Damn Reincarnation Chapter 4.3

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Note: For the first translation I was using Sean as Cyan’s name but because I wanted it to be paired with her twin, Ciel, I changed it to Cyan. So if there are Sean remaining, they are Cyan.

Ciel, who was enjoying herself like a stranger, also exclaimed at the sight. Eugene leaned down and took off the sandbag hung on his legs.

“…You’ve trained your mana…”

Cyan was surprised and open-mouthed until just now. His  face twisted and got angry. A child in Countryside should not train Mana until the blood ceremony. It was a long tradition of the Lionnhart family. Only the children of their home could train Mana from an early age and take real weapons. 

Now, the tradition was trampled on before his eyes. It was impossible to deal with simple meanness and anger.

“I didn’t train.”

Eugene replied with a sour look. It wasn’t a lie. 

Mana training. I’ve been able to do it since I was a toddler, but I haven’t trained for it. 

It was because he didn’t want to make his father, Jehard, be in a difficult position for no reason, and because he was reborn as a descendant of Vermouth, he wanted to use his mana training method.

“The obvious lie…! How can you handle the weight without Mana training?!”

“I’ve been doing it since I was seven.”

“Don’t lie!”

“Why do you keep lying to me even though you haven’t done it before. If you doubt it, check it out with a duel.”

Eugene sat on the floor and unpacked the sandbag from the spear. Cyan, who was glaring at the scene, felt her sister’s anticipated gaze. He was terrified and felt Nina’s gaze. The servants of the detached house were also standing by the window, showing interest in the disturbance of the banquet hall. 

It was Cyan who put the duel in his mouth first. It was Cyan who took out a handkerchief first, and Eugene who said no and spoke of honor. So now he have not been able to retreat, and the crime of training Mana before the blood ceremony has been added to the subject of dissipation.

So he should punish them. If he shut his mouth here and step back, it was clear that his sister would teased him for life, not just for a few days. First, Cyan picked up a wooden sword that was around him. It was a wooden sword that Eugene had wielded so far. 

“…It’s a duel!”

Cyan shouted and threw a handkerchief at Eugene. The flying handkerchief falls on Eugene’s shoulder. It was only around that time that Eugene was able to release all the sandbags that were hanging from the Spear. 

“I accept it.”

Eugene accepted with a nod. 

Cyan was excited about his first duel in his life.

Cyan’s heart pounded with excitement.

‘An insolent, sinner who disrespected the family tradition, how should I punish him? How can my sister admire his brother’s brilliance when he scolds me?’

Such thought was cut off.

Eugene stabbed the spear as soon as he stood up.

Cyan, who was taking a few steps back conscious of the wooden sword held in his right hand, failed to respond properly to the movement of the spear.

Cuckoo! The tip of the spear stuck in Sean’s abdomen. 

“Oh, my gosh!”

Cyan rolled the ground with a scream.

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