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Superstar from age 0 Chapter 49

Seojun was playing stacking blocks alone until his mother came to pick him up. Hearing the sound of the door, he pricked his ears and jumped up from his seat.
The teacher, who was finishing the work, saw Seojun’s movements and asked.

“Why, Seojun?”

“I think my mom’s here!”

“Really? Shall we go out?”

He took the teacher’s hand and went outside, and like Seojun said, his mother really arrived.

The teacher, who thought it was just a child’s whining, was surprised and looked at Seojun, however, Seojun was already running towards his mother and hugged her.

“I’m sorry I got here late. I just got off work.”

“It’s all right. I still have some works here so Seojun just accompanied me.”

Seo Eun-hye handed a paper bag to the teacher. It was a snack that she bought at the airport.

“Eat this. There were a lot of delicious things at the airport.”

“Thank you. Thank you.”

“Seojun, you should say thank you too.”

“Thank you!”

“Well, we’ll be on our way.”

“Oh, wait a minute. Seojun’s mother.”

The teacher took out a handout from Seojun’s bag and showed it to Seo Eun-Hye. The colorful handout’s border was really like from a daycare center.

There were pictures of Santa Claus and Rudolph smiling brightly in red clothes.

* * *


Lee Min-Joon, who was putting the soy sauce marinated crab meat on Seojun’s plate, asked curiously.

Seo Eun-hye narrated the contents of the handout.

“On Christmas Eve, there would be a children’s Christmas party organized as a festival. There would be foods’ stalls and games, events, anything that entertains children.”

“That sounds fun. Seojun, do you want to go?”

Seojun, who was chewing on his soy sauce marinated crab and white rice, nodded.


“No, no. Wait. No. Seojun is—!”

Seo Eun-Chan, who came to barge on their dinner with soy sauce marinated crab and spicy marinated crab, opposed on letting Seojun attend the Christmas party

Lee Min-joon and his wife, who were diligently de-shelling the crab, were confused at Seo Eun-Chan sudden outburst. Seo Eun-chan slapped his forehead.

“Even though Seojun is still young, he’s still a celebrity, and don’t you know how famous Seojun is?”

Seo Eun-chan look at the eyes of Seo Eun-hye and Lee Min-Joon.

Seo Eun-hye shrugged her shoulders and replied.

“I know, during the first day Seojun went to kindergarten it was a mess. The teachers only opened their mouths and never used force. The parents were at a loss, and the kids cried whenever their parents held them back.”

Seo Eun-hye put down the crab shell and shook her head while recalling that scene. Seojun just nodded while still enjoying the crab meat that his dad de-shelled for him. It was his first time eating soy sauce marinated crab, and it was so delicious.

“His news internet are still up. There are over 6 million viewers. There was also news that Seojun would play William in the U.S., and now it’s a little quiet, but even after it died down, a few days later new news about him will appear again.”

“Do you want some spicy marinated crab?” Lee Min-Joon asked Seojun, never minding the serious topic.

Seojun nodded. What will the spicy marinated crab taste like?

Fortunately his Slime’s ability to digest, which had not been used for three days in order to make amulets, can be used again.

“But why are you letting Seojun attend the Christmas party?”

“It’s a little quiet now, doesn’t the Kindergarten teachers seem to have gotten used to it? It’s the same with other kids. Their parents would just say hello and leave.”

Seo Eun-chan drank water with frustration.

“That’s because they see him everyday. However, in the Christmas party I’m sure there would be some people who’ve never seen Seojun on real life. I mean, the same thing that happened on the first day of kindergarten, would happen on the Christmas party.”

While Lee Min-Joon and his wife’s face hardened in an instant, Seojun was happily eating the spicy crab meat.

Seo Eun-chan shook his head.

“No, it’s worse. It’s a children Christmas party so only kids as big as Seojun will come. Relatives will come, grandmothers and grandfather and grandfathers will come. Aren’t there going to be a lot of food stall? We did a lot of commercials. Then students come, college students come, and eventually it’s just a big Christmas Eve festival.”

Lee Min-Joon and his wife swallowed their saliva.

“Imagine you two and Seojun, in the middle of the crowd completely surrounded. Aren’t you like a mice in a snake den?”

Suddenly a scene flash by in their eyes, numerous snakes’ eyes looking at them fiercely and long tongues fluttering. They stood there, in front of those snakes, like a family of mice hugging each other amidst white fangs.

Seojun quietly put down his spoon as that scene came to his mind and said,

“…I’m not going.”

“Dad agrees.”

“Mommy too.”

Lee Min-Joon and his wife raised their hands.

Seojun recalled a zombie movie that he watched few days ago. Once a human appeared, he would be persecuted by countless of zombies.

If an accident would occurred if he, who had already become famous, went to such a festival without any countermeasures. He was sure that scene would happen.

‘Aren’t I the one who needs the Fireflies deflecting bad luck?’

Seojun thought about drawing an amulet for himself.

Seo Eun-hye sighed.

“Then Seojun can’t go to the Christmas party anymore, right? That’s too bad. I thought we could make a lot of memories and take pictures there.”

“Should I wear a mask?”

“Since it’s winter, wouldn’t it be possible to cover yourself with a hat and a scarf?”

Still, the couple discussed some measures in order to attend as it was a pity in not going.

Seo Eun-chan coughed in vain.

“So I have a good suggestion…….”

“I thought you bought soy sauce marinated crab and spicy marinated crab because of your conscience, but it was actually a bribe.”

“How come you don’t change your tricks?”

“You’re really…”

Looking at Seojun and his parents, who nodded as if they had already expected it, Seo Eun-Chan laughed embarrassingly.

“My kids will be doing a music live TV broadcasts on Christmas Eve. Why don’t you come out as a guest there? Special Appearance!”

“With the older brothers?”

“Yes, with the Brown Black. You can sing or just come out and say hello. You can’t dance because your dance is still stiff.”


Seojun was lost in thought. Seo Eun-chan smiled softly and convinced Seojun.

“You’ve never filmed a live TV broadcast, have you? This is a nationwide live broadcast on television. So there would be a lot of audience.”

“I’ll do it!”

Live TV broadcast with Seojun!

Seo Eun-chan shouted for joy inside.

Brown Black really wanted to interact with Seojun and the PD of the Live TV Broadcast expected Seojun to come, now, all the pressures on his shoulders are now lifted.

“Do you want to sing or just say hello?”

“I want to sing!”

Everyone nods at Seojun’s words.

Seo Eun-chan, who suggested him to sing suddenly thought. ‘Did Seojun ever sing?’


The next day.

Seojun held Seo Eun-chan’s hand as they headed to Cocoa Entertainment.

Seojun looked at the three-story building. This is Brown Black’s agency, the agency of the current too idol group? Seojun frowned.



That was right. It’s already been 5 years since Brown Black debuted. It was too small for an idol company that topped the list for five years.

Seojun tried to think positively. It could be a three-story building. It’ll be fine inside the building, just outside.

However, contrary to Seojun’s expectations, the first floor of the building was a restaurant and the second floor was a Taekwondo academy.

One! Two! shouts rang the stairs. Seojun’s expression got worse.

Cocoa Entertainment was using only the third floor. No, what is it? What’s wrong? Seojun’s eyes shook.

Seo Eun-chan sighed inside.

‘I shouldn’t judge by the appearance alone.…’

Seojun carefully opened his mouth while looking at the front door of Cocoa Entertainment.

“Uncle, do you get paid properly?”

“Yeah, I am being paid out well.”

“How are you getting paid?”

“I’m getting it as per the contract.”

Was it an illusion that the word “contract” sounded particularly loud?

Seo Eun-chan, who finally breathed out a sigh when asked by Seojun, opened his mouth.

“Seojun, do you remember hearing that our company is going to have a new idol group?”

“Yeah. Ye-joon said he’d have a junior, and he was really happy.”

Was it two or three years ago? Hwang Ye-joon phone called him with a very excited face. Seojun listened for a while and then hung up because his ears hurt.

“We invested a lot in that idol group, but it didn’t take long before it was cancelled.”

There was also a scandal of the two members out of five of the new group.

The fact was revealed and the president quickly disbanded.

That time, a song that one of the members claimed to be a self-composed song was plagiarized.

When they were about to shoot a music video, release a song, and perform, suspicions of plagiarism emerged.

It was a song by an unknown indie group from abroad, which became known to Korea as it became popular on YouTube.

Because of that, they disbanded before debuting.

Since then, the president and staff have been reluctant to create a new idol group.

Seo Eun-chan was dissatisfied with that. The investment had to be continued. They couldn’t keep holding on Brown Black.

“It’s like this because I keep spending the money I’ve earned, and I don’t have any extra money.”

“Where do you guys practice?”

“There’s a practice room here too, they have been using it before debut too. However, the facilities are not good for you, so I’ve prepared a place close with the money I’ve earned.”

Seo Eun-Chan shook his head.

He was lamenting at the company’s situation.

“Well, why are we here?”

Seojun asked.

Wouldn’t it be better to go there if there was a separate place to practice?

“To get the camera. The camera that we used when we practice is broken. I need to buy one, and the parcel is on the office.”

“Do you want me to post what I’m practicing on YouTube?”

“Yes. If you post it now, it would surprise and like a snippet. Can you?”

Seojun nodded. A new video was uploaded on the channel [JUN].



“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you in person!”

“You are now huge.”

In a clean practice room inside a 10-story building, there was Brown Black.

Seojun ran them and hugged Kevin, who raised him high up.

Seojun laughed and the other members lifted Seojun one by one.

After a lively greeting, everyone got to the point.

“What song do you like, Seojun?”

“Do you want Seojun to sing a calm song?”

“I’m sure fast songs are hard.”

While listening to Brown Black’s songs on YouTube, Seojun and Brown Black continued to search.

Eventually, theyr found a song from their second mini album. It was ‘TODAY.’

“It’s quiet and nice to listen to on Christmas.”

“The lyrics aren’t that difficult either.”

“Then shall we start practicing?”

Lead vocalist Park Seo-jin taught Seojun each song. Seojun also sang along.

“You should be faster here.”


“You have to pronounce the lyrics more accurately.”

Seojun sang as Park Seo-jin said. He sang while following the music.

“Did I do well?”

Park Seo-jin’s eyes wavered as he looked at Seojun’s expectant eyes.


When Seojun turned his head, Uncle Chan was crouching and shaking in the corner of the practice room.

Looking around, the other brothers were the same. Everyone covered their mouths, but their eyes were laughing.


Seojun’s eyes narrowed.


First, Seo Eun-chan burst into laughter. And one after another, Brown Black began to burst into laughter. Seojun stamped his feet with a bright red face.

“Don’t laugh, uncle! This is because it’s my first time!”

“Ah ha. I have to show it to my sister!”

“Yes, Seojun. It’s because it’s your first time. If you practice, you’ll be fine. Stop laughing too!”

Park Seo-jin comforted Seojun diligently, however, the laughing around him made him want to laugh too.

Seojun’s eyes stood sharply as he looked at his uncle and brothers, who were still giggling even though they tried to hold back their laughter.

‘I’m going to be a superstar. Singing? What can’t I do?’

“Seo-jin brother , turn on the music.”

Seojun said with a face full of spirit.

There’s still a week left until Christmas Eve’s live broadcast.

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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1 year ago

Aww, so is he going to be an…antihero or he was out?
It’s nice to see he’s not always invincible tho

Thanks for the chapter! 🍀

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