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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 61

As a result, from Sung-Hyun’s point of view, there were many questions he wanted to ask.

“But it’s very commendable compared to the fact that I thought you’d beg for your life. All right, I’ll give you an answer.”

“You know, what do you think of a human being…….”

“It’s natural that the dungeons are attacking your humans. It’s like an innate instinct. In fact, it’s no different if you’re a mafia-like us. I’m also pretty much holding back my impulses right now.” The vampire lord Izuna said with a relaxed look

It didn’t look like that at all on the outside, but there was an urge to twist Sung-Hyun’s neck and suck fresh blood right away.

However, she was trying to suppress her instinct in front of an interesting game she hadn’t encountered in a long time.

“If it’s a conversation, there should be something that comes and goes, right? Now answer my question. When did the dungeon’s door open?”

“If it’s the entrance to the dungeon… It hasn’t been long since it opened.”

“Hmm, that’s why you haven’t felt it yet. So where did the other hunters go and you show up alone? You haven’t reached this place yet.”

‘What’s this, man? You know about the Hunters?’

Surprised, Sung-Hyun was speechless for a moment.

The hunter she was talking about was referring to the hunters no matter how hard she looked.

Talking about the gate of the dungeon, it seemed to be clear about the outside world and the dungeon.


Then, a sound came from the shadow hanging in the room.

One by one, there were suddenly signs that were not felt at all until a while ago.

“…what is it?”

“Are you already impatient? I’m sorry. My minions can’t stand the smell of humans. It’s almost time to eat.”

Izuna rolled up the corners of her mouth.

That’s it for playing tricks on a brilliant prey.

“If the hunters don’t come to meet me, this body will go. I’ll get rid of you first, and I’ll get my men out to your world.”

“What? Where are you going?”

I don’t know anything else, but I can’t see it.

However, even before Sung-Hyun said anything, a group of vampires appeared in the shadows.


Dozens of vampires kneeling on both sides of her

Izuna, who leaned on the throne, gave them arrogant orders.

“Kill it.”


Vampires who revealed their fangs rushed to Sung-Hyun in unison.

A sharp nail and blade aimed at him, and Sung-Hyun hurriedly lifted the sword and stepped back.

As he had faced before, vampires were quite strong.

No matter how good Sung-Hyun was, he couldn’t handle it if this number rushed at once.

“You’re on it, too.”


His shadow fluctuated greatly, and more than a hundred iron-clad spiders rose in unison.

Vampires and iron-armored spiders intertwined and a fierce battle broke out.

Sung-Hyun cut off the neck of a vampire while the summons bought him time.

“You use quite an unusual force.”

Izuna, who saw such Sung-Hyun, responded as if she was having fun.

“Somehow I told you that you stepped into my castle without bringing another hunter, and you are not an ordinary human.”

Izuna was able to recognize at a glance that his “shadow monarch” trait was not an ordinary ability.

It was only then that she lifted herself from the throne.

“Then I’ll take care of it myself.”

The shape of the vampire lord Isna disappeared.

Her rapid approach to the situation was not good


Two iron-armored spiders rushed in to protect Sunghyun, but Izuna crushed them with her bare hands.

Coming up in an instant, she was right in front of him.

‘Oh, my…!’

Sung-Hyun hurriedly lifted the sword and took a defensive posture.

With the blade he wielded to the side, Sung-Hyun seemed to have managed to stop the attack.

At that very moment, he was kicked away by Isna’s kick.


Sung-Hyun, who was beaten, fell out and was stuck in the wall.

Sung-Hyun, who touched the floor with the falling debris.


He threw up about of blood.

The blow just now was no joke.

Thanks to the application of the title of the strong ruler, the whole body was throbbed even though it was a 10 percent reduction in damage.

‘Jesus, I think I know why Zagos is not a field boss.’

I could know for sure with this one-shot.

Izuna was very strong as if he didn’t take the title of “field boss” and “Vampire Lord” with a ball.

She was stronger than the guild leader of the artist he faced recently.

She seemed to be at least the boss of the B-level dungeon.

In other words, to deal with one of her, several attackers made up of B-class hunters had to stick together.

“You can’t make a mess out of that little thing. I’ll finish it right away.”

Izuna didn’t miss the gap and came right up.

It was to end Sung-Hyun while his movement was slowed down by being beaten.

However, Sung-Hyun immediately summoned Zagoth, the king of bones.


Zagoth, who swung her retreat and blocked her.

Izuna took a quick step back at the appearance of the interrupter.

“I can’t believe he’s listening to human commands….?”

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