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Damn Reincarnation Chapter 4.2

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“You must bow your head and apologize. I haven’t accepted your apology yet. You called me stupid, and I didn’t know manners. Everything…”


Eugene looked back at Nina without listening to Cyan until the end.

“Yes, yes.”

“You’re my only servant, aren’t you?”

“Yes… I may not be of your help, but I’m temporarily serving as your exclusive servant.”

“Then go clean the carriage I rode in. Don’t just stand there blanking out in the sun.”


Of course, if Cyan and Ciel were to step down, Nina would come forward and clean the wagon first. Before that, it is reasonable for Eugene to order her. 

But Nina couldn’t understand giving such an order under the circumstances. She wonders if those evil twins are just around the corner. Eugene’s behavior was a blatant disregard for Cyan’s orders. 

“What did you order her to do??”

“Cleaning the carriage.”

“You do it yourself!”

“Why would I do that myself?”

“I told you to do it!”

“Who are you to command me?”

“I’m… I’m Cyan Lionhart.”

“Yes, I’m Eugene Lionhart. Let’s get along well.”

Eugene shook his hand with a look of annoyance. Then Ciel grinned with her hands around her mouth. 

“I’m Ciel Lionheart,” said Ciel while giggling. Cyan took a deep breath only after a glimpse of his mean Sister.  

“I… don’t get along with you.”

“That’s too bad.”

“You ignored my orders.”

“I’m not in a position to take your orders.”

“And… and you insulted me.”

“Oh, my God.”

Eugene responded to his words sarcastically as if he were adding a few more salts to the wound. The more so, the more anger wriggled in Cyan’s heart. 

Why am I doing this with him? 

I’m not facing that country boy to do this. 

If I told him to do so, he should not talk back and just followed my orders. 

Cyan’s head was filled with stubbornness. 

“What are you going to do?” Ciel clung to his brother’s side and blinked her eyes full of expectations. 


I didn’t want to be ignored rather than live up to my sister’s expectations.

That country boy ignored me this much, and if I didn’t do anything, my sister would tease me for days. 

“You ignored me and insulted me. That’s why we have to fight.”

“That’s a lot of logic.”

Eugene was dumbfounded with laughter. He didn’t know that a 13-year-old boy would ask for a duel. 

“Friend, a duel isn’t that easy to do.”

“Who’s your friend?”

“So I am not a friend? Anyway, don’t say anything unnecessary and go. Don’t bother me.”

“Are you scared?”

Cyan raised his chin as if he knew it. It was an obvious provocation, but Eugene kept his eyes open and stared at Cyan. 


“Yeah, you’re scared. If you’re afraid to fight with me, apologize quickly.”

“What if I am not scared, I just don’t want to fight, and I don’t want to apologize?”

“You don’t even know what honor is?”

“I know it’s not something you should say easily with your mouth.”

“You’re insulting me again?”

He felt insulted every time the country boy talked back to him. Cyan put his hand in his arms without holding back any longer. 

“Don’t,” Eugene said with a grimace in his eyes.

“Duel isn’t something you should carelessly do.”

‘What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with me?’

Cyan took out his handkerchief, staring at Eugene with his eyes wide open. 

“If you’re afraid, tell me you’re afraid! I don’t like it. I don’t like it. Don’t run away from it! Did you not learn what honor is from your parents?!”


Eugene’s head tilted at the shouting. When he stared at him, Cyan was inwardly pleased with the thought that the provocation had worked. Then he opened his handkerchief wide open and held out.

“This is really the last time. Ask for forgiveness. And…”

“Throw it.”

Eugene said, loosening the knot in the sandbag.

“You said you want a duel. Then throw it quickly.”


“Throw it.”

Thump! The sandbag in the left arm fell to the ground. Cyan’s expression hardened by the muddy dust.


“That handkerchief. Aren’t you going to throw it?”

Thump! The sandbag from his right arm fell, too. Eugene even took off his chain vest and threw it in the back. The far-fetched vest falls to the floor and makes a heavy sound. Cyan opened his mouth at sight.



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