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Damn Reincarnation Chapter 10.3

“Why do we need a referee in a duel?”

“In order for the result to be fair.” Gargis raised his arm high, saying so. Eugene didn’t want to see his naked armpit…

“Baby, what you’re doing reminds me of a fool.’

He’s so big. If it weren’t for his Lionhart surname, he would seriously suspect that he was a descendant of Moron.

“If I say start, it starts.”

“Tell him to get started, idiot.” Dira roared.

Gargis stepped back slightly and lowered his raised arm.


The match against Cyan ended with a blow, but this time Eugene didn’t intend to. Because he wanted to see the skill of Dira. Dira did not run straight but crept a few steps to find Eugene’s gap. 

Eugene did not leave his place with the spear in both hands. However, only the spearhead was slightly moved to match the movement of Dira. 


The eyes of Dira flinch. She was quite confident in her skills, but now she wondered if what she had in her hand was really a spear.

‘There’s no time…

She tried to move around, but she couldn’t find any opening. 

Dira’s lower lip was now swollen due to her biting it too much.

She couldn’t do anything, even finding openings.

The distance between the two quickly narrows down. 

Soon, Eugene stepped forward and attacked her. Eugene’s slight movement on the spearhead hit the spear of Dira. 

At that moment, she turned her body with the spear. The end of the spinning spear hits Eugene again. However, the results were the same again this time. 


 When the attack was cleared, Dijira’s eyes shook.


She chewed her lips and waved her arms. 

She was now striking back and forth against Eugene.

The dull sounds of metal blend in between.

 Dira’a determined stabbing attacks were easily countered by Eugene. 

She knows how to turn.

‘She knows how to use rebound and elasticity.’

It’s pretty good considering that she didn’t use mana. In addition, the possibility of growth in the future is endless as she is young. 

The story of the future as far as it goes. She was not Eugene’s opponent. 

The spear slips from the hand of Dira. She grabbed the bottom of the spear and increased the attack of the spear at once. 


Attack from top to bottom. 

Eugene grinned and bent sideways.

It was the first time he avoided it while just removing it. This fact gave confidence to Dira. 

‘I’m gonna turn the distance back here, and I will win’ That’s what she thought, but the reality didn’t work out the way Dira thought. 

The moment the spear approaches the floor. Eugene’s foot trampled on the spear. Then, at one go, he stabbed the spear at Dira. With the approaching spear, Dira pulled her head back in horror. 

The spear stopped before the Dira’s nose. She pricked her lips and saw Eugene’s face beyond the spear.


The dragon was used to remove the trampled spear, but no matter how hard it was, the spear did not move. He was just stepping on one foot. He put the spear in front of the crying image of Dira. 

Rather than the spear not falling out, Eugene’s body was not shaken even though he gave this much strength, which saved his defeat. 

“Eugene Lionnhart won.”

Gargis, who was standing as a referee, said with a solemn look. She crumpled her eyebrows and stared at Gargis, who had already been feeling sad.

“Shut up, pig!”

“I’m not a pig. A pig is a man like Hansen.”

“Shut up!”

“Dira. You didn’t learn anything from the wonderful words of the Lord. You shouldn’t be ashamed of losing. You need to know how to respect your opponent’s honor.”


He took a few steps back without refuting Dira. 

She sighed and bowed to Eugene.

“…I lost.”

“Yes,” Eugene replied with a happy smile.

“You’re a good spearhead.”

“Are you kidding me?”

He meant it from the bottom of his heart. He exclaimed “Dira” in a fit of rage. Only then did Eugene realize that he was a kid about the same age as Dira.

“Although I use it better.”

“You son of a…!”

“So I won. Even if it’s unfair, I won.”

“Shut up!”

“Dear you, he didn’t get a single punch.” So he behaves like his age.

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Damn Reincarnation

Damn Reincarnation

Score 8.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
Hamel, a warrior who traveled with his colleagues to exterminate the devil. Yet, he died just before the battle with the devil started. “Yes.” What the hell? He was reborn as the descendant of his fellow warrior, Vermouth. The descendant from the bloodline of the great Vermouth, Hamel. No, he was now Eugene Ryan Hart. “It was already enough me having the delusion that I was a genius in my past life. But… this… It’s… It’s incomparable.’ From a dying body to a new body, he has the achievement that he did not have in his previous life. And, a reincarnation of an unknown origin, the reality of living together with the demons. Facing a new world where everything is questionable. The journey of the unfinished previous life begins with Eugene’s body.


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