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Based on the information he obtained, Sung-Hyun headed to the northern end of the gray land.

The citadel was built on the cliff of the mountain.

“Is that the citadel of Jinhong? You can see it from a distance.”

Sung-Hyun, who raised his head, muttered while pausing for a while.

It was a very colorful and elaborate building.

He didn’t think the monsters built it.

In fact, such artificial buildings were often found in Dungeon.

Like a huge temple, The ruins of the fallen city, etc.

There were many mysterious parts in many ways why there were unidentified buildings in the dungeon where there were only monsters.

However, thanks to the presence of the demons facing Sunghyun, such questions might be explained to some extent.

Monsters, who have been handed over from a different dimension than the Earth.

If such intelligent “demons” existed across the street, it would be natural for large structures to mix.

However, it was questionable why the Maas had never been found before and finally appeared.

‘That’s it. We’re gonna have to figure it out step by step.’

Sung-Hyun, who pulled out a sword, approached the citadel with as many kills as possible.

Through the dense fog that sank through the bare trees.

Strangely quiet surroundings.

No vampires were guarding the citadel.

Sung-Hyun, who passed the bridge to the gate, stopped for a while.

“Well… I don’t think it’s worth it.”

There was red mana in the big gate.

He tried my best just in case, but it didn’t budge.

It was more than just thick and heavy, but it seemed to be protected by something.

‘Oh, we can ride that.’

Then, Sung-Hyun found a small window with a side opening.

It was not immediately visible in the thick fog, but once found it, it was clearly visible.

It may be hard to cross the entire high wall, but it was only a little away from the side, so I could cross it without a problem because it was not far away.


Sung-Hyun, who jumped over the wall and threw himself through the wall.

Entering the interior, he faced the antique hallway decorated with red carpets and furniture.

They were definitely monsters of noble taste.

‘But there aren’t many people who live for the size of the castle.’

He looked around, but there were no vampires.

There was nothing good about meeting him already, so Sung-Hyun immediately walked away.

If there’s a boss, it’s probably the center of the castle.

He passed through the large corridors and entered the main hall of the castle.

The statues lined up on both sides.

There were more than a hundred of them, at an estimate, and it created an eerie atmosphere with dim lights.

‘It’s normal to have encountered a few already, but it’s too quiet. You’re sleeping in a coffin because it’s daytime.’

Sung-hyun thought of the vampires he saw in the movie.

He thought about taking garlic or crosses according to the standard, but it couldn’t have worked against monsters.

After passing through the main hall, Sung-Hyun stood in front of a large door at the end.

I’ll go in!

Sung-Hyun opened the door in the center and entered a large room.

It was a room where colorful decorations were long on both sides, centering on the throne as if it were really that of the monarch.

“Did you come to me?”

At that time, a clear voice was heard toward Sung-Hyun.

The figure of a person sitting on the throne.

She was an amazingly beautiful woman with red eyes, white skin, and long silver hair.

However, Sung-Hyun could immediately notice that she was not a human.

“…did you already know I was here? Are you the Lord of the Vampires?”


Vampire Lord Isna, the master of the citadel of Jinhong and the master of the gray land.

With a short answer, she still looked down at him with her legs crossed over her throne.

‘The field boss in the gray land seems certain……. Not like the bosses I’ve ever seen.’

The atmosphere and energy felt were different.

Besides, she was the only one in the empty room.

Seeing that he knew there was an intruder but faced it this way, she seems to have considerable confidence in her skills.

“Thanks for showing up right away. I wanted to ask you a lot.”

Sung-Hyun said with a big smile.

It was quite impressive to see that she was a monster in the dungeon, but did not immediately rush in with a roaring sound.

The fact that there was room for a conversation like this alone was a big difference between ordinary monsters and demons.

“There’s a lot you want to ask me. I don’t really feel like having a conversation. How dare a human being step into my citadel.”

Izuna clicked her head and said.

She did not hide her displeasure at the defilement of her chalice by human footsteps.

But she soon shook her head slightly and continued with a curious look.

“No, but it’s been a long time since we had this conversation. Tell me about it, servant.”

Sneaking her chin, she spoke as if she were using a good heart.

She looked down at him with an arrogant look, obviously looking down at him.

I didn’t expect monsters to ignore me like this.

From minions to bosses, they were overflowing with pride in many ways.

“I’d like to ask you why Dungeon’s monsters are attacking humans. Including you.”

“Well, are you curious about that? It’s kind of out of the blue.” She tilted her head and said.

The existence of monsters with human-level intelligence was unconventional in itself.

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