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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 57

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“Sweep it all up.”


Sung-Hyun entered the cemetery through the main gate.

When his order was given, a huge group of monsters poured out of the shadows.

Goblin, zombies, iron-arm spiders.

There was a huge number of skeletons in the cemetery, but Sung-Hyun hit the front and cut them all.

“Let’s speed up a little bit.”


This time, Oleg, who appeared in the shadow of Sunghyun, rushed fiercely and blew them away.

Monsters in the cemetery helplessly pierced by the advent of the boss.

I tried desperately to stop them, but it didn’t work.

It was too much to cause significant damage to Oleg, who had the regenerative characteristics of skeleton warrior attacks.

The front-blocking skeleton crowd was just an experience for Oleg.


It was a bonus for the team to be intimidated by the boss’ momentum and pressure.

On the contrary, Sung-Hyun’s legion was even more energetic and frightening.

Thanks to this, Seonghyeon was able to reach the center of the cemetery through a quick path.

“Here you go.”

Sung-Hyun, who reached the center of the cemetery, caught the sword again.

A monster of giants sitting on a large seat as if he had been waiting.

Zagoth, the king of bones, was a skeleton boss monster.

‘That’s him.’

The owner of the most widespread skeleton warriors in the second field.

He must be the field boss here in the gray land.

Goo, goo, goo, goo

Zagoth, who shone with a green soul, raised himself by spouting his eyes.

He’s armed with heavy armor and steel.

Like a boss monster, he was completely different from ordinary monsters.


Zagoth opened his mouth and roared.

Then the doors of the stone coffins lined up on both sides fell off with a thud.

Skeleton in the sarcophagus.

A skeleton article, a monster at least in the C rank range, showed several people over 30.

“Hmm… Skull Knight.”

Seeing them, Sung-Hyun fell in thought for a moment.

Sung-Hyun’s minions, who broke through the road to this point, we’re dealing with the skeletons in the cemetery to prevent them from interrupting the fight.

Then we need a little different power.

“You should be good enough.”


The shadows unfolded and Hobgoblins appeared on both sides of Sung-Hyun.

It was the same number as the skeleton article.

“Get rid of it.”


The battle of side monsters started.

In the meantime, Sung-Hyun trudged toward Zagoth.

Originally, the skeleton knights, who had to protect Zagoth, were stuck fighting with Hobgoblin.

Even if it’s the same level, it’s different from the boss.

Due to the difference in basic characteristics and specifications, Hobgoblin had stronger power than a Goblin.

Then, the shape of Zagoth disappeared momentarily.

Zagoth appeared from behind Sunghyun’s back in a blink of an eye.



Sung-Hyun, who threw himself, barely avoided his attack.

The bloody floor was horribly smashed.

‘What? It was a little dangerous just now.’

Sung-Hyun, who took a step back, corrected the sword.

It was momentary, but even he couldn’t follow Zagoth’s movements with his eyes.

Unlike what it looked like, it moved quite fast.

That can’t be the normal speed, but it must have something to do with the characteristics he has.


He’s slipping again.

In addition to his green eye glaze, the flutter seemed to be an optical illusion.

As he was wary, Sung-Hyun moved his body, predicting his movements in advance.

A retreat that passes by in front of one’s face.

‘This guy’s gonna take a lot of time to get to this.’

It’s a very demanding pattern of boss monsters.

To deal with him alone, he needed time to get used to his attack method and analyze it enough to set the timing for the counterattack.

‘Of course, that’s when I’m dealing with it alone.’


Niadra, who appeared in the shadow, spat out a spider’s web.

Perhaps not expecting the sudden appearance of the monster, Zagos was hit and his whole body was wrapped around in a tough web.

When tied to a spider’s web, the movement has slowed significantly to see if it can’t use the same ability as it did just now.


Before he knew it, Geard, who was occupying the back of Zagoth, shot down the club.

A large club struck against the tied man, and a series of shock waves erupted.


Zagoth, who fell to his knees while reeling, let out an angry roar.

But the anger didn’t change anything.

Before he could stand up again, the acidic fluid that Niadra spat out melted Zagoth’s armor and bones.

‘Right now!’

Sung-Hyun, who ran, swung the sword as hard as he could and cut his neck.

Otherwise, his sword’s power was added to his weakened defense.

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

Zagoth fell with a thud.

With eight times the pleasant experience, Sung-Hyun extended his shadow to make him his fourth subordinate.

King of bones, Zagoth.

[Grade – Leader]

[Level – 54]

[The pressure of the boss], [the spirit of the specter].

“Well, uh….”

Zagoth was revived as Sung-Hyun’s minion.

The one who woke up with the cut neck attached and the shadow around him.

[All of Zagoth’s men accept your shadow!]

Shadows spread again from Zagoth, and all skeleton warriors in the cemetery came under the control of the Holy Spirit.

However, Sung-Hyun’s spirit was somewhere else for a while.

“What, what… is he the leader, not the monarch?”

Surprised, Sung-Hyun looked at the message window.

As clearly written in the status window, he was a boss-level summon.

In other words, Zagoth was not a field boss in the gray land.

He froze for a moment in front of an unexpected variable.

‘So who the hell is the field boss in the gray land?’


Then, he felt a strange sign next to him.

A fine trace felt through the small bushes in the cemetery

However, as soon as Seonghyeon’s head returned there, the traces of existence in the bushes disappeared.

As he approached the forest belatedly, he could find traces of something that had already left.

“What’s he doing just now? It was moving so fast.’

If he had embroidered Zagos in the cemetery, he would have accepted his shadow.

Even if it was another monster, it was common to attack him instinctively as long as you saw him as a human.

However, he hid in the bushes and watched the fight, and disappeared.

“Monsters do this? I don’t think I felt it wrong either.’

Sung-Hyun’s head turned around in a strange feeling.

‘More than anything, it’s a common monster. It looked like a person’s shape.’

Just when I had some questions.

A message flashed before Sung-Hyun’s eyes.

[An unexpected quest has occurred!]

[An unknown entity has witnessed you. Keep track of your goals so they don’t know about you.]

[On successful success, linked quests are invoked with rewards.]

[Quest markers are generated for the goal.]

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