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Superstar from age 0 chapter 148

Translator: IDCboutmyusername

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The filming continued the next day.

Today, George and Rebecca brought a paper bags instead of a violin and a camera.

“Composing songs?”

“Yeah. It’s our summer homework. Gray, you know how to read a music score, so let’s do it together.”

Gray nodded at George’s words. He wanted to play the violin more, but he happily picked up a pen as he really enjoyed playing with his friends.

“How do you compose songs?”

“Just write down the music notes that comes to your mind. Don’t think too hard. Think about what kind of emotion you want to play.”

“It’s okay to think of a big foundation.”

The performance he wanted to play. Gray blinked.

At that moment, he thought of a music in his head. It was a surprisingly a clean violin sound.

When Rebecca and George were struggling with their heads wrapped around them. Gray, who could compose without any difficulties and freely, started thinking.


Seojun, who is right now Gray, smiled bitterly inside.

The song that came to his mind was not Professor Benjamin Morton’s song, Over the Rainbow.

Dream Fairy by Goblin Violinist. It was a simple but quite a gloomy song.

“This isn’t bad either… Let’s play this next time.”

Seojun didn’t forget that he was shooting a movie.

On the next page, he wrote nites by drawing a circle awkwardly with a black pen. The clumsy appearance of the notes was really looks like a child’s drawing a score for the first time in his life.

Professor Benjamin Morton could not help but recall Jason Moore’s childhood.

Back then he was also a child smiling brightly while composing songs, unfortunately he isn’t here. Due to Jason’s busy preparation schedule for his first concerto, he couldn’t come today.


On Sunday, Choi Yoo-sung stopped by the park alone. She only had free time on a Sunday because of school. She remembered the boy who was playing here.

“Will he be coming today too?”

She arrives in the park a little earlier than the time she came with Natalie before. Fortunately, the boy was there.

There was nothing in the violin case, as if he hadn’t played a single song yet.

Choi Yoo-sung put money in the violin case.

“Thank you.”

“Do you come here every day?”

“No, I come every Sunday.”

The boy who spoke with a small voice as he adjusted the violin. Choi Yoo-sung looked around the spectators waiting for the boy to play.

The number of spectators seemed to be similar to last week.

Like Choi Yoo-sung, there seemed to be a student who was worried about the boy. Other spectators possessed rugged face.

While looking at them, she saw that there was a blue whale logo on their clothes.

‘A new brand? Lately I’ve seeing it a lot around here but strangely, I’ve never seen it outside the park.… Something different…….’

Her thought was cut off by the squeaky sound of the violin.

Choi Yoo-sung’s eyes looked toward the boy. He was still using the small and old violin, dressed in faded clothes.

Nevertheless, the boy continued to play.

Choi Yoo-sung found several mistakes while looking at the violin boy’s posture.

She wanted to teach him, but she was afraid of troubling him.

Choi Yoo-sung sighed inside. Soon she heard the sound of the violin today as well.

Seojun smiled, as he put bills and coins in the transparent piggy bank he bought on his way home. Today, he earned $10 without Daho’s money.


Natalie headed to the park with Choi Yoo-sung. Natalie looked surprised when Choi Yoo-sung said she also came to the park at this time last Sunday and the other week.

“Is he the reason why you go here every week?”

“This is just the fourth time. I hope I can help him at least once a week.”

“Really? You’re so kind.”

“I think there are people who come every week besides me. They would take a video every week and uploaded it on YouTube.”


Choi Yoo-sung opened the YouTube app and showed her the video.

Three videos were posted on the newly opened channel, which had few views and subscribers.

“What’s the reaction?”

“First of all, there’s not much response because the number of views is small. There are also comments saying that he reminds them of the first time they learn the violin.”

“I was like that when I first learned the violin too. I fealt really cool back then but only squeaky sounds could be heard from my violin.”

While Natalie and Choi Yoo-sung were walking, they started to talk about their memories of the day when they first played the violin.

There were quite a few people standing in front of the boy today. Choi Yoo-sung saw the same people with blue whale logo, among the audiences again.

Hearing the squeaky sound coming from the violin, Choi Yoo-sung looked towards the boy.

Today, Choi Yoo-sung checked what was wrong on his posture in order to know why the sound coming from the violing was squeaking.
Since last week, she started filming him with her cell phone.

While she was filming him with a delighted fave, Natalie poke her shoulder with a surprised face.

“Why?” Choi Yoo-sung asked in a low voice.

Natalie also lowered her voice.

“He had gotten a lot better, right?”

“… What?”

“Didn’t you know? His posture and sound were better than when we first heard it.”

At Natalie’s words, Choi Yoo-sung looked at the boy again and recalled the posture and sound she had seen on the first day.


It was real. The boy’s posture was closer to the standard than the first day. There were some mistakes in the sound, but it was bearable.

Of course, Choi Yoo-sung, as a violinist, he is still far from standard, but considering that only three weeks have passed, this was a surprising change.

“Is there a person who is teaching him?”

His clothes were old but clean. The violin was also smaller than his size, but it could be said it was well maintained.

Maybe he was taught by a person who used to play the violin.

‘He’ll get better in the future.’

Choi Yoo-sung and Natalie put money in the violin case with satisfied faces.

Seojun smiled broadly as he put coins and banknotes in a transparent piggy bank.

It was already his fourth street performance. He made $7, $10, $14, and today $20.

“I heard the number of subscribers has increased a lot.”

“Yes! There are now 100 people!”

Seo Eun-hye and Lee Min-joon burst into laughter when Seojun said the number with pride.

It could be said that the growth rate of the channel [JUN] was abnormal, and the growth of the channel [RAINBOW], created by Whale Studios, was as normal as the other channels.

At first only acquaintances subscribed. Among the subscribers, most of them are staff, friends and family. The rest are true subscribers.

“With me, my mom and dad, Brown Black, Eun-Chan and Hee-sung…”

“DAHO, director Ryan, Evan and Rachel!”

“Suhee, Suyeon, and Cocoa Entertainment staffs subscribe too…”

“Professor Benjamin, Jason, Catherine, and Paul subscribed. The director and staff also subscribe…”

There were 94 people gathered and collected like that.

There were only six people who subscribed without any connection.

“Six. Can I promote this?”

“Don’t you think the PR team will do it on their own?”

Lee Min-Joon and his wife were confused that the number of subscribers and views did not change even after refreshing.
However, they were still happy at the growth of their ‘Gray’ son.

The next day.

In this shooting, a new character appeared. It was Gray’s mother.
Her American husband died and she was raising her son alone in Down Rock.

“This is Jiyeon, she will play as Gray’s mother. This is Seojun Lee, Gray.”

Jiyeon reached out her hands to Seojun at Sarah Lot’s words. Seojun also smiled and held her hands to salute.


“Hi! Nice to meet you!”

Seojun laughed at her words. It was his first time acting with an Asian actor.

“William’s mother, Melissa, was white.”

Unlike in the cartoon, William was a white man, in the movie, William’s father was set to be a Korean-American.

At first, it was just an extra, so the didn’t set such a detailed setting. However, the setting was added as Seojun took on Jin Natra on Shadowman 2.

Until the official setting of the movie came out, opinions were divided, such as mixed race, adoption, and so on.

“I enjoyed watching your drama.”

Jiyeon smiled shyly at Seojun’s words.

“The last one was taken 3 years ago. Did you watch it?”

“Yes. He’s famous in Korea for acting in Korean.”

Jo Jiyeon filmed a drama in the United States.

It was a medical drama, she portrayed a very serious surgeon. In some episodes, she spoke in Korean. It was quite viral on YouTube and many people watched the drama.

“Let’s do our best for the shooting!”

“Okay. Let’s do that.”

After a small talk, the two went to their own position.

“Ready, action!”

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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