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Damn Reincarnation Chapter 3.3- Lionhart

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Eugene was not bothered by Nina with her head down from behind his back. He rummaged through the dust and found what he needed. A sandbag tied to one’s body, he found something quite useful on the shelf. 

He doesn’t even grease it properly, and he is wearing dusty chain armor. It was much bigger than Eugene’s physique, but he liked the heavyweight of the vest. After that, Eugene even took out a spear bigger than him. 

“… All I can do for you is…”

“Step on this.” After leaving the warehouse. Eugene said, pointing to a spear on the floor. Nina stepped on the spear as Eugene told her. Fix it so that it doesn’t move like that. Eugene began to hang the sandbag from the spear.

Nina saw it all with her eyes that she was sick of it. Now Eugene is wearing a chain vest bigger than his physique and is hanging sandbags from both arms. Some sandbags were hanging from the spear.

‘That’s ridiculous.’

The weight of the armors alone seemed to be double of his weight. However, Eugene shook his hand with a satisfied expression.

“Now, get out of the way.”

“Yes… yes.”

Eugene held the spear with both hands, bending only his knees. He gritted his teeth for a moment under the dizzying weight, but he enjoyed the feeling of muscles pulling until his bones were shaking. 

“Back… No, farther. Go to the shade over there!”

“Yes… Yes!”

Nina was surprised and stepped back. Eugene swung the spear loudly only after confirming Nina’s withdrawal.


However, the weight added to the body does not attract people—this purpose of wearing a vest and hanging a sandbag separately. 

Eugene swung the spear fiercely, continuing with his heavy steps. Whenever that happens, both arms are pulled as if they will fall out, and the waist that adds rotation screams. Nina shut her mouth at sight. It seemed that a catastrophe would happen that young body could not handle that. 

Eugene, who was likely to collapse, did not. Rather, whenever his body falters, the movement of the spear becomes faster. Force the movement with added rotation. And immediately switch to the stabbing. It feels like the calluses on both palms are being ripped off. 

The pain!

He didn’t wear gloves so he could feel the pain. 

Eugene giggled and continued to swing the spear. Holding the blood-soaked hand sliding on the window with only the grip force. His eyes are red with red blood because he is so strong, and his breathing is tight. 


Nina watched the scene with so much attention that she was startled by the voice she heard next to her. 

“What is he doing?”

Cyan and Ciel, the malevolent twins who made punching bags out of numerous apprenticeships till they soaked themselves tears. The two came right next to each other and were flashing their eyes. 

“Young Master, Young lady. What brings you here…?

“What is he doing?”

Cyan squinted his eyebrows. He didn’t like it when people he didn’t even know their names didn’t answer questions right away. If it were normal, he would have scolded him so that he wouldn’t do it again. But now, he was more concerned about what that countryman was doing than that.

“You don’t even know?”

It wasn’t Nina who answered. Eugene took a deep breath and lowered the window.

“Do you know what this is?”

Eugene asked, kicking the lowered window. What’s he doing? Cyan frowned instead of answering straight away, and Ciel standing beside him grinned. 

“It’s a spear, you idiot. You don’t even know that?”

“That’s a Spear.”

“But what?”

“You know this is a spear, but you don’t know what is needed to swing a spear?”

“I know.”

“But why are you asking me what I’m doing?” 

“I didn’t ask. My brother asked.”

“Then let your stupid brother know that I am wielding a spear.”

Ciel’s eyes were open in a circle at the noise. 

On the contrary, Cyan’s eyes became thinner.

“You think I’m stupid? Me?”

“I don’t think you’re smart because you’ve seen it open, and you don’t know.”

“Oppa, that country boy is calling you stupid.”

Ciel giggled and poked Cyan in the ribs. She instinctively knew that this way, rather than being as angry as her brother, encouraging his anger made the situation more interesting.

“How dare you!” Cyan shouted as soon as he heard what her sister just said.

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Thanks for the chapter.

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Is mc a masochist?

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