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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 58

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Sung-Hyun ran through the rough forest.

He was chasing an unidentified existence along the direction in which the arrow was visible.

“I don’t know what it is, but there’s a quest. They also said that it will lead to a linked quest. It’s not normal.’

He was reluctant to see what was watching him, and he couldn’t miss this guy who had a quest.

He had to catch him.

‘But thanks to the quest marker, I won’t miss it.’

Although his appearance disappeared early on, Sung-Hyun was able to follow after him without having to find a trace.

This is because the quest marker pointed out the direction from the front.

Sung-Hyun chased him as fast as he could so that the quest marker would not disappear due to the distance.

I can see it!

The shape of the person in front of me.

Sung-Hyun kicked his foot hard and approached him, and he was able to catch his back completely.

However, Sung-Hyun stopped short because of his opponent’s completely unexpected appearance.

‘…What is it?’

The embarrassed Sung-Hyun made eye contact with the man who turned around.

He was neither a zombie nor a giant.

Although there is a classification of human-type monsters, there has never been a monster that looks like a complete human being.

However, the other guy looked the same as a human being.

‘Hunter from outside……? No, that’s impossible.’

There were a lot of goblins guarding the entrance.

If someone came in from outside, they couldn’t have noticed.

Perhaps it was a monster with the characteristics of a transformation family.

Monsters who change their appearance after their relative’s appearance appeared very rarely.

“I thought you’d been left out, but did you follow?”

At that moment, the man opened his mouth.

Sung-Hyun was surprised by the guy who spoke.

“What… weren’t you a monster?”

“Monsters? Don’t be bound on the same line as the lower species.”

The opponent frowned, not hiding his displeasure.

“What the hell are you if you’re not a monster?”

“I don’t have a hobby that explains everything to my prey. I can’t believe you followed me without fear. I’ll take care of it myself here.”


A blazing ball of fire broke out from his hand.

‘Eh, magic…’?’

A ball of fire flew to Sunghyun, who was embarrassed.

Feeling the heat, Sung-Hyun rolled on the floor and went out of range.


Feeling the heat, Sung-Hyun rolled on the floor and went out of range.


Shards fell with a loud explosion.

But it was not the end.


The man with the sword pulled out aimed at Sung-Hyun’s neck, and Sung-Hyun hurriedly blocked the sword and exchanged shots with him.

‘Who the hell are you?’

A proper sword technique as if it had been polished for a long time

Even looking closely at the sword he wielded, it was a weapon made of rare metal, not ordinary iron.

A situation in which the hands of each other are tied while the sword is struck.

Suddenly, a man with his mouth wide open revealed his teeth and bit Sung-Hyun’s shoulder.

[You’re in an abnormal state of ‘vampire’!]

[Life is escaping at a rapid pace!]

Oh, my God!

It was only for a short time that he felt dizzy because of the strong teeth that tore my muscles.

I was chilling at the sensation of the blood being sucked all over my body.


Feeling threatened, Sung-Hyun hurriedly kicked him and shook off.

Sunghyun, who breathed out a harsh breath, frowned and looked at the man.

“Was it a vampire?”


The vampire who savors Sun-Hyun’s blood with lips.

Sung-Hyun was embarrassed to see such a man.

“Vampire… I’ve never seen such a monster before.’

There were several monsters with vampire characteristics.

But all of them were ugly monsters.

Like him, a monster species called “Vampires” with high intelligence in human form has never appeared anywhere in the world.

It didn’t make sense to be a monster who could talk like this in the first place.

“I don’t know what happened, but… i’ll have to catch you somehow and hear the details.”

Sung-Hyun grabbed the sword.

There were many things to hear from him because of the questions that began to rise in his head.

“Are you sure you’ll catch me…….”

“I’ll catch you.”


Sung-Hyun quickly approached him and swung the sword.

The vampire, who was embarrassed at the moment, managed to get a sword but could see that the atmosphere had changed completely from a while ago.

“What the hell is this…!”

“You didn’t see me fight before, did you?”

A person who uses proper weapons and swordsmanship.

Sung-Hyun was quite embarrassed because it was his first time dealing with a monster with reason.

But now it was after he concluded that he had to somehow capture the vampire.

Even if he was quite strong, he was not boss-class, and Sung-Hyun had risen further as he defeated Zagoth.

Even without his summons, a regular monster was enough for him to handle.


Sung-Hyun blew off his sword in one go and grabbed him by the collar and slammed him into the floor.

Maybe that wasn’t enough, but he’s trying to get his arm straight off his feet.

However, Sung-Hyun punched him several times while laying him down.

The vampire, who became a miserable-looking man, was stuck and drooped on the floor.


[Quest completed!]

[You have earned additional stats and experience points as a reward!

[Increases the Agility stat by 15!]

[Level up!]

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