A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 37

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Although the Goblins are much stronger than before under Sung-hyun, the individual’s personal strength itself has yet to be pushed by the iron-arm spider.

Now, Goblin’s offensive capability makes it difficult to deal with iron-armoured spiders alone.



However, the battle actually went the other way.

The Goblins summoned by Sung-hyun were clearly superior in numbers, so they slowly began to overwhelm the iron-clad spiders by pushing them away.

Unless there is a big difference in skills enough to make up for the inferiority in numbers, there is no business in quantity.

On top of that, it wasn’t just his subordinates who had the upper hand.

Due to the cooperation between Gaerd and Seonghyeon from both sides, Niadra eventually collapsed.

[You have defeated the Ironclad spider queen, Niadra!]


When Niadra collapsed with blood pouring out, the cloud of dust rose.

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

“Hua, she was a pretty hard nut to crack. Of course, that’s how much it is.”

A stronger enemy becomes a stronger flood of exp.

Standing in front of the fallen body of Niadra, Sung-hyun stretched out his arms to invoke the characteristics of the shadow monarch.

A dark shadow that stretched out slowly encroached on his body.


Broken armor and wounds all over the body were filled.

Niadra, who gained a second life with the shadow, stood before the new lord.

[“Niadra, the queen of iron-clad spiders.”]

[Grade – Leader]

[Level – 40]

[Boss’ pressure] [Strict crust] [Acid corrosion]


The loud cry of Niadra.

Then all the iron-armoured spiders, which had been intertwined with the Goblin, stopped moving.

[All the children of Niadra accept your shadow.]

With this, Sung-hyun succeeded in getting his hands on everything in the abandoned mine.

Shadows spread to all the iron-clad spiders inside the waste mine.

Not only those who were still alive, but also the bodies that had already fallen dead in Seonghyeon’s hands, stood up in shadows.

A group of iron-clad spiders that look hundreds in numbers.

Even Niadra’s eggs in the nest, which have not yet hatched, were all the men who would be Sunghyun’s servants.



[“Niadra, the queen of iron-clad spiders.”]

[Grade – Leader]

[Level – 40]

[Boss’ pressure] [Strict crust] [Acid corrosion]


Sung-hyun looked closely at Niadra’s status window.

This is the second time he has taken the boss monster into his hands.

However, there were several differences from the case of Gead.

The biggest difference is that the summoner’s rating is not “the monarch,” but “the head of the head.”

‘Apparently, it’s a notch lower than the monarch. But the power itself was stronger on the niadra side.’

It wasn’t just him.

Niadra didn’t even have a grade on the back of her name.

In the case of Geard, there was a clear difference from the one marked C-rank.

‘Oh, are you talking about potential? It’s understandable if it’s a potential rating rather than a strength right now.’

The thought that flashed through head caught Sung-hyun’s eye.

“Niadra’s like a mid-boss monster. I guess the rank and promotion system behind the name only has the monarch level.’

In this basement dungeon, it seemed to pass monarch-grade standards in the system only when it was ruled as a field boss.

In fact, this waste mine was as big as a dungeon, but its presence was blurred because it was in such a huge dungeon.

If it was a medium-sized dungeon of an ordinary D-rank, Niadra here would have been treated as a final boss-class monster.

“Anyway… then the quest has been cleared. It’s about time you came out.”


[Quest completed!]

[Eliminate the Iron-arm spider queen, Niadra, to receive the quest reward.]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]


[Strength stat increases by 10!]

[Agility stat increases by 10!]

‘I feel good whenever I hear this sound.’

Sung-hyun’s mouth went up.

The performance of the sound that comes from the overlapping level-up and variously.

They were great rewards for the sound of the series.

[Name – Lee Sung-hyun]

[Level – 55]

[Key Capabilities]

Strength: 108 Agility: 96 Health: 91 Mana: 83


‘It’s 55 levels at the top of 30 levels 30. It’s only in half a day that’s incredible.’

Including hunting, quests, and boss lads, he has gained a tremendous amount of experience in this waste mine attack.

It quickly rose to 55 levels and earned an additional 20 stats.

Thanks to this, the force(strength) stat has already surpassed 100 and has become a three-digit unit.

“Okay, let’s revive this abandoned mine.”

It was time to work now.

Of course, not me, but the unemployed undead who were playing in the village.

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