Right?”

“How dare you…”

“And if you lose a duel, it’s honorable and polite to admit his lost humbly. You talked about honor, honor… You’re not trying to be dishonorable, are you?”


Cyan can’t refute it. He was angry, his body hurt, his mouth tasted disgusting, and everything felt so humiliating. If he weren’t feeling any pain, he would have told him to get up and fight again. The current Cyan couldn’t have done that. 

The overwhelming sorrow and anger turn into tears. Cyan sniffled his head down. Eugene, of course, did not feel pity for the sight. That little boy was the one who put his attitude on the line first. 

However, he felt a little skeptical about himself, who was panting against a 13-year-old boy.

‘I should’ve just put up with it. What’s going on here for no reason?’

There were also some worries about the future. He had been completely persecuted and ignored since the beginning, and he had made Cyan, the son of the main family, like that. In fact, he was worried that the fire arrow might be flying to his father in the countryside, taking advantage of this more than anything else.

While Eugene was thinking about this and that, Cyan held back his tears desperately. He didn’t want to look ugly anymore… However, he did not admit defeat. It was a childlike stubbornness. 

“Young Lady!”

A distant shout approaches them in an instant. A man with a tall and uniform arrived at the ballroom. From far behind, Nina was running with her skirt in both hands.

“What the hell is this?”

There was a badge on his chest. 

The man seemed to be a knight commissioned by his family. 

Oh, my.

Eugene shined his eyes at the man’s movements. He doesn’t know the exact age, but Eugene thinks he is better than Gordon, who escorted him all the way here.

“He… Hezar.”

Cyan wept over the man.

“I… I lost… I said we’d fight. But I lost…”

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Thanks for the chapter

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Thanks for the chapter.

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Leo Martua
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