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I am just an ordinary office worker Chapter 15

I don’t know what’s going on, but I know that the system/ the quest board had hit me on the back of my head pretty hard.

If it didn’t want to give me a quest, why update me on what you don’t need to give me?

Suddenly I saw many people rushing toward the quest board and then went toward the portal.

I don’t think that staying here was a good choice either.

Soon, I got out of the crowd and went to the portal.

“He is here, he is back!”

“Lee Sung-han, did you complete the quest? Before it’s too late, take the player awakening test.”

“Hey, Lee Sung-han? You need to sign the portal usage record. You’ve used it twice, so here, please sign your name twice.”

“Do you see the status window? What’s your ability? What about La Elta? Did you enjoy the quest?”

The people I went I was with before, were now all flocking around me.

First, I signed the paper that Park Sung-joong gave me and then got on the minibus ignoring the others.

I went to the Suwon branch of the Players Union Inspection Center. After series of test, the result came out.

“Lee Sung-Han is an ordinary person.”

“I knew it…”

“What? No way!”

I knew it!

They should have let me finish what I was going to say!

This was already my third time doing this test.

“He definitely entered the portal. We’ve seen him go to La Elta, through the portal!”

“But he don’t see the status window default information. The default information does not appear if there is no status window, and all players have a status window by default. If you don’t have a status window, you’re a normal person.”

“No, he had cleared the quest. How come he does not have a status window? Sung-Han, please say something.”

“Oh, I didn’t complete the quest.”

“Look at this! He had completed the quest… What?”

Realizing what I just said, they look back at me.

Well, I feel embarrassed if they look at me like that.
Scratchinh the back of my head, I said.

“It’s true that I can go to La Elta with the portal, but the status window didn’t appear even if I touch the quest board. Also, I didn’t finish the quest. I just came out.”


“Then when will I receive my I.D.?”

After asking the question, I was treated like a madman and almost got kicked out.

* * *

I didn’t want to keep it a secret, but news came out instantly after coming from the Suwon.

I’ve lost track of time just by looking at the comments.

-Is La Elta free access for ordinary people, who don’t even have a status window?>>
-Is he the only one that’s special or is La Elta accessible to the public?
-He’s the only one special. As a result of the confirmation, no one else is allowed in.
– The only thing that distinguish players and non-players was the presence of status window, but he doesn’t have status windows, yet going to La Elta was possible.
– If he didn’t have either one of them, he’s just a normal person.
– The Players Union will decide on what to do with him.
– Every time I go to La Elta, I have to break the quest. The higher the level, the harder.

– I haven’t been able to get back to Earth since I shot Level 101 either, so I didn’t want to go back to La Elta ㅠㅠ
– Level 101… The commenter above me is so strong.
– I’m seriousㅠㅠ

– I’m Lee Sung-hyun and I’m level 87823521 if you’re level 101.

– But aren’t we supposed to take him and study him? Find a way for the general public to get to La Elta, or for the players to get back without breaking the quest.

– I’ve never seen him find anything right.

– But we’ve gotten a little more accurate about monsters.

– Back in the day, I used to talk nonsense about all sorts of players, but now I’m good at it.

– How do you research with a living person?

– Dissecting him?

– I think it’s a little noisy because of the controversy over whether he is a player or an ordinary person.

– Unfortunately, the players’ union has concluded that he is an ordinary person.

He hasn’t reported to the media yet, but he’s just letting me know.

It is true that being able to move to La Elta is a player’s unique ability.

They concluded that it was impossible to identify individual capabilities through the status window and increase their capabilities through quests, so it is impossible to fight monsters or attack dungeons.

Rumors must have spread in the research center, but it’s already annoying.

When I get to work, I don’t want anyone to give me work and talk to me.

I’m going to sleep.

Oh, I want to quit.

Quitting the job is a must!

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I Am Just an Ordinary Office Worker

I Am Just an Ordinary Office Worker

The OP but ordinary office worker
Score 9.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
Class C player Kim Han-bi stood still and looked at the big monster in front of her. To be exact, she was looking at the wreckage of the shattered monster. “This… what the hell…” No way. In Korea. No, in the whole world. She have never seen a player who can break a big monster into pieces with just a fist. If one or two of such players existed, the monster’s population would be half of the current existing ones. Kim Han-bi turned her head toward the man who created this mess. The man, wearing a black plastic bag over his head, was riding on a bicycle while brushing off the blood from his suit. “Oh, I am so bloody. This blood doesn’t come off easily.” “Hey…” The man on the bicycle turned his head towards the voice calling him. Of course, what Kim Han-bi faced was not a face with eyes, nose, and mouth, but a black plastic bag. ‘How did you get rid of the monsters? Did you know the monster would show up? Is the one you just used a skill? Why are you wearing a plastic bag?’ All kinds of questions lingered in her head, but there was only one question that came out from her mouth. “Who are you?” The man in the plastic bag answered Kim Han-bi’s question in a very refreshing way. “I’m an office worker.” “What?” “I’m just an ordinary office worker.”


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11 months ago

Creo hasta aquí llego, desde el cap anterior no se que le hizieron, pero el traductor no funciona así que no puedo leer 🙁

Reply to  Anderson
10 months ago


9 months ago

This was a fun chapter! However, I’d like to know: what is the update schedule for this?

I’m sorry if this comes across as impolite, but it has been two months without an update. Are the translations on hiatus, or has this novel been dropped?

A Worried Reader
A Worried Reader
8 months ago

Thank you for translating “I am Just an Ordinary Office Worker.” But I would like to know, is this translation on hiatus, or have you dropped this novel entirely? More than three months have passed without a single new chapter.

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