Damn Reincarnation

Damn Reincarnation Chapter 8.1

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Eugene did not have the slightest desire to be particularly close to children from other walks of life. It was not that there was no feeling of homogeneity, but in reality, it was only those who were not worthy of attention.

Deacon, 11 years old.

Hansen, 14 years old.

Jules, 10 years old.

Three children in the room arrived sequentially. Eugene greeted them roughly, bringing the three together in his head.

‘Trembling beggars.’

They were so intimidated by his attitude that they were constantly looking at him. Especially Hansen, who is a year older than Eugene. His cheeks were chubby and his body was plump, at first he didn’t like it when he tried to openly pretend to be the one in charge, saying he was the oldest.

However, that attitude was only the case in front of Eugene and other children. Hansen, who acted like a big brother, saw the lion on Ciel’s left chest and changed his attitude.  

In fact, it was not an intelligent attitude. Children with weak influence have no choice but to be afraid of the main family. 

“…who the hell is he?”

Therefore, the three trembling glanced at Eugene with their eyes full of disbelief. 

After a brief exchange of greetings, Eugene resumed his suspended performance. It was an extension of physical training that he had been doing since morning.

Eugene thought that technology would develop over time. It’s the same with martial arts. Even if Eugene was a warrior from 300 years ago, the idea that the martial arts of the “Fool Hamel” were still unconditionally superior to modern martial arts was too arrogant.

However, no matter how advanced martial arts are, they cannot be used properly unless the physical training was properly done. Eugene believed the fact and had no doubt. 

Even if he didn’t train mana. Physical training should not be neglected.  

‘Since you didn’t train your mana, you should be more focused on the physical.’

In fact, even though he was pointed out as ignorant, he had nothing to say. But what can he do? The blood ceremony, that damn tradition of not training mana… 

Those who excel in blood ceremony are bound to return to the direct line. There, the idea of feeding the house with salt was also a backlash against Vermouth, who would have ignored the tradition. 

“Aren’t you tired?”

“It’s hard.”

From the way forward, Ciel sat next to Eugene and watched the training. She was intrigued by Eugene. Ciel, who grew up in her family, has been training with her brother since she was young. However, twins have never been as ignorant and hard-working as Eugene.  

“I guess someone’s here.”

Eugene stood up, shaking his sweaty hair. The far main gate was opening. Since it was time for the sun to set, it seems that the two missing in the room arrived around the evening. 


‘It’s so bustling.’

From the main house, the servants are running forward. The drivers who stayed behind the main house also ran in unison. 

‘Gargis and Dira. I heard that the families of the two little children are the most important family after the main, but I wondered how we are required to rush to run after not even preparing to greet them until now. ‘

“… Oops.”

Ciel felt the same question. She blinked and looked at the front door, smiling as she heard the flag stretched high from the entrance.

“My father must be here!”

Ciel shouted in an excited voice. She sprang to her feet and ran toward the front door without waiting for Eugene. 

“You, Eugene.”

Nina was also surprised and approached Eugene. 

“The Lord must be back. You have to clean yourself up. Oh, no. Change your clothes first.”

“It would be better to go sweaty than to go alone late.”

Eugene replied, tapping the dirt off his body. Nina hesitated for a moment and took a handkerchief out of her arms and wiped Eugene’s limbs. However, the smell of sweat in Eugene did not go away, so she even took out perfume and sprayed it on Eugene.

“That’s enough.”

Roughly pressing the greasy hair with his hands, full of sweat and dirty soil.

It didn’t take very long, but all the servants of the detached house and the servants of the room went toward the main gate. Eventually, Eugene and Nina were the last to leave the annex and head to the main gate.


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