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I am just an ordinary office worker Chapter 14

Sorry for late update. Quite busy with life after college.


Sub quest.

Unlike the usual La Elta Quest, where you can choose the level of difficulty and level up when you clear it, it’s a kind of quest that doesn’t let the players level up even if they clear it. However, the players can get compensation without leveling up.
Weapons, items, even gaining stat if the player was lucky.

If a player has a good stat and ability, they can choose a higher level of difficulty in their next La Elta quest, so the sub-quest was just as important as the La Elta quest.

There are many players who only look for sub quests.

Of course, not everyone are fortunate to get a sub-quest.

Sub-quests can be received through NPCs, or residents of La Elta, but they cannot be given if the players and NPCs weren’t close

In terms of games, players have to build trust, reputation, and likeability to get it.

Like today.

Many payers were standing in front of the quest board, and until today, there was never a sub-quest given by the quest board.

It’s not just one or two players who received the notification, but it was collective quest for all players.
It was lik an event.

“Huh? It’s a new quest.”

“What’s this?”

“It’s like a quest you can do only in Veraford.”

“For now, I accept.”

“I accept it. Subquest without penalty is acceptable.”

Everyone started to flock to the quest board from as soon as they heard the rumor.
Jeong Ye-jun, who was standing at the end of the quest board, quickly accepted the quest and read the details before it was too late.

[SUB QUEST: Finding Sir Ian
Sir Ian returned to Veraford after a long journey.
Find Sir Ian, introduce yourself, and show him that you are interested in the Monster Trial.
If you are lucky, he might take you to the next Monster Trial.
Rewards: Muscle strength +2]

Muscular strength +2 was not a bad reward.
He couldn’t believe that the reward for just visiting someone and introducing themselves to him was this.
Furthermore, if they are lucky, he may lead them to a linked quest.

“If I meet Ian and increase my likability, can I get a connection request?”

“Who is Sir Ian? Has anyone heard who he is?”

“I don’t know.”

“That’s a very common name, isn’t it? How am I supposed to find him?”

“Who’s been on Are there any people with updates about it yet?”

“I’m sure someone knows something about it. I want to going to visit the website.”

“Hey, I haven’t met the conditions for my return yet.”

“Yeah, I’m going too.”

It was quite ridiculous to rush out on a portal, assuming that information on the quest about sir Ian may have already been released.
They overlooked that this was not a real game, but a reality, are they not going to look at it and solve it by thwmselves?

Some even went to break their La Elta quest immediately because they didn’t meet the conditions for their return yet.

For sure, they were thinking about looking for Ian when thwy’re done with their La Elta quest!

The name Ian. Jeong Ye-jun sure he have heard of it from somewhere.

Well, it was a common name, so he might have heard it somewhere.

But it was not like that, it seemed like he was forgetting something…

‘Perhaps, I read it in a book from the library?’

Jeong Ye-jun liked to read books.

From ordinary literature books to fantasy novels.

He read books without minding the genre.
Even after becoming a player, he spent a lot of time reading books that he couldn’t read back on Earth.

This was the reason why his level was very low, but his authority to read the information on was the same as the High ranker, this was due to discoveries he had made by reading books of La Elta and then posting it on the website.


“Welcome, Jun. What book are you going to read today?”

Entering Veraford’s only library, Mr. Follmer, the head of the library, welcomed him.

There were no other employees or librarians. This was not a big library.

‘Wait a minute. Come to think of it, Ian, he’s back in Veraford.’
Perhaps the residents of Veraford knew about him.

“Mr. Follmer, do you happen to know about Sir Ian?”

“Of course, I know. Do you know the biggest mansion here? The owner of the mansion is him.”

“What? The owner of that mansion is Sir Ian?”

That huge house is the house of a man named Ian.

Players didn’t see the owner coming out of the house, so most of them thought he was stuck in the bedroom because he was sick.

Then, in order to succeed in this sub-quest, can’t just go to the mansion and say hello?

“You won’t be able to meet him even if you visit. He has been away for decades.”

“No, I heard he is back.”

“What? Really?”

“Yeah, really. He’s back in Veraford. This information can’t be wrong.”

The information was from the system window, so it’s 100 percent certain.

Mr. Follmer’s reaction seems more intense than Jeong Ye-jun thought, was Sir Ian so influential?

The clue from the sub-quest was that he came back from a long journey.

“Jun. Can you do me a favor?”

“What is it?”

A quest.
This was definitely a sub-quest. He have to get it no matter what.

“If you’re looking for Sir Ian, can you bring back to me a story about his journey when you meet him?”

“His journey?”

“Yes, to the Monster Trial.”

Monster Trial.

It was mentioned in the quest window, but this sub-quest seems to have a lot to do with Monster Trial.

“I’m going to make a booklet out of his journey. Maybe the book will go down in history.”

“It would be great if his experience was made into a book.”

The story of his journey to the monster trial will go down in history?

That sounds unreasonable.
Mr. Follmer was not a braggart, but sometimes he exaggerates.

However, by saying such nice things, he could increase his favorability and increase his probability of receiving sub-quests.

Mr. Follmer replied with a grin.

“This is not the first time his achievements have been recorded in a book, so I don’t know if you’ll like it.”


“Do you want to read it?”

While he stood puzzled, Mr. Follmer found a book and handed it to him.

He opened the book unexpectedly.

What’s so interesting about him?


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I Am Just an Ordinary Office Worker

I Am Just an Ordinary Office Worker

The OP but ordinary office worker
Score 9.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
Class C player Kim Han-bi stood still and looked at the big monster in front of her. To be exact, she was looking at the wreckage of the shattered monster. “This… what the hell…” No way. In Korea. No, in the whole world. She have never seen a player who can break a big monster into pieces with just a fist. If one or two of such players existed, the monster’s population would be half of the current existing ones. Kim Han-bi turned her head toward the man who created this mess. The man, wearing a black plastic bag over his head, was riding on a bicycle while brushing off the blood from his suit. “Oh, I am so bloody. This blood doesn’t come off easily.” “Hey…” The man on the bicycle turned his head towards the voice calling him. Of course, what Kim Han-bi faced was not a face with eyes, nose, and mouth, but a black plastic bag. ‘How did you get rid of the monsters? Did you know the monster would show up? Is the one you just used a skill? Why are you wearing a plastic bag?’ All kinds of questions lingered in her head, but there was only one question that came out from her mouth. “Who are you?” The man in the plastic bag answered Kim Han-bi’s question in a very refreshing way. “I’m an office worker.” “What?” “I’m just an ordinary office worker.”


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11 months ago

The great Sir Ian is back! And you too.
Thank you for the chapter. : )

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