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Superstar from age 0 chapter 114

[My Clinic Episode 13, 37% viewer rating!]

[KBC Thursday at 10 PM, The day is coming!]

[The level of medicine in the Joseon Dynasty!]

[Let’s find out about Changjin!]

[Queen prays to God to cure the disease!]

-Why are they holding a memorial service when the prince is about to die?

-That was the cure back then. Believing that an admirable God will defeat the disease if they receive an auspicious day by fortune-telling and then hold a memorial service.

-Wow, he is really going to die at this point.

-Honestly, historical drama bothers me a lot, but I can’t judge the death of Prince Seongnyeong.

-One side is praying to God, and the other side is studying. It’s more impressive because both contrast each other. Doing anything for the family, they seems to be no different from us.

-My parents also prayed to the temple because of my illness.

– Are you okay now?

– Yes, I’m much better.


“Seojun, you’re not sick, are you?”

“Yes! I’m very healthy, teacher.”

Thursday is a weekday and so he has to go to school. Seojun answered bravely to his friends and teachers who continuously asked about his health. Then, everyone went back with a relieved face.

“Cheer up, Seojun.”

Seojun sat down smiling at the comfort of his friends, who were already accustomed seeing the similar situation several times.

And finally, the day has come.

[Finally that day! The day we are waiting for has come!]

[KBC’s My Clinic! What is their decision?]

[Historical drama, how far can it go to reality?]

-I’m a historian, so I don’t like historical dramas, but if Prince Seongnyeong lived, I will accept it!

-It’s okay to destroy history. Save him!

As 10 o’clock approached, everyone turned on the television and began to watch KBC.

Advertisements slots sold at high unit prices have been released for a long time, but everyone waited without complaints.

-I’ll die anyway, but I’ll live a little longer because of the commercials.

-ㅠㅠ The commercial is my life saver….

-If the commercial ended quickly, no, if it didn’t…

Contrary to everyone’s wishes, the advertisement ended early today. No, it was the same advertisement length as usual, but everyone felt that way.

After the advertisement, when the heavy drum sound began, people watching the TV shut their mouths.

My clinic has begun.

Prince Seongnyeong, full of rashes, breathed slowly. He could see people in the clinic moving around while covering their mouths with a white cloth.

Heo Yoo-sun was the busiest among the people. In accordance with the order from his teacher, Yang Hong-dal, he prepared medicine, wiped the sweat of Prince Seongnyeong, and massage his limbs.

A few days ago, the prince opened his eyes slightly, and now he showed no signs of waking. His condition was serious.


Heo Yoo-sun couldn’t take it anymore and cried as he went to fulfill his wishes.

In his world without affection, the child was the first to open his heart. He wanted to say that the child is his family, even though they aren’t.

Prince Seongnyeong, who shot with his bow, Prince Seongnyeong, who laughed while playing pranks, and the unforgettable first encounter with him.

Where did that brave appearance go, Grand Prince?

Heo Yoo-sun clenched his fist to the point where his fingernails were stuck in his flesh at the sight of Prince Seongnyeong heavy breathing.

As the camera moved away, it was seen that Prince Chungnyeong looked at the place where Prince Seongnyeong was from time to time, even from a distance.

‘Jong-ah, Jong-ah.’

Standing outside he saw the busiest doctor.

It was Heo Yoo-seon who took care of Prince Seongnyeong in the morning and evening and studied with Prince Chungnyeong when he had free time.

When he remembered his dying younger brother, Prince Chungnyeong shed tears.

The scene came heavy to the viewers.

– Park Dohun’s tears…

– I think he’s acting.

-Ah! This! I think it’s that angle.

Everyone watched television with their chests tightened. It was quiet everywhere as if everyone in Korea was watching My clinic.

Heo Yoo-sun was seen running somewhere at the sight of Prince Seongnyeong breathing heavily.

He threw out a white cloth that hindered him from running and ran with all his might to call his mother and father as soon as possible.

“You need to work out, doctor Heo.”

The image of Prince Seongnyeong smiling brightly while saying that phrase came to his mind.

Heo Yoo-sun has been running regardless of the pain from his lungs and reached a royal guard.

The Imperial guard, who recognized Heo Yoo-sun following Prince Seongnyeong every day, opened his mouth with difficulty.

“Your Highness, Doctor Heo…”

Even before the end of his talk, the door suddenly opened. King Taejong and Queen appeared. The expressions of the two, who already predicted the death of their youngest son, touched the hearts of viewers.

Frowned forehead, painfully biting their lips, and shaky eyes. If this wasn’t a drama, the audience would have thought that this was real.

-Wow, Kim Jong-ho’s and Lee Ji-hye’s acting are no joke.

-Destroying history is good too!

“Let’s go!”

King Taejong and Queen quickly run to where their youngest son was waiting for them.

They created a separate place to quarantine the Prince due to opposition from his servants, however no one could say anything at the hurried pace of both his majesties.

Heo Yoo-sun followed suit. Both the court ladies and escorts quietly took their steps.

It was Prince Seongnyeong, who brought laughter to the palace. There was no one who wasn’t sad.

When King Taejong and Queen entered the place of Prince Seongnyeong, the servants next to them could not stop them.

The place of Prince Seongnyeong, which had been tightly closed since the outbreak, was opened wide.

From Heo Yoo-sun’s view, the backs of King Taejong and Queen disappeared into the place of Prince Seongnyeong.

The wooden door was heavily closed.

It was winter with the cold wind and fluffy snow began to fall.


The King and the Queen looked toward Prince Seongnyeong and knelt near him. But they were too late, the Prince was already dead.

“Jong-ah! No, you can’t! Jong-ah!”


Heo Yoo-sun couldn’t say a single cry out of despair and frustration despite his body shaking.

[Taejong’s 18th year (1418) February 4th. Prince Seongnyeong, Lee Jong died]

Preview of the next episode starts.

[My Clinic, Prince Seongnyeong’s death!]

[The death of Prince Seongnyeong is expressed through the people left behind]

-I can’t say anything.

– Throughout this episode, I remembered the acting that Lee Seojun had done.

-I know. The flashbacks was short but the whole scenes just came to my mind. When Heo Yoo-sun recalled, it reminded me of the same thing.

-I need to work out because the Prince said so ㅠㅠ

“That’s too bad.”



Seojun was watching My clinic with Seo Eun-hye and Lee Min-joon. The scene of his death was shorter and there was no close up shots of his face, just the back of King Taejong hugging him.

“But I like this, too.”

My Clinic was not a drama that will end with the death of Prince Seongnyeong, this was just the first part.

“If they show your dying scene, wouldn’t everyone have thought it was completely over?”

“This is better.”

“There’s nothing we can do! My acting is important, but my work is also important!”

Seo Eun-hye and Lee Min-joon were also relieved. They had heard from Seo Eun-chan that Seojun’s scene was cut.

They heard the reason too. It was deleted because he acted…so well?

The couple, who did not watch Seojun’s acting in person and received a medical examination report that they were healthy, heard nothing but a distant story.

Seojun thought about how much he should act for a dying scene in the future while eating fruit.

He shouldn’t die too realistically and he shouldn’t die like he is pretending to.

‘Hmm. It’s hard. Come to think of it, I had to think of my mom, dad, and fans who are worried about my death. Mm. It’s really hard!’

[The average viewer rating for episode 14 is 38%!]

[KBC’s My Clinic, what will the ratings in the future?]

[What about Lee Seojun’s empty seat?]

-I went to watch it because of Lee Seojun, but now I am curious about how it would end.

-If Lee Seojun doesn’t come out anymore, I wasn’t going to watch it, but now…

-I can’t help but watch this, I am really curious what happened in the family after Prince Seongnyeong died.

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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1 year ago

Thanks for the chapters!
Damn, these few chapters are really emotional!

1 year ago

Uuuh TT_TT Jong Ah…

1 year ago


1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter ☺️
I would like to know how the audience’s reaction would be see the scene that was cut 🤔

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