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Chapter 1- Prologue

TL: The title of this chapter is really ‘prologue.’

Regular every day update starts on Dec. 20. The time on which I update depends on my mood 🙂


Numerous people were lining up in front of the old convenience store with windows all broken.

There were quite a few items on display at the convenience store, but particularly, one wall was full of two liters of mineral water and rice bags.

It was a big trouble if a thief robbed it, but there was a “red line” in front of the convenience store.

And no one has crossed the “red line.”

In front of the convenience store, a middle-aged woman and a 10-year-old girl were holding hands.

They were mother and daughter who came here in the dawn and waited. The child jumped and shouted while looking inside the convenience store.

“Mom, mom, that’s real water. There are snacks too! There’s a lot to eat too.”

“Yeah… I see.”

From the appearance of the mother and daughter, it could not be said that they weren’t fairing well. Their clothes were dirty, and perhaps it had been a while since they washed up, seeing their hair tangled up and their messy faces.

As time went by, there were more people. Everyone’s expressions were similar.

At exactly 10 o’clock, a man in a military uniform from the convenience store came out with a loudspeaker and said.

“You all know the rules, right? I think you’ll be able to follow it. Then come on in.”

The two mother and daughter in the front carefully entered the convenience store.

The child let go of her mother’s hand and began to look inside the convenience store, while the mother was the first to pick up the two liter bottled water.

“How much is this water?”

The young man in a military uniform replied to the mother of the child anxiously asking.

“It cost 50,000 won.”

The child’s mother’s eyes got bigger.

“Really? Isn’t it too cheap? Just 50,000 won for that too?”

The man at the cashier smiled brightly.

“Yes! Of course, Madam.”

“Thank you. Thank you so much.”

Even though it was 50,000 won per bottle of water, the child’s mother bowed her head to thank him and chose another product.

Finally, the child’s mother chose five bottles of water, a bag of 10kg of rice, and ramen. The child’s mother put them all in the cart.

“I don’t have any bills, so I heard you’re going to take this, too. Is it okay?”

The child’s mother handed over a golden pig. In terms of market price, 5 million won ($500,000) was enough.

TL: 1000won is around $1

“Of course. This is enough.”

Even though the rip-off was clear in common sense, the child’s mother smiled brightly and said thank you repeatedly and tried to leave.

It was then.

“Wait a minute. This is a service only for customers who brought their children.”

The man handed a chocolate bar to the girl.

The girl was wondering if she should receive it or not, but when her mother nodded, she was relieved.

The man stroked the girl’s head and said.

“You have to listen to your mom.”


The girl answered bravely and the two mother and daughter disappeared.

When the mother and daughter went out, an old man with gray hair came in.

“Is this pork real? Is it okay?”

“It’s a pig that I caught yesterday and refrigerated. It’s cheap too. I’ll give it to you for only 500,000 won ($50,000) per serving.”

“Where did you get this?”

“It’s a trade secret, sir.”

It was a huge price, but people didn’t seem to think so.

The old man bought food with a bundle of 50,000 won ($5,000) money, gold rings, and diamond rings.

There was no end to people paying like that.

“Oh, my God, it’s really like the rumors. I really get to buy food. You’re an angel! An Angel!”

The convenience store, which had opened this morning, has closed around sunset. He sold out everything in the store.

The man returned to his accommodation with the money he earned today, gold and diamond rings in the huge backpack.

The man opened his bag in his accommodation and smiled broadly.

“How much did I earn today?”

The room was currently full of 50,000 won bills. There were also many golden rings and golden pigs. The diamond ring was also rolling around.

“I can’t even count them. At first glance, it seems to be over 3 billion won. ($300,000,000) Will it be more than 10 billion won ($1,000,000,000) if I add up the the money I have at home?”

The smile did not disappear from the man’s face.

“Hahaha, the easiest thing in the world is making money.”

The man got up from his seat, carried the bag on his back, and held the strap of the bag with both hands.

“What should I buy with this money? There is a small building. Should I buy that?”

The man beckoned in the air. Then a message appeared in front of him.

<Will you return to the real world? YES, NO>

When the message popped up, the man touched the back of his left hand. A strange tattoo on the back of his hand was shining.

“It was all because of this ring, right?”

At that time, he thought it was over, but it wasn’t. That was the real beginning of his life.

‘Come to think of it, I was at the convenience store that day. That jerk boss, I’m still mad at you…’

The man smirked as he drank the bottled water. It was because he always thought that his life would only revolved in the convenience store.

“Okay, should we quit working in the convenience store and go overuse this power?”

The man pressed the YES button.

At that moment, the man disappeared in the room and the world seemed to have stopped.

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