A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP

A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 36

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It was Niadra who tried to lure the intruder to his nest, but she couldn’t stand it and ran out.

“Yeah, it’s always weird for us to visit. Sometimes the bosses have to come to meet you.”

Sung-hyun smiled.

He was so blatantly energetic that I thought he would come out if he was standing outside.

And the idea was the answer.

Just avoiding the battlefield he wanted has already eaten more than half from the start.


He’s taking a step closer with an unusual energy.

The feeling of the approaching Nyadra was not terrifying.

All the spiders in this waste mine are cubs from Niadra’s eggs.

However, She saw the bodies of the children who were brutally slaughtered in a mess under the feet of humans.


Niadra was out of control and roared through the cave.

She’s rushed towards him.

Sung-Hyun quickly threw himself and avoided the blow.


Niadra, who blew down one of the pillars of the cave, immediately shook off the debris and hummed.

It was already a half-out of reason.

‘You’re very angry.’

Niadra ran towards him again.

Sung-Hyun stepped aside and gave her a shot in the ribs.


Sung–hyun’s sword was stuck as he pierced Niadra’s ironclad armor

With the title of the giant hunter, bug-hater, and spider slayer, Sung-Hyun was able to inflict an additional 30 percent of the damage.

In addition, the power of his sword was added, which could cause significant damage to her.


But she was a boss monster.

Even if some of the attacks went into power, they were not good enough to die.


Niadra shook the cave with tremendous power.

It was a loud fight about where the habits of iron-clad spiders come from.

“But it’s not just about fighting ignorant. It’s much faster than I thought. You’re definitely D-Rank’s boss monster?’

Niadra’s movements were more agile than expected.

The webs scattered throughout the complex and tightly constructed terrain helped Niadra move.

Thanks to this, he was able to move quickly against her size and weight.

He didn’t fight in her nest, but it was this much.

It would have been more difficult to deal with if he had fought in her complete home ground.

‘It keeps getting stuck.’

Sung-Hyun used a sword to cut away webs that kept getting tangled.

At that moment, however, Niadra’s mouth opened wide and acidic fluid was spat out.



Sung-Hyun hurriedly escaped, but the ground was corroded by the acidic fluid she spat out.

Sung-Hyun swallowed dry saliva on the ground that melted violently.

‘If I get hit once, I can’t even tell if my bones would survive.’

The acid solution alone is not the end, but he even vomited a sticky spider net from her mouth.

I was troubled by the scattering of acidic fluids and wes all over the place while running wild.

Niadra rushed through the wall behind her in an instant.

After barely avoiding him, Sung-Hyun rolled down the floor once.

‘It’s so loud, it’s breaking. But thanks to that… I can get back at her.’

These spaces that Niadra destroyed.

Due to the complex geographical features of the abandoned mine, it was difficult to fight properly even if the geard’s were forced to be called because there were many obstacles and space was small.

However, the walls and columns that got in the way were destroyed by Niadra, so that’s not going to happen anymore.

Let’s go!

“Come on out.”

In the extended black shadow, Goblin’s king Geard appeared.

Geard interrupted Niadra, who was already rushing toward Seonghyeon.


Geard hit her right on the head.

When the club was directly plugged in, shock waves burst around.

The intense shock not only staggered Niadra but also delivered the shock into the hard iron armor.

There is definitely damage.



The two boss monsters intertwined and fought hard.

Niadra bit Geard’s arm strongly and the blood burst out, but Geard held on well and swung the club.

As Geard is also a boss monster, his physical strength to attack was different from that of ordinary monsters.

‘I’m going to help you at this point……!

TL note :- I dont know about niadra’s gender, I assumed to be her only on the fact that it was a spider and feminine name, might be referred by male pronouns in the future.

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