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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 54

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Sung-hyun stood at the end of the forest.

A desolate land spread out in front of the cut-off wooden pillars.

As soon as the forest was over, it was hard to believe that it was in the same dungeon in a completely changed environment.

Sung-hyun was not surprised because he visited the end of the forest several times to take a look.

However, he has not gone further than this.

Therefore, he had no idea what was lurking beyond this.

“No matter how big a dungeon is, the ecosystem has rarely changed this much.”

The environment did not change naturally, but the clear boundary between the two lands was felt.

A sudden change in the environment in the dungeon.

But Sung-hyun was not afraid of this.

‘There’s more reason to look beyond.’

Although there have been many variables that are difficult to predict, it could have been a better opportunity from a different perspective.

It is natural for more diverse monsters and resources to emerge from various environments.

Before departing, Sung-hyun checked the supplies he had in his inventoryed.

‘Cause I won’t be home for a while anyway. I don’t even know how far this land is connected, but I can’t starve to death.’

After checking the food and supplies in his inventory, Sung-hyun nodded once and turned off the screen.

I’m well prepared.

“It bothers me that I’m getting a little farther from home, but… I’ll have to live with that.’

Sung-hyun stepped out of the forest and crossed the earth.

Let’s take a tropical step on the hard ground.

Messages appeared with familiar system notifications.

[Entered the second field, ‘Gray Land’!]

[You have acquired the title ‘Founders’.]

[Reduces all accumulated physical fatigue by 25%.]

“Ha, bonus from the start. That’s not bad.”

That’s not an ordinary effect either.

It was a very useful title for all situations, not to mention a long battle, but also until the adventures began as they are now.

He didn’t know that the title would give this kind of effect, but the more he thought about it, the better it was.

‘So you’re saying the field’s name is gray land anyway? It does look good on you.’

When he first entered the dungeon, he didn’t say much, but this time, it was a system message that kindly gave him his name.

And what is more meaningful than anything else in this message is that the gray ground he entered was written as the “second field.”

If it is enough to be a public statement in the system, it may not be all that has changed just the environment.

‘You’d better get up there and look at the terrain.’

Sung-hyun, who was walking on rough-textured land, approached the high mountain that he had seen since earlier.

Since he didn’t know the surrounding area, he thought he’d have to look down from a high place to understand the whole thing.

Sung-hyun, who approached the mountain like that, climbed a slope among the thin trees.


Then, the undead monsters hiding in the mountains began to wake up.

Skull monsters popping up from the floor.

Skeleton? No, it’s a little different.

Sung-hyun, who stepped back, looked closely at them.

The undead monster with only white bones was there, but it was completely different from the bare skeleton he faced in the underground parking lot of the mart.

‘He’s a skeleton warrior with the right equipment. Monster of minimum D rank  Dungeon.’

Weapons, pitches, shields.

Skeleton in full gear.

They were monsters named Skeleton Warriors, which were quite high-quality for the Skeleton family.

“It’s so gloomy from what it looks like, but this is the second field.”

Skeleton warriors surrounding Sung-hyun snapped up.

The number of monsters who looked to be in dozens.

He could even hear the sound from afar, but could feel the signs of skeleton approaching this way everywhere.

However, Sung-hyun took out his weapon with a relaxed expression.


Sunghyun with a sword pulled out smoothly.

He cut off the neck of the rushing skeleton warrior.

The bones of the shattered skeleton scattered on the floor with a crackling sound.

Clap! Clapping!

Maybe they felt the power of the Sunghyun, but the Skeleton Warriors were shielded and reckless.

He lifted his flag and started running from all sides at the same time.

‘It’s no use doing that.’

However, Sung-hyun made fun of his body by cutting down on those who were rushing.

In addition to his own strength, Sung-hyun, who has the highest level of prestigious swords, was able to separate skeleton warriors from their shields and pitches.

They showed quite agile movements, so they were better when compared with the normal skeletons he had dealt with before, and they came to poke a hole in Sung-hyun.

Nevertheless, Sung-hyun did not allow a single attack against himself.

For Sung-hyun, who has become stronger by raising the level, only a group of skeleton warriors could easily take a picture and press it.

“Hoo, there’s a lot coming.”

It was Sung-hyun who killed dozens of skeleton warriors.

But after hearing the noise, monsters appeared everywhere.

A group of skeleton warriors wandering aimlessly around the mountain were flocking toward Seonghyeon.

‘I like it, but.’


[Level up!]

[Level up!]

Sung-hyun relentlessly smashed the crowded skeleton.

Compared to Goblin and wolves, the level of experience was higher than that of previous forest monsters, except for the degree of iron-armoured spiders.

In addition, there were a lot of numbers coming in, so the speed of accumulating experience has become more resilient.

Thanks to his eight-fold experience, Sung-hyun, who went on to hunt, was able to climb to the middle of the mountain only after achieving 62 levels.



Monsters who smelled him came rushing to see if the mountain was full of undead.

This time, not only skeleton but also zombie and whites were mixed.

First of all, the overall level of monsters was definitely higher here.

‘It would be nice to keep fighting like this, but… Still, I should be careful not to run out of energy in this unknown land.’

Sung-hyun extended a long shadow behind his back.

Giant monsters that appeared in the dark.

When the boss monsters, who emit their unique sense of intimidation, stood in front of him, the monsters who were rushing in instinctively faltered.

“Let’s share some exp.”

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