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Damn Reincarnation Chapter 9.3

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“The blood ceremony is a tradition for the main house. Children in the branches can’t hold a real weapon or train Mana until the blood ceremony. If the blood ceremony is carried out in such a state, the results will be obvious. A child in the branch can never beat a child from the main house.”


“But it’s impossible to eliminate long-standing traditions at once.”

It is a gap that has been divided between the main house and the main house for hundreds of years. 

Guillard’s younger brother, Gilford, also had a son. When the child was five years old, Gilford left his home and now belonged to the branch.  

Descendants of the great Vermouth.

The home of Lionhart, who claims the legitimacy of blood.

Only the blood with great purity is recognized as the main house. Lionhart’s home has been in such good shape. 

“No matter how light the blood is, no matter how light it is. Don’t you all have Lionhart as your last name? But the significance of the blood system is to identify the qualities that would claim to be descendants of Lionhart, the great Vermouth. The depth of blood doesn’t matter.”


Eugene chewed the meat and thought.

‘I think your descendants are nicer than you.’

“What’s the point of competition with obvious results? I want to confirm not only my children but all of you who succeeded with Lionhart’s last name.”

Guillard turned his head. 

“So, unlike the previous one, we decided to get outside help.”

“That’s why I’m here. Kids.” Robertian smiled broadly. 

“Wasn’t the speech too long? I understand you’re sleepy, but please stay alert and pay attention.”

Guillard smiled bitterly. Robertian didn’t care about him and kept talking. 

“We’ll know once we get started, but the blood ceremony will start in four days at the latest. So what it’s like is. I’m going to summon a maze in the forest.”

Robertian raised both hands. The mana gathered between the palms of his hands rose and made a huge maze on the table. 

“You’re going to go into different entrances and explore the maze. There’s a whole bunch of traps in the maze… Oh, oh, you don’t have to worry too much. You won’t need to hurt anyone in the maze.”


Ciel asked with a tilt of her head. 

“That’s because everything in it is a magical fantasy. Whatever you go through in the maze, it’s not real. But… you’ll have a realistic experience.”

Robertian’s smile thickened.

“The monster you encountered in the maze could cut off your arm. It doesn’t really cut your arm, but in the maze, you would think you really have your arm cut.”


“Magic is fascinating. If you’re interested, come to Aroth. The great Vermouth was also a great wizard.”

In addition to summoning magic, it was also a combination of higher mental magic. 

‘If I can do that, I’ll make it.’

Eugene listened silently to Robertian’s explanation.

“The labyrinth will have many other traps besides monsters. Of course, it’s not really dangerous.”


Ciel was the only one who giggled while listening to the Robertian story. The shiverers looked terrified.

“What you have to do in the maze is very simple. Go to the center of the maze and knock down the captain monster there.”

“How can I knock him down?”

“You have to knock it down. Has anyone ever caught a monster?”


Three members of the main house raised their hands. In the room, only Gargis, Dira, and Eugene raised their hands. Eugene also beat orcs with a wooden sword when he was about ten years old. 

“It’s the same as it was. The blood ceremony ends when someone out of the nine of you reaches the center of the maze and knocks down a bad monster.

“Is it okay if I can’t get out of the maze?”

“Of course, if you’re scared to go in front of you, you can stay still. But don’t expect to get good grades…”

Robertian answered kindly as he stared at Hansen with plump cheeks.

“If you catch the Captain Monster.”

What’s a captain monster? No matter how handicapped those opponents are, their opponents are 10-year-olds, isn’t it too childish? Eugene rolled his eyes, thinking about it. 

‘So, what are the rewards when we get him?’

If Eugene could, he’d like to ask him so openly… 

“…what can I get?” In the end, Eugene just asked straight away. 

“I’ll let you get out of the main house’s underground treasure trove with one thing you want.”

It was Guilard who answered.

Eugene smiled brightly and nodded.

“Wow.” These were the children’s responses.

‘What should I choose? Sword? Spear? Bow?’

Although the blood ceremony had not yet begun, Eugene was confident that he would break through the maze for the first time.

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