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Music Show Genius Chapter 15

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“Sergeant Yoo Jung-ho…”

‘My military career is over.’

After completing his discharge from the military, Jung-ho, who was spacing out in the guard post, looked up at the sky.

Blue and clear sky.

‘I felt very good.’

Breathe in the fresh air to the fullest. 

‘My heart is overflowing.’

“It’s just the beginning.”

His new house has been prepared near Seokchon Lake in Jamsil. 

He had already finished his contract and ready to move on vacation.


Above all, it was good to see Seokchon Lake and the amusement park at one glance.

There’s a great trail, and the surrounding location is the best! 

‘I wouldn’t have imagined it before I joined the army. I can’t say I’m rich, but if I don’t do anything weird, I won’t have trouble with money.

It’s all thanks to Jera.’

The 20 songs that he handed over before he joined the military were all bought by Jera.

It was hard to believe for Jung-ho, who thought it would already be a success even if she would only choose one.

But even more surprising was Jera’s move soon after.

Jera decided to release a digital single and released one of Jung-ho’s songs.

Starting with that, Jung-ho’s life changed rapidly.

Since then, Jera has shown interest and favor to Jung-ho. She even sent handwritten letters and gifts to the troops. 

Jera wanted Jung-ho to continue his studies and work, and Jung-ho spared no effort to meet the expectations. The troops showed favor to Jung-ho, who always tries afterward, as well as work and time. 

Eventually, Jung-ho’s life had another miracle.

Jera bought additional songs that he made during the enlistment or his vacation. One of them was released as a digital single.

In terms of the results, domestic pop composers seem to have risen to a very high position.

“Don’t overdo it!”

The more he digs into music, the more he feels it.

There was still a lot to be desired.

There is a long way to go and there are many mountains to cross.

‘I should be studying harder in society now.’

After taking a shower and changing clothes, Jung-ho took an action cam and left the street.

He was going to report his return to the MewTuber through a Vlog video.

‘There are many good restaurants near Seokchon Lake. The first video after returning to Korea should be an eating show!’

“You guys know that Jung-ho is discharged from the military, right?”

S.O.T.A members in the car looked at their manager who was driving.

“I’m going to meet Jung-ho tomorrow morning and request a song. Let’s go and say hello together.”

At those words, Min Seo-Joon snorted.

“Don’t have any pride?”

“Pride and success, what’s more important?”


“Min Seo-Joon, I know you have bad feelings towards Jung-ho. Can you put it aside? Now is not the time to build pride. Do you get it?”

Min Seo-Joon’s expression hardened when unexpected remarks came in. 

Kim Myung-woo looks at his cell phone again, as if it has nothing to do with him. But his looks weren’t good either.

The manager lamented to himself.

“Aigoo, This is their shit and I’m taking care of it. I don’t want to handle it because it’s so dirty.’

Choi Woo-young, the manager, has taken on a very difficult task this time.

It was about meeting with Yoo Jung-ho and releasing a song as if there is no grudge to solve.

Starting with that, he intended to build a good business relationship. Naturally, the bridge role will be played by Choi Woo-young.

Choi Woo-young was not just a manager of S.O.T.A. 

He was the one who maintained the best relationship to the end among the remaining Neo crew employees.

Choi Woo Young and Yoo Jung-Ho.

Neo crew executives don’t know the details of the relationship between the two.

However, Choi Woo-young showed extraordinary affection for Jung-ho, and they knew that Jung-ho followed Choi Woo-young quite a bit.

“The fans believe that we are close to Jung Ho, and they are looking forward to receiving good songs and show something. If you guys don’t make it clear in the next album, the group’s survival will be in jeopardy. Think carefully.”

There was a chill in the air. 

“Oh, I don’t care! Take Myoung-woo with you!”

Min Seo-Joon tilted his seat anxiously and lay down. Then, he wears earphones as if he didn’t want to hear any rebuttal. 

Kim Myung-woo looked perplexed and met Choi Woo-young’s eyes, who was staring at him.

“You crazy son of a bitch, really…”

He was swearing, but it’s inevitable now that things have come to this. “I’ll be there.”

Choi Woo-young paid attention to the road after sighing instead of answering. 

Being a manager, he knew all the implicit pecking order and atmosphere inside. 

When he got the look of reproach for being pathetic like now, the heat boiled deep inside of him. (Angry)

But he had to put up with it. The group, and until they get to the top.

Then revenge begins then.

Damn it.

The plan was grand. 

But right now, how do they solve the damage to their pride and the heat of the fire (anger)?

He leaned back nervously. 

Suddenly, the youngest member, who was silent until now shouted angrily.

“Oh, really. Bro!”

“What, why?” A fierce look.

The other two members of the same age are either looking at their smartphones or window without even paying attention to their discussion. 

Kim Myung-woo growled.

“Any complaints?”

“……!” The atmosphere was intense, but the youngest member had to suppress what he was feeling.

It wasn’t because he was scared.

It was because he knew that the group that had only just begun to grow would suffer a fatal blow.

‘I’ll put up with it.’

“That’s enough.”

“Why, didn’t you have a problem?”

“No, you do what you’re doing. Go to sleep.”

Kim Myung-woo, who was staring at the youngest member, bit his lip when he no longer paid attention.

‘I don’t like this guy or this guy or this guy. I don’t like anyone! You sons of bitches.’

Kim Myung-woo turned around, biting his lips. 

Choi Woo-young, who watched the scene in the mirror, sighed. 

‘Anyway, there’s no decent guy in the entertainment business.’

That’s why Jung-ho, who had a good personality and knew what his efforts were, had to go out.

Because this stage has only place for crazy people that survive by doing crazy things.

The next day, Choi Woo-young and Kim Myung-woo met with Jung-ho at a cafe near Seokchon Lake.

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