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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 53

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However, as you can see now, these two guilds were the only ones left.

“The problem is that it’s not a fly like others, but… Ha-ha-ha, if you’re going to challenge us head-on, we’re gonna smash you.”

Kang Il-hoon woke up after clearing his seat.

No matter who he was dealing with, he was not in a position to feel nervous.

‘Anyway… it’s too much to see you for a while.’

Kang Il-hoon shook his head and left.

He was worried about whether it would be okay after going through such a thing, but meeting Sung-Hyun had to be pushed back a little because of the situation.

But his worries were overshadowed.

Sung-Hyun was doing much better than he expected.


The Goblin Forest, located inside the dungeon, was ringing loudly today.

Starting with wolves, various monsters in the forest died.

Three boss monsters walking all over the forest.

Geard, Niadra, and Oleg were moving separately and raising their levels by hunting day and night.

They are chasing after Seonghyeon, who had a wide gap due to a violent strike in the mine.

All bosses have already exceeded 50 levels.

Geard, who was only 20 levels when he was first knocked down, was already much stronger, achieving 51 levels.

Of course, in the meantime, Sunghyun also achieved 59 levels by hunting.

While the outside was noisy, Sung-Hyun devoted himself to hunting with a comfortable mind and was able to grow without any disturbance.

And there was something that changed more than anything.

Geard’s status window has evolved as he completed his promotion.

[Goblin chief “Geard” (B)]

[Level – 51]

[Grade – Monarch]

[Boss’ pressure] [Shock wave] [Strong skin]

New characteristics have emerged, and at the same time, weaknesses against poison have disappeared.

In addition, the overall movement, sense, and all the stats in combat were upgraded.

However, this was only a small part of the changes that promotions brought about.

The Summons’s promotion system given by the system has made a surprising change beyond what Sung-Hyun thought vaguely.

“I’m here.”



“There’s nothing to eat. Go away.”

Sung-hyun came back to Goblins after a hunt.

As soon as he saw him, he sent back some goblin running out of his socks.

‘They’re undead, but they’re rather gluttonous.’

Goblin used the skin or bones of monsters that were difficult to process and useless to humans.

Thus, the bodies of the monster, including wolves, were often ordered to take their minions or brought directly to the village.

However, Goblins got drunk on such by-products and grilled them without leaving any meat.

Because it was undead, there was no need to eat and it seemed to feel full or delicious.

‘It’s getting bigger day by day. I feel like I’m getting faster.’

He looked around the village where Sung-Hyun was closely lined up and thought.

The defeated soldiers were all collected by Geard, and there were Goblins, which were added every day at the Regen location, so it was bigger than before.

Even the Goblins in the center were not everything.

Hundreds of zombies under Oleg settled south of the forest.

Niadra and her minions also moved to a large cave west of the forest, making it difficult for Goblins to continue occupying the mine where they worked.

If this continues, the entire Goblin forest will soon be filled with his minions.

“Well, everybody’s doing great.”

Sung-Hyun paused in front of the training ground.

Numerous Goblins gathered and were engaged in combat training.

Unlike before, when there was a poor straw scarecrow, it looked much more colorful and organized.



Most noticeable of all was the Hobgoblins standing in front of them and guiding the training of other Goblins.

Goblins did their best without Sung-Hyun’s intervention.

Previously, basic training in handling weapons could not be followed properly, but now it is possible to conduct group training by assuming a group exhibition.

‘I’m glad I managed to get the promotion quest done somehow. I never thought it would work this much.….’

Although little has changed in appearance, Goblins have become stronger through this promotion.

It has become much stronger by overcoming the limitations of the species that Goblin, a low-level monster, had.

However, only a small fraction of them have become stronger.

Through Geard’s promotion, intelligence has jumped to the next level even in Goblin, his minions.

Previously, it was just a good-for-all monster, but now it’s much smarter than that.

This change was immediately apparent by looking at the weapons in Goblin’s hands.

‘I never thought even the smelting of weapons would be possible. I was really surprised.’

Sung-Hyun laughed in vain.

Unlike Goblin’s level, which has risen sharply recently, the weapons held were crude.

However, this promotion completely changed.

The Goblin’s weapon has changed dramatically.

Although not comparable to human technology, the Goblin produced weapons by building their own blacksmiths.

It is now possible to smelt and cast metal properly.

Otherwise, as the Goblins became stronger and more productive, they quickly changed their weapons systems.

‘Not too long ago, I found some wood that I could use, which made it even faster.’

Even if the wood in the dungeon was used, there were separate useful and profitable trees.

Not long ago, we discovered a dense array of woody varieties in the north of the forest.

Sung-Hyun immediately sent Goblins to produce wood through logging, which was also used for construction and weapons production.

It was not yet the level of Hunter’s weapons made by awakening artisans, but this was a huge change.

If the resources of dungeons could be processed to this extent thanks to their heightened intelligence, the possibility of future development was endless.

While Goblins are making a new civilization.

The time was approaching for Sung-Hyun to take another step.

‘Everything goes smoothly. However, there has been a section. It’s time to move on to the next level.’

Despite eight times the experience, the time has come when rapid growth has become impossible with Goblin Forest monsters.

“Is it time to move?”

Sung-Hyun’s eyes, who turned his head, turned outward.

Beyond the Goblin Forest where he was active.

It was time to get out of the forest and move on to the next area.

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