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Superstar from age 0 chapter 149

As you read on the announcement, the main translator for this novel is facing a war. Don’t know much details but let’s hope the translator will be ok and still alive.


A small house. A faded sofa. Things that looks old. However, the house was clean and gives off a comfortable feeling. While his mother went to work, Gray practiced with the small violin that Rebecca used when she was a child.

Gray recalled yesterday’s memory.

Rebecca and George said they were going on a family trip. Rebecca couldn’t lend the violin she was using because it was expensive, so she gave him the one she used when she was young.

“This is the violin I used when I was young.”

Rebecca thought she had thrown it away, but she actually found it in their attic.

The violin was old, but it was okay to use if the strings were changed and the bow was trimmed.

George gave him a lot of delicious snacks.

“Practice with this. You are going to take a test after I come back from my trip.”

“Practice hard.”

At the sight of Rebecca and George worrying about him, Gray smiled and shed tears.

Rebecca and George went on a trip with their family and were expected to not return until three weeks later.


The scenery outside the window from his narrow room was spooky.

There were dark clouds as if it was indicating that the rain will come soon.

The rainy season will soon begin in the summer.

Gray, who was staring out the window blankly, jumped up.

“I’m sure they can hear everything.”

The uncle upstairs usually went out to work at night and was sleeping now, and the brother downstairs hated being disturbed the most.

It would be very scary if the uncle upstairs and the brother downstairs were disturbed while he was practicing.

Gray carefully pressed the string with his finger and pretended to play the violin.

“This is do, this is re.”

After Gray finished practicing by only pressing his fingers, he put the violin back in the case and took out papers from an old bag. It was music score sheets.

Gray sat in front of the small old table and wrote down with a pen. He recalled the melody he thought of back in the park

Time passed by while he spent time thinking and writing music notes.


Gray, who was hooked up with composing, didn’t even noticed that his mother came home. When his mother shook his shoulder, he was surprised. He looked at her, he saw her tired look.

“What’s all this?”

The mother pointed out at the violin that looked old but expensive.

When his mother’s expression stiffened, Gray quickly spoke.

He narrated what had happened. How he met his friends at the park, learned the violin, and composing.

“This is what Rebecca lent me. She used it back when she was young, and she doesn’t use it anymore.”

The mother was speechless at the sight of his son talking more brightly than ever.

“Cut! OK!”

Sarah Lot’s voice was heard. Jiyeon, who was still into her character, came back to her senses. Looking at Seojun, full of bright appearance, Jiyeon recalled her son. (Real son)

Her son would face a hard and difficult path on his chosen future. She opposes the road for her son, but her son was very passionate about it.

“We’ll start the next shoot.”

Regardless of Jiyeon’s thoughts, filming continued.

Contrary to Jiyeon, Gray’s mother was eagerly looking for a way to help her son.

Before she knew it, Jiyeon assimilated into being Gray’s mother.

Gray’s mother works at Down Rock’s mart, she asked people around her about a violin teacher.

“Violin? Who would want to learn such an expensive instrument?”

“I don’t even have the money to do such nonsense.”

Even with sharp words, the mother asked around. She couldn’t forget Gray’s shining face.

However, Down Rock did not have a good security as they went farther away from Star Phil. The apartment where they live now, close to the park, was safe to live with her child.

That was a place where they could barely lived with her current pay.


If she looked further, she might found a cheap and good teacher.

The eyes of the mother trying hard for her son shone.

There was still hope at the end.

Gray couldn’t go to the park because it was raining. A safe and quiet place. There was no safe place to play the violin except in the park.

So Gray devoted himself to composing instead of playing the violin. It was fun to draw the notes that came to his mind on the music score.

“Gray! There’s a violin teacher on the bridge over there.”

Gray, who was reading the score, heard his mother’s words and he was confused by it.

The mother smiled and continued to talk about with a very excited face.

“Lesson fee is cheap, and he’s not famous, but he graduated from a music school.”

“……I see.”

Gray blinked.

What does that have to do with him?

His mother opened her mouth in anticipation.

“So mom asked him to teach Gray. You can go to him every other day starting tomorrow.”

“What about money?” Gray spit it out without realizing it.

After spitting it out like that, he was surprised and covered his mouth with both hands. Money was the most important thing for his mother.

She expected her son to be happy, but her mother’s heart collapsed at the word ‘money’ coming from his mouth.

Nevertheless, she did not show it. She said with a bigger smile.

“It’s so cheap. I can pay for it.”

As Gray heard her sincere words, his young eyes twinkled.

He can now learn the violin. He can officially learn from a teacher!

Really, Gray was really happy that he cried Gray.

“Waahhh! Mom! Waaahh!”

“You have to work hard?”

“Yes! Yes!”

While crying and smiling, Gray hugged his mother. He was really happy.

“Cut! OK!”

With Sarah Lot’s voice, sniff sounds of crying were heard.

Some shed tears at the child’s emotional appearance, and others cried at the mother’s gesture.

Seo Eun-hye and Lee Min-joon also shed tears.

After today’s filming, Jiyeon decided to find a way to make her son walk on the path he wanted easily.

* * *

“What are you doing, Seojun?”

Seojun’s Mom and dad red eyes peeked out and looked at Seojun sitting in front of the desk.

Seojun’s performance, which reminded them of unforgettable memories, made their eyes red all day long.

His mom and dad were curious about what kind of script Seojun was looking at.

“It’s not a script”.

“Oh! Is it a sheet music?

“Yes. There’s a scene where I compose songs during the shoot. So I’m going to try it.”

“I see. Tell me if you need anything.”


Seo Eun-hye and Lee Min-joon quietly left Seojun’s room. Seojun recalled the song he thought of.

A happy and enjoyable tune. At that time, he couldn’t write it because of filming, so as soon as he came home, he started writing notes.

“So, what was after this?”

The problem was that the inspiration that passed by like lightning was slowly fading away.

It was okay even if wouldn’t write any music score, it was just because Seojun wanted to do it. So he decided to do it slowly like a hobby.

“Oh, I remember!”

Composing expression that came to mind in the score was different from acting. Smiling, Seojun filled the score with notes and went down.


[Marines, Assemble 2! September shooting begins!]

[Super heroes gathered up! The heroes in the second movie of Assemble!]

[The reason Bell Natra and Shadowman shook hands, Redborn is in danger!]

[What’s the past between Bell Natra and Shadowman?]

[Where is Jin Natra?]

-I don’t think Jin Natra will come out in Assembly 2.

-True. He will definitely not coming out.

-What is Seojun doing these days? There haven’t been any dramas or movies that catches my interest. I’ve already rewached My clinic.

– It’s been 2 years… Come back, Seojun!

-I’m watching a young genius on YouTube these days. I think Lee Seojun is there.

-Then an article should have already came out.

-Did you see this? He’s an Asian boy busking in a park. Doesn’t he look like Lee Seojun?[LINK]

-Will definitely watch it! (After watching)…… No similarities!!

– He looks like a performer from hell. The violin looked like it is suffering.

– I can’t see his face clearly. How do you know it’s not Lee Seojun?

-This is a violin. Lee Seojun is an actor.

-There’s nothing he can’t do.

-But isn’t the 5th week better than the 1st week?

– I know. It’s amazing. Did he improve that fast?

-I read the comments and they are all surprised too. They said he really looked like a Violing Genius!

– Seriously… How did he do that in 5 weeks?

-In my first month, I was busy memorizing how to play the violin.

– Me too. Just paying attention to the bow and the chords, my head will explode.

-Someone edited and uploaded the first and fifth weeks on a music forum. Everyone is surprised.

-Looking at their discussion, it is good too. This are some of their comments: “I’m looking forward to how he’ll grow.” “He improved this much in five weeks?”
“I want to hear it in person. Where is this?”

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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9 months ago


9 months ago

Thank you for the chapter! all love.

9 months ago

Thank you for the chapter. Hope you continue to be safe

9 months ago

Thank you for translating! So unfortunate i caught up with the latest chapter but nevertheless, this is a very read! Will be coming back from time to time.. 🙂

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