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Damn Reincarnation Chapter 9.2

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Eugene looked at Cyan’s face with unkind thoughts. Eugene thought their father would have a different personality because the twins’ personalities were so bad. Guillard seemed more mentally embedded than he thought. 

‘He said he’d been away from his home for three years.’

Three years is a long time for a 10-year-old kid, long enough to be one-third of his life. 


Cyan twitched his nose and blushed. He was not crying because he was sorry. He was crying because he thought it was unfair. Eugene knew it right away, but he had never expected a sincere apology in the first place. 

Guillard also felt his son’s dissatisfaction. However, if he were to point out here, the discussion would become too long. 

“…Not that I am rude. Eugene, I don’t know who your father is.”

“I understand. My family came from the back of the countryside.”

“Did your father teach you skills?”

“He taught me the basics, but most of them I trained by myself.”

“What kind of training did you do?”

“The sword or the spear… We used training weapons, which are not as good as what I found here.” 

“No one taught you otherwise.”

“There were some knights in my family, but they weren’t good enough to ask for instruction.”

“Is that so?”

Guillard was lost in thought for a moment. Cyan chewed on his lips with humiliation, and Ciel’s eyes shone as if they were funny. 

Iokim saw Eugene with blank eyes. 

‘He won a duel against Cyan?’

‘Who’s Jehard?’

Gargis and Dira glanced at Eugene with astonishing eyes. Other children from other branches were watching Eugene in dismay. 

“…I think this blood ceremony will be fun.”

“I think so, too.”

Guillard smiled and said, Robertian, who was listening to the story with interest, also nodded his smiling face. 

The dish began to come out. However, they did not touch the dishes because they were looking at Guillard. 

“I don’t know if the dish will suit my taste.”

Guillard began to eat with such a good cry. Only then did the children catch the tableware. Eugene cut a large piece of meat as if he had waited. 

“Are you that hungry that you need a big portion?”

“I’m hungry because I kept moving after lunch.”

The atmosphere is a little relieved when the meal begins. Ciel giggled and put vegetables such as bell peppers and carrots on Eugene’s plate.

“Then eat mine, too. I’m not hungry.”

“It’s because you don’t want to eat vegetables.”

“No, I like vegetables.”

Ciel looked at Guillard’s expression and quickly continued.

“I’m really not hungry.”

After everyone’s plates had been emptied, Guillard opened his mouth by putting down his glass of wine. 

“As you might have guessed. I’m setting up a table to give you the details of the blood ceremony.”

The utensils that were moving slowly stopped one by one 

“I also wanted to keep an eye on my relative’s children who are participating in the blood ceremony.”

Guillard’s eyes move. His eyes stayed with Gargis, Dira, and Eugene for a long time. Three people, who Eugene defined as “shots,” also knew about it but did not feel dissatisfied.

Decon, Hansen, and Julse.

The three were well aware that they could not make any significant difference in the blood ceremony. 

“…a ten-year-period system of blood ceremony. The contents are organized by the family Lord. I organized the last blood ceremony. As you may have heard before you came to the main house, the last generation allowed twelve children to wander in the middle of the forest.”

Guillard shook his head with a bitter smile. 

“The last bloodline ceremony was held only by children of the Branch Family. But in this blood ceremony… Three of my children are participating. It’s funny to say, but I think the tradition of the blood ceremony itself is so discriminatory.”

Guillard’s three children looked surprised.


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4 months ago

Thanks for the chapter.

Leo Martua
Leo Martua
4 months ago


10 days ago

Well, withholding the other’s right to learn while your own family is free is nothing but discrimination.
Glad that he admit that at least

Thanks for the chapter! 🍀

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