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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 56

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Every Goblin showed a strong lead over the skull warriors and pressed them.

The level of the Geard has risen and grown together, as well as being promoted, it has become easy to deal with D-rank monsters.

In addition, it was thanks to the results of the recent training.

It was a remarkable change in the days of being an F rank-class monster against probationary hunters.

“Is it over?”

Sung-Hyun stood in front of the neatly organized battlefield.

Boss-class men were cleaning up monsters elsewhere, and they were able to handle them lightly without any problems.

This was enough troops because they did not come to catch Field Boss Monster in the first place, but to get a mining area.

‘I don’t think there’s a dungeon in the mine like before.’

Inside, Sung-Hyun looked around.

Inside the mine, there was no monster.

However, it was not properly developed, so it seemed necessary to develop it through artificial touches.

Still, considering its size, the reserves looked quite large.

“Good. Excellent.”

Sung-Hyun, who looked enough inside, nodded.

It was a great pleasure to secure a rare metal mine.

Although it was not as large as an iron mine secured from the Goblin forest, this was great considering the scarcity of metals.

‘Well, it’s hard to get the Rare Metal for making Goblin’s weapon right now.’

The time it takes to develop and produce a mine.

In addition, the method of smelting rare metal was much more difficult than the iron of a typical dungeon.

Goblins will also need considerable research to smelt this metal.

In other words, it takes time for the full-scale supply of weapons.

‘Maybe I’ll get you some professional books later. I hope you can understand.’

Still, acquiring these resources was more than expected.

It was expensive, so I could sell it when I needed money.

“However, even if the supply is carried out without a problem, there is only one thing that is disappointing.”’

One thing that Sung-Hyun is sad about.

Even if you learn how to smelt, magic, one of the biggest advantages of rare metal, can be difficult.

To give magic to a weapon, it must go through an enchanting process, and an awakened person skilled in mana operation and alchemy had to use his hands together.

Even if intelligence has increased through promotion, Goblins were born an outsider in terms of magic and alchemy.

It is impossible to expect such talent.

‘Still, it will be much better than being armed with regular iron weapons, but I can’t help it. The biggest advantage of rare metal is that it killing.’

If Goblin were to carry weapons, it literally needed a huge amount of supplies.

Not to mention the cost, he couldn’t even get help from an outside craftsman to avoid unnecessary gaze.

‘Well, do you have any monsters that could be spellbound?’

Sung-Hyun is lost in thought.

But he shook his head.

It was too much to think about.

It took a tricky process to give magic to weapons, and it required skills and knowledge, which was virtually too much for less intelligent monsters.

A job that requires a level of intelligence that is almost the same as a person.

“Surely… it would be convenient to have such intelligent minions, but the problem is that there are no monsters that are that intelligent.”’

With a big appetite, Sung-Hyun came out of the mine again.

Monsters’ intelligence and tendencies vary widely, but intelligent monsters that are close to humans have never appeared.

That’s too much to hope for.


“What, you’re here?”

While Sung-Hyun is looking around the mine.

The Goblins, who had been entrusted with the reconnaissance mission, were all back.

Several teams had not yet returned, but most of them seemed to have returned safely.

“Kick, kick!

“Hmm… did you?”

Sung-Hyun liked the goblins even more after their successful mission.

He listened to all the information gathered.

Around the lake, west of the field, there are places where rare herbs such as Nightshaders and Unroot grow.

Both are high-quality materials used in alchemy.

They were plants that grew up absorbing the energy of the dead, and since the land overflowed with the undead, they seemed to live in large quantities because they were easy to grow.

According to another reconnaissance group, there is also a Lunstone cave not far away.

It is not only a lucrative resource but also a material that was required in bulk for Geard’s promotion quest.

There is a possibility that it will be useful in the future, so it was better to secure all of them.

‘We’ve almost got a rough idea of geography… There will be no problem moving forward.’

Thanks to the Goblin Scouts, Sung-Hyun was able to know the geography of the gray land.

But what’s unfortunate is that there is no information about the field boss.

Kick! Kick!


At that time, there was a patrol team that arrived late.

Two Goblin stood in front of Sung-Hyun, tattered

It must have been a rough journey, but overall, it looks one of them died.

Even considering the group of three people, one could not be seen as if he had fallen behind.

“What happened?”


The two Goblin began to explain their information to Sung-Hyun by mixing gestures.

A huge cemetery is located in the heart of the gray earth.

It is said that there is a skeleton-like field boss.

“The graveyard in the heart of… You did a great job. Good job.”

Nodding his head, Sung-Hyun patted the head of the two Goblin who returned.

He thought he would know even if he didn’t hear about the other one who couldn’t come back.

“Then let’s go right away. Get ready, everyone ready.”

Information about other places had just been obtained, but it was obvious if he was the first place to head.

There were at least more than 10,000 skeletons in the gray ground.

It could have been a great help, and after catching the field boss, it will be much easier to take control of the gray ground.

More than anything, I have to avenge Goblin who fell into his hands.

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