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Music Show Genius Chapter 14

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Jera’s new album has been released.

It was a full-length double title song album, consisting of twelve tracks. 

What people are interested in is one of the double title songs.

It was the music with a new artist named J.ho.

The title is, Please don’t go.

It was a piece of R&B music full of Jera’s mournful emotions, which she did not want to send to her loved one.

It was not a song for lovers.

It is a song that shows the desperation of his father who died of heart disease seven years ago.

Jera performed the song on her first showcase stage and shed tears. 

Jera defined the song in the following words:

[A song from an artist who knows me better than me]

The judgment was defined as follows:

A song for those who had to let their loved ones go.

Of the twelve tracks, two more songs were added besides the title, which was also j.ho’s music.

The songs also gained considerable popularity.

Five songs from the album were produced in a rare scene that lined up the Billboard singles chart.

People had doubts.

[The composer of Jera’s. Who the hell is J.ho?]

The identity was immediately revealed.

[J.ho is a Korean musician!]

[Jera chose the music creator herself through Mewtube.]

When this fact was revealed, great interest also occurred in Korea. 

His personal information was quickly discovered.

Real name Yoo Jung-ho.

He used to be a trainee at a large agency, operated a music channel for 3 years after leaving the company, and is currently serving in the military.

Younghoon Channel, a popular MewTuber and BJ, has been on the street singing contest.

A Korean music creator sold a song to Jera, who is praised as the queen of pop.

And the song is currently enjoying great popularity as it ranks next to the top of the Billboard singles list!

The music industry was about to turn upside down.

Boy idol group has been very popular around the world, but composers have never achieved such an amazing performance in the world market. 

Since then, pop music fans, and reporters have dug deeper into Jung-ho. And they found some interesting facts.

The company that Jung-ho belonged to is called Neocru Entertainment, a major agency.

In other words, the reason for leaving the company was actually “discharge.”

He was a candidate for the debut team of S.O.T.A. (state of the art), a new group launched a year ago.

As a result, J.ho’s existing subscribers were also active. 

[Oh, J.ho. We succeeded!]

[I knew this would happen. The quality of the first remake song was really good. I can’t believe you are now successful.]

[I can’t help but cheer for him because he’s constantly working hard and growing. I’ll keep supporting you.]

[I like everything, but what the hell is that? J.ho is selling everything. ]

[J.ho’s arm is acting up, but the strategy seems to be working little by little]

[Additionally, Sia is also very annoying. What’s that song, moonlight? Younghoon pushed her like that, but she couldn’t make it to the top 100 on music sites. J.ho’s performance was much better in the video! ]

[Sia, she was a music creator and when she thought she couldn’t do it, she returned to being a female vlogger. Now BJ Younghoon and her are now married and taking pictures together.]

Jung-ho caused various incidents. 

However, the person involved joined the military.

At a time when the issue was about to subside, Jera began her digital single with Jung-ho’s song. Of course, Jera didn’t mean it, but Jung-ho was once again spotlighted for his good performance.

A Korean musician’s home run in consecutive at-

Jung-ho’s name has become an issue in the United States, Jera said on a famous talk show.

[J.ho is already an exclusive artist of my agency. When he finishes his military service and discharged from the army, the agency will actively support not only his creative activities but also his music creator activities.]

And added.

[He is still growing at an alarming rate while serving in the military. I got some amazing songs as gifts from his vacation. You can look forward to it. I’m going to perform an amazing song.]

Without knowing it, Jung-ho was expanding his presence in the music market in the U.S.

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