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Music Show Genius Chapter 13

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Jung-ho spent less time eating and sleeping while working on music. 

He didn’t care about anything else.

A song for the Queen!

A song that can satisfy Jera!

It wasn’t too overwhelming.

As soon as the theme of the song was chosen, countless inspirations poured out.

Jung-ho assured himself that he knew better than anyone else about Jera. He memorized and studied her music. 

Singing method, range of notes, song preference. Even the personal circumstances of Jera.

He made the most of it and proceeded without hesitation because he knew everything.

“Her father died of heart disease seven years ago. Let’s take this situation.”

“She broke up with rapper X1 four years ago, didn’t she? She declared her farewell and hung on to the point where X1 felt sorry for her, in the end, she was finally abandoned. Let’s express her situation at that time too.”

From the insatiable passion of boiling, madness blooms. 

Even though he was tired, Jung-ho made the song with all his might.

So on the 29th.

A day before enlistment.

“That’s enough. Let’s send it.”

‘I’ve done everything I can.’

Jung-ho thought so and sent the song to the e-mail that Jera gave him.

At that moment, the tension he was feeling was finally relieved, and Jung-ho fell asleep as if he fainted.

After waking up to the alarm, Jung-ho checked his cell phone.

Seven o’clock in the morning.

But time was not important. 

‘There’s still no contact.’

It was the same when he logged on to the channel and checked the message. He hasn’t heard anything from Jera.

‘Maybe she hasn’t checked everything yet?’

It can be so.

He sent 20 songs.

‘Should I call her?’

He knew Jera’s direct number.

However, he hesitated to call her.

‘I would be in the army tomorrow.’

At least, she should let him know of the situation. That way, he’ll know how to deal with it.

‘If she doesn’t like the song, it’ll end like this.’

Jung-ho called Jera’s number.

It was the manager who answered the phone shortly.

[ Jera is performing now. ]

“Oh, I see. I sent her a song, did she check it out?”

[ Well, we received it. I started checking the music yesterday, and everyone was amazed. ]


[ I’ll call you within a week. k. ]

“Oh, there’s something you should know about that. It is…”

Jung-ho will join the army tomorrow. He also talked about working at the Nonsan Training Center after receiving training for about a month and receiving self-deployment.

Jera’s manager was very embarrassed.

[I didn’t expect you to join the army. ]

“I’m sorry that I said it late. For the last month, I stopped contacting the outside and focused on working on the song. I couldn’t afford to think about anything else.”

[ I fully understand. ]

He seemed to be agonizing over something.

So Jung-ho suggested the way.

“Let’s do this. If you like the song, please deposit the song fee into my account. Please set the price on your own.”


“If you don’t like the song… I can’t help it. That’s how much I’m capable of. I’ll just give up neatly, so split it up and use it or throw it away, and dispose of it yourself. I won’t mind.”

[Do you not really mind if I do that?]

“I’m satisfied that I was recognized by Jera and was able to play my song.”

[ …… ]

“This could be the last call, so if you don’t mind, please tell Jera what I’m saying. Thank you so much for giving me the strength to keep walking down the road.”

That was the end of the call.

‘The rest is up to Jera’s judgment.’

Whether the relationship will continue or this will end.

‘Anything’s fine. I was happy for a month.’

It’s time to get going. 

I’ve sent all my luggage to my hometown, so if I can now leave home, my monthly rent contract will be over as of today. The deposit will be deposited back into my bank account.

After completing the inspection, Jung-ho said goodbye to his monthly rent house, which he had been attached to for years.

‘Thank you for all these years. Bye.’

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4 months ago

thanks for the chapter

3 months ago

For a while I thought this will be a rebirth story…but I’m glad it was not.
Mc “talent” is real hard work and more so than that his perserverance is inspiring. Can’t wait to see his success story! ^^

As always, Thanks for the chapter! 🍀

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