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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 59

The quest, which had been given to subdue the vampire, was cleared and the reward was spat out.

However, there was a real reason why Sunghyun paid attention to this quest.

[Successfully completed the mission and satisfied the conditions!]

[Linked quests will be invoked!]

[As the master of the gray earth, bring down the lord of the vampires who reigns in the citadel of Jinhong.]

[Reward: Obtain a large number of experience points and 100 mana stats]

‘Hey, this is…?’

Sung-Hyun’s eyes opened wide.

The contents and rewards of the shocking quest.

‘You’re giving me 100 stats?’

It was hard to tell exactly how much the word “large amount of experience” was, but the figure of the mana stand 100 next to it exceeded expectations.

It hasn’t been long since each of Sung-Hyun’s stats, which is currently 67 levels, exceeded 100.

I can’t believe you added 100 to that.

It was a quest that had to be solved somehow without missing it.


After turning off the status window, Sung-Hyun immediately turned to the fallen one.

It was time to make a price that saved his life on purpose.

“There’s one more reason. Now let’s talk a little bit.”

“Do you think I’ll… open my mouth?”

The vampire struggled to raise his head and replied.

He certainly did not seem to say a word of torture.

However, having this much communication and high intelligence means that it can be shaken.

The attachment to life must be much stronger than the monsters with the instinct in their minds are full of instinct.

“Torture is not my cup of tea. Don’t do that and let’s finish it neatly on both sides. I can’t get anything from killing you anyway.”

“That kind of nonsense…….”

“It’s not nonsense. I’m not here to fight with you guys, just answer a few questions and I’ll send you back. Of course, you don’t have to answer the questions that are too difficult. I’ll give you a complete choice.”

Sung-Hyun started to seduce.

The expected response came back.

“What? How can I believe that?”

“I keep my promises. Besides, as long as you’re caught by me, it’s whether you’re going to die or not. You gave me another option to choose from.”

Having said everything, Sung-Hyun stepped back with his arms crossed.

It was to wait for the opponent’s answer.


He was firm-willed until just now but was attracted to hearing that he could refuse sensitive questions.

If you make an unreasonable demand, just shut up anyway.

If all the important questions can be avoided, it would be much better to keep this human uninvited guest alive and let his people know.

If it goes into their lord’s ears, he will tear this kind of man to pieces.

“Okay, I’ll tell you.”

“Good thought.”

“But don’t try to flatter yourself. Now that you’ve stepped into our land, you’re as good as dead.”

“Yes, I understand. Give me a proper answer.”

Despite his threat, Sung-Hyun only smiled.

First of all, before going to the main point, he asked a question.

“You’re gathered in the castle of Jinhong, aren’t you?”

“How can you……!”

“You better not think I don’t know anything. Unless you want to lose your voice while talking nonsense.”

Sung-Hyun said to the startled vampire.

To be honest, I only picked this up from the status window.

However, he started by hinting that he had prior information, not knowing anything.

Thanks to him, he won’t be able to tell lies recklessly.

“Where is your citadel?”

“The northern tip of this land. I can’t give you more details than that.”


Sung-Hyun nodded as if he knew the truth.

It was also the direction that the Goblin Reconnaissance Group, which could not return to the end of the gray land, headed for the northern part of the land.

I think they were beaten by vampires.

“I didn’t know there was a monster in the dungeon that was as intelligent as yours, but who are you?”

“Who are you? What would you describe yourself?”

“Answer me if you understand me properly.”

Sung-Hyun stopped talking nonsense about him.

Then the vampire, who frowned for a moment, continued.

“To distinguish us from the lower classes, we are often called demons.”

“The demons… Do you think it’s just you?”

“Okay. Not only us, but several demons exist in this dungeon.”

His words made Sung-Hyun look serious.

Since the first dungeon on Earth, no other dungeons have shown any kind of Demon race.

It was a word that had no concept at all.

He already knew that the dungeon in the basement was unusual, but he didn’t expect it to be this shocking.

“Then about the other demons…….”

“I don’t know.”

The man stopped talking and shut his mouth.

‘I don’t know if you really don’t know or pretend you don’t know, but I didn’t think you’d answer easily.’

“Well, okay, let’s move on. You just bit me on the neck when we were fighting. Is it infectious?


“So… I’m not going to be a vampire either.”

“If that happens, it’s not an infection, it’s a blessing. Do you think it makes sense for a race to change if you bite your neck in the first place?”

Perhaps he doesn’t know about the vampire story here, but fortunately, he got a ridiculous response.

Being bitten by a zombie in a dungeon didn’t make you a zombie, so it was somewhat expected.

Then next.

“How many vampires are there in the citadel?”

“You think I’m gonna tell you something like that?”

I asked a few explicit questions, and the vampire answered right away.

Clearly, the sharp sticking out of the fangs was different from humans.

“What about your monarch?”

“How dare you…! You’re not the kind of person I would dare to put on my mouth!”

Now he’s even angry and staring at Sunghyun.

He is quite energetic even though he was beaten as much as he could.

“That’s all I can hear right now.”

I still wanted to ask a lot of questions, but I think this was the limit.

Based on his criteria for choosing questions, he seemed to give only answers that were no longer meaningful.

“If you don’t have any more questions, let me go. You’re not going to break your promise.”

“Sorry. I don’t really keep my promise.”

“What? That’s……!”


Sung-Hyun’s sword was stuck in the vampire’s neck.

The man, who struggled for a while with a look of resentment, died with his whole body drooping.

“I can’t let you talk about me for nothing. But I’ll give you a chance to live again later.”

Sung-Hyun, who was scratching his cheek, got up from his seat.

If he had really let go, all the vampires in the gray land would have noticed his existence.

Of course, the work will be twice as difficult.

‘And from what I’ve just heard, it’s not very satisfactory.’

There were still many questions left.

I’m going to meet their chief to hear more about the story.

“I don’t think he’s going to talk to a human being just by looking at him, but… If the conversation doesn’t work, it’ll be enough to listen as a subordinate.’

A group of monsters with an intellectual level equal to humans.

They were just the ones that Sung-Hyun needed.

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