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Thick drops of sweat pour out like rain.

At the training ground in the middle of the forest, Raymond stood in a squat position.

He was in that position for a long time.

His legs were shaking and we’re ready to give up at any moment, but he didn’t stop.

After 30 minutes, he stood up and shook his legs to prevent cramps. Then, he started doing push-ups.

A month has passed since the banquet.

In this past month, he spent his time exercising and be has gained quite a bit of muscle.

“From the Skylar family…”

Next to him, Alice was reporting news she had gathered.

First of all, information on Luhaman family was the main priority.

He asked Alice to collect all the information related to Luhaman’s work.

Alice carried out her work steadily.

It even came to the point where he curious about how she found out such information.

“โ€ฆThere’s a rumor going around that Young Master Kaham has been abandoned.”

This was the information she had learned.

The Skylar and the Millennium were very angry that their children almost died because of him.

Zachak Luhaman acted quickly. Even before the two families did anything, they already came and apologized.

He brought a lot of wealth and gifts to ask for forgiveness.

But that wasn’t enough to calm down the two famous families.

The first thing the two family did was to stop transactions on magic items to the Luhaman’ family.

And also they banned them to use of their Gates.

In addition, all the nobles who interacted with Luhaman will also be refrained from using the Gate.

The mode of transportation to the Luhaman’s Estate were cut off.

As a result, Luhaman Family was isolated.

Even merchants stop coming from them.

Moreover, during this month Zachak Luhaman came to apologize again with Kaham, who was released from prison.

The two of them went to each houses and apologized by hitting their heads on the ground.

The father even asked for forgiveness by trampling on his child’s pride.

In the first place, Raymond didn’t want to forgive them, and so did Beatrice.

Who can easily forgive a person who threatened his or her life?

‘But I was surprised when Luhaman Zachak bowed his head to me.โ€™

It was really surprising in many ways that a noble with high pride bowed his head to him.

“…In the end we’ve decided to forgive him.”

The Millennium Count decided to forgive him on the condition that he would have half of his land for free, and Count Skylar on the condition that he would have Ores for several years.

Losing half of his land and ore, the main source of income, was a big blow to their Estate economy.

Luhaman had no choice but to cry and accept this unreasonable deal

As a result, both families were able to get hundreds of gold coins, and great benefit.

Because he was one of the victims, he received a huge amount of money and now the monetary problems in future is solved.

“And Young Lady Beatrice went to the Magic Tower private training center and didn’t came out for a few days.”

“Really? She must have been greatly stimulated by this incident.โ€

The biggest reason why she entered the training center may be the Orcs incident.

She must have been shocked that she almost died without counter-attacking properly.

“Some of these news are not accurate because they are just rumors.”

“Okay, good job.”

Knowing her characteristics, as Alice said, she really have gone into training.

For sure she had a big pride as a genius, so what happened in the banquet might have ignited her desire to become stronger.

‘Well… Having her busy with training, It’s not a bad thing for me.’

It was a good thing for him if she’s gotten stronger, because if she did, his chances of surviving will increase.

“I need to hurry up and have on my side.”

It would be great celebration if she became stronger, but she wasn’t on his side yet.

The stronger she becomes, the busier she will be and also lesser the days to meet her.

In severe cases, he may have no chance to get close to her.

“โ€ฆThe Count told me to go to his study room as soon as the training is over.”


He stopped moving at Alice’s words.

What’s the reason?

If the reason to call him was thatโ€ฆ As expected, swordsmanship is everything.

They haven’t talked about what happened a month ago.

‘I should talk about it to him at least once.โ€™

Just in time, he had something to say to the count.


He stood up.

Perhaps because the weather got colder, he could see steam rising from his body with his naked eye.

Alice quickly approached him and wrapped a towel around his body.

“You’re going to catch a cold.”

“Oh, thank you.”

Was it because his body cools down as his sweat cools down? His body definitely cooled down quickly.

He headed to the bathhouse, while roughly wiping sweat off his body with the towel.

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After the banquet, many rumors floated around.

It was surprising that Zachak Luhaman took his son around and apologized.

“You just saw young Raymond, right?”

“Yeah. But he look like a different person. don’t think he’s the young master I know..โ€

“I know. He look like a completely different person.โ€

Apart from everything else, the biggest rumor was about a man.

“To be honest, it was already surprising that he accepted the duel with young master Kaham, but he even won! I really thought it would be young master Kaham’s victory.”

Incompetent. Bastard. Scum. Jerk. Those are the words that usually describe Raymond.

“Have you seen young Raymond hunting? He even hunted the Orc Warrior.”

“Really? Isn’t Orc Warrior a monster that even knights find hard it hard to defeat? Young Master Raymond hunted that?”

“That’s right! The knights went to the place, and there were six more orcs’ body, as well as the Orc Warrior.”

Raymond Millennium.

It was even harder to find a maid who had never been insulted or bullied by him.

That’s why, despite the news that Raymond won against the youngest knight and his exercise in the training camo, they find it hard to believe in the news that Raymond had changed.

No, they didn’t want to believe it.

Raymond, their young master that have always beat them.

His change, no matter how good it was, they were not still happy about him.

Just because he changed, there was no guarantee that he wouldn’t beat them again.

However, some of the servants thoughts changed a little after the banquet.

“Young master Raymond helped me when I was bullied by a noble.

“He forgave me even though I spilled water.โ€

Raymond’s appearance at the banquet came as a big shock to them.

Raymond showed such a good performance that they doubted if what they saw was right.

In addition, they were really surprised at the fact that he defeated an Orc warrior.

But there are people who dislikes him.

“Did he really change? That’s not funny. How does that jerk change?”

“He is just pretending to change. He might be the same if there’s no one around.โ€

“Orc Warrior? It might be defeated by Young lady Beatrice, remember, she was with him.โ€

There were also those who viewed him with a negative perspective.

They had a grudge against Raymond after being severely bullied by him.

It would be very difficult to change their minds.

“Young master Raymond is passing by.”

The maids who were cleaning the floor lined up.

“Greetings to young master Raymond.”

Raymond glanced through the maids.

The maids flinched at his eyes.

Although they knew that Raymond had changed, they were still afraid because of what happened before.

“You must have been cleaning.”


Raymond looked at them and scratched his cheeks.

“Okay, good luck.”

At Raymond’s words made the maid’s eyes was tearing a bit.

Then she bowed and said loudly.

“Thank you!”

“Oh, okay.”

Raymond was now out of sight. The maids looked at his back as if they still couldn’t believe at his sudden change.

“Did he just told me to good luck didn’t he? I’m not the only one who heard it, right?”

“Yeah. I heard it, too. He definitely told us good luck.”

“I can’t believe young Raymond told me good luck.”

The maids’ gaze moved and look at Alice, who was following Raymond.

The woman with a strangely bright face.

Raymond’s exclusive maid has been very happy these days.

Wouldn’t she know it better than they do?

All the maids thought about talking to Alice later.

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On the way to the count.

Raymond organized his thoughts on what to say to the count.

‘Why did the count call me?’

It was most likely about the sword technique he showed during the duel with Kaham.

He didn’t mean to hide about swordsmanship. He would answer as much as he can.

But, that wasn’t what was important now.

There was something he wanted from the count.

The Count’s permission was required to do it.

‘I have to go to the academy.โ€™

He definitely need to go to the academy.

The first place where the protagonist, who just learned that he could get talent by killing people after Raymond’s death, was the Royal Academy.

The place where most talented people gather from all over the kingdom.

For the protagonist who wanted talent, the academy was like the best buffet place.

The kingdom would be destroyed if the protagonist attacked the academy.

Those who should have lead the future generation of the kingdom, died in the hands of the main character, and it was impossible to cultivate more talent because the academy could not be operated.

‘He had to block him.’

He needed to prevent the main character from attacking the academy.

Although he was not sure if he can beat him with his current strength.

It was impossible to kill him, but he’ll be able to stop him to some extent.

In addition, he could recruit more unexpected talents not written in the novel there.

In many ways, he had many reasons to go.

“You’re here, young master Raymond.”

The butler, who was waiting for him in front of the door, bowed.

Then the butler raised his hand and knocked on the door.

knock, knock

“Young master Raymond is here”.

“Let him in.”


“You can go in.”

Before going in, Raymond looked back at Alice.

If he go in like this, she’ll keep standing in place and wait for him.

“You, go and do your job.”

“As you command, young master.”

Alice bowed her head. He nodded and went inside.

Raymond thought he’d be busy with documents as always, this time, he was sitting on the sofa sipping tea.

It seems that he was waiting for him.

Raymond sat on the sofa in front of him.

“What would you like to drink?”


He didn’t like the taste of the tea, it was the same in earth and here.

At the same time, as the butler put the water down in front of him, the count signaled him to go out.

The butler bowed his head and went outside.


The door closing could be heard, and the count put down the teacup.

They stared at each other for a while without saying anything.

The first one to break the silence was Count Millennium.

“You changed a lot.”

The count’s finger knocked on the armrest.

That sound was kind of annoying.

“Because you said you’d change.”

“Yeah… I did. I’ll be a rational jerk.”

Rains just shrugged as he responded.

The count’s eyes were filled with complex feelings.

“I didn’t know that a rational jerk would be like this…”

The count stopped in the middle of his sentence. He seemed to be thinking about what to say next.

And when he tried to continue speaking, Raymond took the initiative to cut him.

“I want to go to the academy.”


The count’s expression became strange.

Raymond blinked as if wondering if he said something wrong.


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When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

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