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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 55

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“Hoo, we’re finally here.”

Sung-Hyun climbed to the top of a high mountain.

Standing on the rock, he could see clearly around.



Loud noises were coming from below.

Geard and another boss-class summons of Seonghyeon were wandering around and hunting monsters in the mountains.

They’re raising their levels to get rid of the mountain.

Skeleton warriors couldn’t have been able to handle boss-class monsters with higher levels.

“Niadra, you’re having a good time.’

Some people enjoy gourmet food.

It would help boost power for his summoners because it was a faster-growing area in the forest.

Sung-Hyun, who turned to the side again, looked closely at the gray land that was overlooked.

“I expected it, but it’s also very spacious here.”

The size looks bigger than the first field, Goblin Forest.

However, it did not mean that it was so wide that no end could be seen from this high position.

Beyond the gray land, another landscape was seen.

But it’s a size that can be handled.

‘The system says this is the second field. Then there’s at least one monster here that rules the field.’

Geard, the ruler of the first field.

A field boss in the same position as him will exist here.

‘While I was coming here, I saw a lot of other monsters, but the most I saw were also skeleton warriors. Then it’s most likely a skeleton field boss. If you knock him down, things will be much simpler.’

Just as he took control of Goblin forest quickly after defeating the Geard.

‘If I take down the second field of the boss and take monsters as my minions, it won’t take long to take control of the gray land either.’

Of course, it will take some time to find a field boss in this vast and unfamiliar land.

‘When I was looking for Geard, I took a lot of time. But things have changed in many ways since then.’

Previously, Sung-Hyun went around the forest and on his feet to find the boss.

But it didn’t have to be now.

Unlike when he was bare, thousands of monsters were lurking under him now.

Let’s go!

About 200 goblins escaped from the shadows.

Goblin appeared to replace the role of the scouts.

“We’re going to form a team of three. The purpose is to explore the gray areas down there. Avoid unnecessary friction with monsters. If you find anything, come back quietly and report it. All right, everybody can do it, right?”



Goblins answered Sung-Hyun’s instructions at the same time.

Then they formed a group and divided the area to scout.

In the past, Sunghyun should have stepped up to form a group for each of them, but now he does it on his own without having to.

‘I’m glad I left it up to the Goblins.’

Sung-Hyun looked at Goblins as if he were proud of them.

Zombies with relatively slow movements or iron-armored spiders that are not suitable for hiding quietly were excluded from the candidate list early on.

Above all, the reconnaissance mission was not as easy as it sounds.

They must avoid monsters everywhere while finding their way and remembering their geography.

As such, patience, judgment, and intelligence were very important.

Goblin’s intelligence has increased through the promotion of Geard, allowing them to carry out these complicated missions.


“Yes, be careful.”

Sung-Hyun waved to Goblins, who were going down the mountain vigorously.

The Goblins, who formed groups, went down the mountain one after another and scattered all over the area.

“Well, you don’t have to go sightseeing anywhere.”

Sung-Hyun, who sat on the top, muttered.

He thought the new field was only gloomy, but seeing it from a high place, it was more elegant than he thought.

Since becoming Hunter, the eyes have improved, and the movements of monsters in the open area were vague.

Below, the summons were hunting hard and raising their level, and Sung-Hyun took a sandwich out of the inventory and roughly ate it.

They were looking for information without any confusion in their movements.

Less than an hour later, there was a group of goblin who came to Seong-Hyun, who was resting so comfortably.

“You’re ahead of schedule. What are you looking for?”


The front Goblin handed him a small rock he had brought.

“Hey, this is…?”

A glossy red-colored ore.

Surprised, Sung-Hyun opened his eyes wide.

“Where did you find this?”

“Kick, kick!

Goblin pointed in one direction and said.

It was discovered not too far from here, as the reconnaissance team returned shortly.

“No, I didn’t expect to find rare metal here.

Sung-Hyun looked down at the ore in his hand.

The rare metal used only as a material for Hunter weapons.

It was very durable and was a valuable resource that could be given mana after several processes.

Thanks to this, weapons made of rare metal were not even touched by low-grade hunters.

‘It’ll take a long time to find the exact location of the field boss anyway. Then while the scouts are looking for the boss, I’ll go around with some flags.’

Sung-Hyun turned his head to Goblins.

There was no need to delay in finding these resources.

“Guide me. Let’s go right away.”

A weapon that even hunters can’t use.

Let’s give it to Goblins.

A group of hundreds of Skeleton warriors hovering in front of a mine.

The number was so large that one might think it was the entrance to the dungeon.

However, a lot of Goblin attacked them with a raid on them.


Skeleton warriors fought back with their weapons raised.

It may be embarrassing to see a sudden attack by a group of Goblins who do not even exist nearby, but since it is undead, they were responding without emotion.


But nothing changed whether they were agitated or not.


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