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The Greatest Extra Chapter 43- The General’s Attack

Before Raymond came out from the deepest boundary, there was Sylvia who came out first.

The sight she saw was the armed mercenaries burning the village and wielding swords against the elves.

She picked up a bow from a fallen Elf Patrol, right in front of her, in order to arm herself.

Her gaze went through the adjacent places, and soon she found a mercenary trying to punch a spear toward her kind.

The arrow that flew through the wind penetrated the mercenary’s neck.

Fortunately, the elf, who was in danger, survived and began to run away. But now, the mercenaries attention was on Sylvia.

“There’s one more!”

“Catch her!”

Three mercenaries came running. Fear rose inside her and the arm she used for the bow, slowly lose strength. While hesitating, they got closer and her bow was taken away.


Blood exploded from when the head got hit by the club, Sylvia screamed and collapsed. Mercenaries’ greedy eyes were drawn toward the fallen beautiful Elf.

Having the blood of a High elf, she was more beautiful than the other elves.

“Brother, can you give let me taste her?”

“Yeah, it’ll be okay if it’s just a little.”

It was the moment when one of them lifted a sharp dagger.


It was Siadin. As she approached wielding a sword, the spirits of the wind with blades danced around him. The heads of mercenaries, who witnessed the sword dance, fell powerless to the ground and rolled.

“Lady! Are you okay?”

Siadine, who quickly killed the three mercenaries, rushed to examine Sylvia’s condition. Fortunately, there seemed to be no injury.

“The village has come to this point, what is the patrol doing?”

Her voice was cold full of anger.

‘The Elf patrol team in charge of the village’s defense was defeated.’

Siadine couldn’t put the desperate news in her mouth.

“We lost.”

She wasn’t a fool.

“Hide away for now. We’ll clean up the surroundings.”

Siadine said carefully.

She has the ability to avoid danger with the power of the spirit, so if she look around carefully, it may be possible to get out of the village alone.

‘If the High Elf lineage is alive, the extinction can be avoided even if the village is wiped out.’

Siadine was thinking about the last case now.


Sylvia bit her lips so hard that blood flowed out.

She realized what Siadine was thinking right now.

How can she do that? Having inherited a proud High elf lineage, but run away when her kinds are dying?

However, her worries did not last long.

Her instinct to live was stronger, so she hid herself in a safe place guided by the spirit of wind.

It was on a high tree overlooking the village.

Sylvia looked at the appearance of the village being violated in her eyes.

Instead of blaming herself for being helpless, she shed tears and didn’t even closed her eyes at the butesque sight.

She could hear the screams of every elves from up here. It was as if they were blaminh her for hiding alone. But she couldn’t step forward. She was weak, but she had to avoid the extinction if her kind.

It was around this time when the scream decreased.

“What is it?”

A change has taken place. The flag of the Fifth Prince was raised. However, Sylvia’s expression was still dark.

In front of mercenaries, the name of the Pilias imperial family wouldn’t work when they were in full swing.

They stopped torturing for a while when they saw the flag of the imperial family, but soon aimed weapons at the Fifth Prince to destroy evidence.

It is clear that killing the Fifth Prince would make things bigger, but the mercenaries were simple. Killing all of them here would bury all the secrets.

“Oh, no…”

The spirits of the wind warned of the emergence of other beings. They were those who had a dark life with strength incomparable to mercenaries.

Although the escorts who accompanied the Fifth Prince were said to possess excellent skills, there were only two of them and the number of enemies was high.

When she thought everything was over…



The brilliant glow burned the darkness. Sylvia’s eyes widened.

She was sure that this magic was very strong.

She didn’t know much about magic, but zhe could tell. ‘Was the Fifth Prince hiding such great power from the start?’

But this was just the beginning. The energy that began gathering in the hands of the fifth Prince, Raymond, took the shape of a sword.

Sylvia definitely knew what was that. Although the medium “sword” was just energy, this was clearly Aura.

“He can even use Aura?”

Sword and magic cannot coexist. This is because the way of using Aura was different to magic.

Even before being blessed, Raymond was able to use swords and magic at the same time because the Aura coming from the Soul Sword itself was different from the ordinary ones.

However, since it was clearly Aura, it was painful and incomplete when used together with magic.

But it’s different now. He was reborn as a complete magician and received the Blessings of Sword and Magic.

This was the last blessing, so he became the only wizard on the continent who used both swords and magic at the same time.

Originally, Richard, the main character, should have taken it, but now it all belongs to Raymond.


When the commander-in-chief made the decision, those dressed in black acted. He sprayed something on his body, burned it without a trace, and left the village in perfect order.

The assassins have completely retreated. The remaining mercenaries were only weak beings.

In the first place, the Elf patrols were not severely damaged by mercenaries, but by assassins who launched surprise attacks behind them, so all the remaining mercenaries were killed by angry Elves

After looking through the village once,they finally headed back to Raymond.

The Elves defeated the remnants of the mercenaries and the cheers of victory rang out.

Raymond, who was standing upright and watching the scene, collapsed helplessly.


As soon as she saw Raymond collapsing, she jumped out of the tree and run toward the Fifth Prince.

Elves around them also gathered when he collapsed.


Siadin’s voice was urgent to find her.

“I’m here!”

Sylvia shouted.

The gathered elves stepped down to both sides and opened the way.

Sylvia borrowed the power of the Spirit of the Sind and ran to the side of the fallen Fifth Prince at once.

Desia, who was looking at the fifth emperor, Raymond, breathed a sigh of relief after checking Sylvia’s face.

“His meridians are not in good condition.”


“I need some herbs. Can you get them for me?”

At Desia’s question, Sylvia nodded.

“You are the savior of our family. Every Elf from the Platier Elven Village will go in search for it.”

* * *

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The Greatest Extra in history

The Greatest Extra in history

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
One day, when I opened my eyes, I became the 5th prince of the empire that appeared in the novel. I was supposed to be happy. But the empire fell and the 5th Prince was horribly killed.


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