Damn Reincarnation

Damn Reincarnation Chapter 7.3

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Nina went to her home to follow Eugene’s orders. She was determined to hear the bitter sound, but surprisingly, the servants of the main family did not persecute Nina. 

‘You made me do this, didn’t you?’


“Okay, afternoon today…”

There was a hint of caution, but he gently answered the questions. Nina returned to the smokescreen of the detached house, wondering about the fact. 

“…Ms. Ciel?”

Nina opened her mouth to the sight in front of her. 

“Hi, my servant.”

“Her name is Nina.”

“Hi, Nina.”

Ciel smiled as she balanced her faltering body. Now she was sitting on Eugene’s back with an armful of sand. 

“Oh, hello…”

Nina bowed her head late. However, she glanced at Eugene with only her eyes glancing. Eugene was sweating profusely as he focused on push-ups.

“…what’s the current number?”



“One Hundred.”

“Come down.”


Ciel threw a sandbag sideways and came down from Eugene’s back. Eugene sprawled on the floor, breathing heavily.

“…you got it?”


Nina replied with a nod.

“Would you like water first?”

“No. Talk to me.”

“Decon, Hansen, and Jules will arrive at noon today.”

Nina answered quickly.

“And by evening, Gargis and Dira will be arriving via Warpgate.”

“I was wondering what you were going to say.”

Ciel giggled and punched Eugene in the back.

“You just had to ask me. Why didn’t you ask?”

“I told Nina to find out anything, to be a suitable servant, she’d have to go through a lot of trouble.”

“Who cares?”

“Also I was training.”

‘I was too lazy to deal with her.’ Eugene raised his sprawled body and sat down. 

“Three of them came by carriage. And Warpgate for two, right?”


The treatment differs depending on which people are present. Eugene knows the reason. Gargis and Dira. They are the family with the highest authority among the family branches. 

“You don’t know who Gargis and Dira are, do you?”

Ciel opened her mouth. 

“I know their names but I’ve never met them.”

“The two of them are the strongest in the field.”

“I know the family is strong. What about the other three?”

“I don’t even know where they’re coming from. It’s similar to you. Oh, but you’re much stronger.”

In other words, they are also from a small family in the countryside. 

“…Gargis and Dira. Have you ever met them?”

“They came to my brother’s 10th birthday party.”

“Who are they?”

“Gargis is a boring guy. He is one year older than me. Dira is younger than me, but he wasn’t funny either.”

Does this mean that the standard of fun could not be teased? Eugene organized his thoughts for a moment. 

‘Three from the main house. Six including me.’

They said they would all be here within four days at the latest. It’s faster than what I have heard

“Do you know when the blood ceremony starts?”

“I said we’d all get together. Maybe today?

“Tomorrow, I don’t think we’ll start today. So, how do you do this blood ceremony?”

“I don’t know.”

Ciel shook her head.

“Don’t lie.”

“I really don’t know. It’s tradition for the lord to decide what to do during the blood ceremony. But now that he’s not here… Um… he said he’d be back soon. Anyway, I really don’t know.”

Eugene couldn’t completely believe it. Since she is from the main family, she must have heard the words. 

‘…I recalled what my father said to me, back then there were twelve of them in the tournament. The last blood ceremony allowed him to wander in the woods for more than 10 days.’

The format changes every time, but the essence does not. The blood ceremony is a ritual that determines the quality of future generations’ connection to the Lionhart family name. Words are plausible but not fair. After all, it is the parents of their parents who trained Mana from an early age that distinguished themselves in the blood ceremony.

Eugene thought it was a strange tradition when he first heard about the blood ceremony.

So, he promised to feed his family from his own blood.

‘Vermouth, don’t feel bad about me screwing your descendants.’

Eugene raised his stiff body and said to Vermouth, probably in heaven. 

‘I didn’t reincarnate as your descendant because I liked it.’

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