A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP

A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 33 I

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It’s Geard who gets mad at him for what he sees.

It is said that the entrance was too narrow for him to enter.

“Well, it’s too big for you to get in here. Then why did you bring me here?”


When asked by Sung-hyun, Geard continued.

According to rumors circulating among Goblin in the past, valuable items are piled up inside.

Of course, the other Goblins were scared, and Geard couldn’t enter, so he couldn’t check it out, but it must not have been a reason for some reason.

It was worth checking out.

“and I’ll get you this information… I’m proud of you.”

With a smirk, Sung-hyun tapped Geard.

 A monster who brings information inside a dungeon.

If you were an undead summon of a typical Necromancer, you would not have had a proper conversation with only a woor sound, but this was certainly good.

The merit given by an intelligent summon was considerable.

“Okay, then I can go in and check it out.”

I was curious about the identity of the rumor, and it was never common to have a mine like this in the dungeon.

After thinking about it for a while, Sung-hyun decided to go inside.

“Then you’re here waiting.”


The nodding Geard kept in front of the entrance of the mine.

As it was impossible to enter together due to the narrow entrance, Sung-hyun opened the old door alone and entered.


In a dark and gloomy space.

Sung-hyun captured his surroundings in his eyes.

‘It’s a lot bigger than you’ve ever seen out there.’

Abandoned mines crumbling in places.

There were spider webs everywhere, and it was a place that seemed to have been abandoned for a long time.

The narrow entrance and passage alone did not seem wide at all, but it was wider, deeper, and more complex than expected.

‘You can’t go in without thinking. Some kind of Hunters are going to be lost. Oh, wait, this is…….’

When he stepped inside, Sung-hyun paused.

It was because of a hard rock just kicked in his foot.

‘No, this isn’t a rock.’

Sung-hyun knelt down and lifted the object.

‘Iron ore…!

It was iron ore, not stone, that caught his feet.

However, it was not an ordinary iron ore.

‘There’s no way there’s an iron in the dungeon.’

A  world where completely different laws apply.

Iron from second dimension, a different material, used not only in the making of Hunter’s equipment but also in many parts of real life.

It was a highly compatible material that was incomparably superior to Earth’s iron.

‘It must have been a closed iron mine.’

Sung-hyun looked around with his eyes shining.

Iron ore was a relatively frequent resource in other dungeons.

However, as it is widely used in various industries including architecture, there was a lot of demand beyond supply.

The only flaw in this material was that it was somewhat expensive because there was not enough supply compared to demand.

In other words, it is a metal that makes money.

“Yeah, there was this. It just happens to show up.”

Sung-hyun mumbled with a smile around his mouth.

The vast resources that will be dormant in the supergiant dungeon.

Sung-hyun was as good as monopolizing all of it by himself.

Of course, Sung-hyun will not be able to utilize it alone, as he cannot bring a professional company into the dungeon to dig up resources.

But he had nearly three thousand men in his hands.

The Goblins were able to extract large quantities of iron from the area.

“As it is not an ordinary size, the amount of iron reserves will be significant, and the amount of money needed right now will remain earned.”’

If the amount of resources to be dug up with an entire iron mine, 100 million won would be nothing at the moment.

It was a perfect opportunity for Sung-hyun.

But then, a sound came from deep down in the mine.


the roar of a monster

It was a short time, but his back was chilling.

[Sudden quest!]

[The owner of the abandoned mine has noticed your presence. Kill all the monsters in the dungeon and get your hands on the mine.]

[Reward: Force Stats 10, Agility Stats 10, High Volume Experience Acquired]

“I don’t think… you don’t mean to give this place away.”

Sung-hyun suddenly grabbed his weapon.

Maybe, there will be another new subordinate.

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