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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 39

Middle school students who don’t know each other are giggling and talking.

For male students of that age, the Hunter World was a yearning object, especially the S-class Hunters standing at the top of the world.

However, there was no way that ordinary people who picked up the news by licking up the watermelon could have known the internal situation properly.

Perhaps because of that, there was a man who was very upset with the students who were talking.

“What’s your personality like…What are you saying to the craziest guy in town?

Sung-Hyun frowned.

It wasn’t always good to have a bright ear.

“The image-making of the Cheongseong people… Han In-ho, if you have a conscience, you should raise the PR team’s salary.’

Sung-Hyun was so annoyed that he was dumbfounded that he pushed his step further.

“Whoa, let’s just get off the hook and do my job.”

Sung-Hyun is walking on the street with his bare body.

This time, even though he was heading to his destination quite far from his house, he did not drag his car out and used walking and public transportation.

It was to reduce the risk of being followed.

‘The black market. I didn’t think I’d ever come to a place like this myself.’

Sung-Hyun is located in a back alley in Seoul.

It was not very far from the city center on the street, but the atmosphere was quite different from the usual streets.

There is a black market where all kinds of goods are traded to avoid regulations or taxes.

There were almost only hunters and industry officials when it came and went.

In the first place, it was a place where ordinary people did not even know its existence.

‘I don’t have this much of a seller who has to clean the source of the goods.’

Sung-Hyun secretly went into the bathroom of a dark building.

Then I opened the inventory window and took out the mask.


Sung-Hyun looked down at the bone mask.

It looked almost the same as what Geard was using.

Of course, the size difference was obvious, but it was obviously made in the same way.

“You made me a monarch, and I was wondering where to use it. There’s a place to use.”


Sung-Hyun wore a Goblin bone mask on his face.

‘Is the design also unique?…? You’re not getting any more attention, are you?’

Looking in the mirror, Sung-Hyun looked around his face.

As Goblin poured all their heart into it, it was well-made, but it was far from a normal mask.

‘Well, it doesn’t matter here. It’s a black market anyway.’

Sung-Hyun came out of the building.

When he came out to the black market street in earnest, those wearing masks were going back and forth on the street.

Rather, it was common to wear your own masks here.

Due to the nature of those who gather in such places, it was impossible to be happy to reveal their identity, so this culture naturally settled down.

‘Usually, if you let your guard down on a black market like this, you’ll see all sorts of dirty things, but  fortunately, I have a reliable partner.’

Where there is a reliable group in the back alley where all kinds of tricks are rampant.

Sung-Hyun went down the basement stairs of a remote building and went inside.

Knock knock!

When he opened the rough iron door, he could see many people coming and going.

It was an underground facility managed by the Heukryeon Guild, a group that controls nearly 60 percent of the black market distribution network across Seoul.

This entrance is just one of many entrances.

At first glance, it was a huge facility.

“I’ve never been here in person before. Impressive. “

It didn’t feel like a market bottom like other black markets.

Under the systematic system, considerable logistics were coming and going, and transactions were active.

At this level, the resources of Sung-Hyun, who will be dug up from the dungeon, will be easily digested.

‘But that’s when things went as I planned.’

It was his iron ore right now, so he could sell it as much as he could.

However, considering the type and quantity of resources that Sung-Hyun will extract from the dungeon in the future, it was difficult to make a general deal.

Even if it is a thorough confession, there is a limit to dealing with ordinary employees.

If an individual continued to make a strangely large deal, useless rumors could have circulated or drawn unnecessary attention, and it was difficult to immediately digest the deal.

“There’s no way we’re going to get along, so we’re going to have to meet the guy near the head.”

Sung-Hyun didn’t even see anywhere else.

He headed straight to the base of the Heukryeon Guild in the heart of the underground facility.

An employee of the Heukryeon Guild approached Sung-Hyun, who entered the big door.

“What brings you here?”

“I want to make a deal with Heukryeon directly.”

“Oh, let’s talk to me. I’ll show you around.”

“Do I have to talk to you?”


The embarrassed employee hesitated for a moment.

“No, it’s not necessarily.….”

“Then I’d like to talk to that guild member over there.”

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A Dungeon Beneath My House Let Me Gain 800% EXP

A Dungeon Beneath My House Let Me Gain 800% EXP

Beneath my house lies a dungeon that let me gain 800% EXP, I can gain 800% more EXP on the dungeon beneath my house
Score 6.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
A dungeon suddenly appeared in the basement of my house. A super-large dungeon of SSS+ rating that was never shown in history.


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Thanks for the chapter.

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