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“Explain it in detail.”

Raymond felt like he was having headache. As he frown, Alice slightly lowered her head.

“At the annual banquet, like always, the children from prestigious families made a hunting bet.”

“There was also the Skylar family and the Millennium family.”

“Yes. Young Master and Young Lady Beatrice participated even though they were young. At that time, Young Lady Beatrice was still at 1st circle wizard, and she was allowed to participate to have an experience like the young master…”

As she remembered that time, Alice frowned slightly and continued.

“If only normal monsters came out, there would have been no problem, but a group of Orcs suddenly appeared. Jerion, who was a 4th circle wizard at that time, could deal with the Orcs, but fighting while protecting the young master and Young lady Beatrice was a huge burden to him.”

“Oh… So, he was attacked by Orcs while protecting Beatrice and me until the end.”

“Fortunately, the Guards came in time and he didn’t lost his life, but he is still in coma. Even though he run out of mana, it’s a big problem fight against Orcs without using magic…”

This situation itself was ridiculous.

Raymond lied down on the bed, exhaling briefly.

He don’t know how far this incompetent jerk’s past was trying to ruin things he had planned. Knowing the backstory it was now impossible to exchange words with Beatrice, which he must brought to his side.

Really, if the true Raymond was in front of him, he would have beaten him like dust on a rainy day.

“This is driving me crazy.”

He messed up with his hair. He feels like the plan that he envisioned so far is ruined.

Alice approached and laid a towel under his head.

It was to make sure that his wet hair doesn’t wet his blankets yet.

“Are you interested in Young Lady Beatrice?”

What does this mean?

Am I interested? Of course, I’m interested.

Didn’t he plan to have this person in order to save his life?

However, Alice was thinking of another type of interest.

“Beatrice is a genius.”

“Young Lady is definitely a genius.”

“She have the talent that I don’t have.”


“I just need her talent, and nothing more.”

Raymond sat up in the bad as he casually.

Alice naturally came in front of him and dried his hair.

“You seem to be afraid.”


At Alice’s very sharp words, he couldn’t say anything.

To be honest, he was really afraid.

I’m scared. My fingertips are shaking.

The thought of not wanting to die kept floating in my head.

I had no choice but to be desperate to live, and I had no choice but to use my brain somehow.


With a sigh, Raymond checked that his hair was dry and lay down again.

“I’m going to eat breakfast at 10am tomorrow. Please get it ready by then.”

“You eat a little later than usual.”

He usually eat breakfast at 8:30 recently.

Because of the habit of always taking care of his health when he was an actor.

But now, Raymond thought he had to change his schedule slightly.

“I’m going to work out in the morning before I eat.”

“Okay. Then I’ll prepare a meal at 10am.”

“Thank you.”

Raymond said without thinking.

At that words, Alice was stunned.

She looked at him with a face full of doubt as if she had heard it wrong.

“I’m going to sleep, so you can leave.”

“Yes, thank you. Young master. See you tomorrow morning.”

There was a smile around Alice’s mouth as she stepped down saying so.


Exactly 7am.

It was the time Raymond opened his eyes.

If this was his original world, this time would be considered quite late but here it was still early.

Count Millennium always wakes up at 9 am, and everyone tends to move according to his schedule.

Perhaps their full-fledged morning starts at 8 o’clock.


Raymond yawned and changed his clothes.

As expected, it’s because it was still too early, so his eyes was stinging a little.

He wanted to lay and sleep again.

However, he somehow overcame it and went outside wearing his clothes for exercise.

Alice was standing by the door of his bedroom, waiting.

She is really diligent. Why was she waiting for him already?


“Yes, young master. You woke up early.”

“You also woke up earlier than usual. What happened?”

“I thought the young master will wake up at this time, so I was getting ready.”

He was a little embarrassed by her words.

Is she saying that it was just out of her senses?

Raymond looked at her for a moment and nodded once.

There’s no reason why he can’t talk about his training.

“Let’s go to the training field.”

“Yes, around 9 o’clock, the knights will use the 1st and 2nd training fields, so you can use the 3rd training field.”

Alice replied with her head down.

When she said he could go to the 3rd training field, he followed her.

Arriving at the training field, he started with jogging.

Raymond Millennium.

This guy didn’t look too fat to look at, but his whole body was filled with fat rather than muscles.

He was more like a typical skinny pig.

First of all, he had to burn the fat in his body and build muscles.

“Hoo, hoo.”

Soon after, his breath began to get rough.

This is evidence of how trash Raymond’s body is.

He clenched his teeth and ran.

In order not to think it was difficult, he deliberately thought differently.

‘I may not be able to attract Beatrice to my side anymore.’

It turned out that Beatrice didn’t just hate Raymond because he was an incompetent man.

But because he was the cause of her brother’s coma.

In the worst case scenario, he may have to give up having Beatrice.

“If only I can lead you towards me…”

The more she grows up, the better it was.

Hopefully, Beatrice doesn’t become his enemy.


He breathed heavily and wiped off the sweat pouring down like rain.

He didn’t stop. He was going to run until his limbs can’t move anymore.

‘Beatrice will eventually be helpful when the main character tries to break the kingdom apart later.’

Beatrice will eventually be helpful in a great way.

But all he need is someone who can protect him.

He might feel sorry but… If such a strong talent appear in front of the protagonist, he will not covet Raymond’s talent.

So, even if he face the main character, they could be sacrificed instead of him.

He need someone like that.

TL: I thought he wanted to have harem but he just want them to be sacrificed hahaha

“Among the people who confront the main character in the kingdom, the talented people are…”

There are two people depicted in the novel.

Beatrice and Selina.

“Should I aim for Selina?”

Selina Warlug.

If he failed to attract Beatrice, he will have to put her aside.

But the other won’t be that easy.

He still has a chance to often meet Beatrice as a member of the Magic Tower, but Selina was a completely different matter.

There was little point of contact with Selina, the Young Lady of the Kingdom’s best swordsman family, the Count Warlug’s family.

He will see them only a few times in a year, and it will be over just by saying hello once.

“Both are not easy.”

He slowed down and muttered.

The plan of roping Beatrice in his side was broken, so he couldn’t help but vent his frustration.

Sweat poured out like rain, and he felt like he was going to lose his breath.

Alice, who was watching Raymond from afar, approached.

“You went too far.”

She spoke with a worried face and held out a glass.

It was a little reddish water.

“I think it’ll be helpful if you drink it after exercising, so I made kuchi tea.”

“Thank you.”

Raymond don’t know what kuchi tea is, but he was thirsty, so he quickly took it and gulped it down.

While drinking it, Alice wiped off his sweat.

“The housekeeper is here to ask if you could eat together with you father… Should we get ready at 10 o’clock as planned? Or…”

“No, it’s fine. I’ll eat with my father.”


It was just the moment he thought it was time to meet Count Millennium.

“Yes, I see.”

Alice answered right away.


After finishing exercising, he washed himself.

Count Millennium was a father to Raymond, but that did not mean he should be taken lightly.

He should be polite in the table with his father.

He dressed up and strode away.

The door opened, and the people inside the dining room caught his eyes.

Count Millennium and Countess were here first.

As soon as he entered, he bowed his head slightly.

“I’m sorry. I’m late.”


Count Millennium’s eyebrows wriggled.

With a strange expression, he soon beckoned.

“Sit down”.


He answered briefly and sat down right away.

As soon as he sat down, the food was now being served.

Count Millennium looked at him with indifferent eyes, and Countess spoke first.

“I think you woke up early this morning. Did you not sleep?”

“I just woke up early to work out. Thank you for your concern. Countess.”

He smiled a little bit.

This was one of the things he had been pondering about over the past few days.

How should he call Countess Millennium?

The current Countess Millennium is not Raymond’s biological mother.

It’s hard to call her mother, but she’s not just a stranger, so he can’t just call her by name.

So what Raymond chose was using the title ‘Countess.’

“You’ve changed a lot.”

Count Millennium looked at him with strange eyes.

This wasn’t what Raymond usually looked like, and it was natural for him to sense his change as his father.

“So you quit being a jerk?”

Count Millennium asked him.

He turned his head and looked at him.

“I didn’t quit being a jerk.”


“I’m going to be a rational classy jerk.”

“That’s irony.”

As if it were absurd, Count Millennium shook his head.

His sharp eyes looked through Raymond’s whole body.

“Did you try to be a rational jerk by knocking down two family apprenticeship wizards?”

“Yes. Those who learned magic with the support of the family clearly ignored me. I needed to certify my position in their mind.”


Looking at his son, who had clearly changed, Count Millennium could not come to his senses immediately.

Eventually, he changed the subject without saying anything.

He turned his sight to the foods without paying attention to him.

Perhaps because there was the count, the contents of the table were more than usual.

While Raymond was thinking about what to eat first, he heard Count Millennium’s voice.

“I don’t care if you won’t attend the banquet this year. However, I would like you to deliver an invitation to the Warlug family.”

At that, a bell rang on his head. He was looking for other ways, but this is how opportunities came by.

“What did you just say?”

“If you don’t want me to give an invitation to Count Warlug…”

Count Millennium said, frowning in the middle of his forehead.

Once again, Raymond bowed his head hurriedly when he heard ‘Count Warlug’.

It was to hide a big smile.

“I’m leaving.”


“To deliver the invitation to the Warlug family. And… I’ll also attend the banquet.”

As expected, there must be at least a back up plan if the first one is completely screwed up.

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When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

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