A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP

A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 34

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The dungeon in the dungeon.

It’s common when it comes to a super dungeon.

Because it is as big as another world, there are countless dungeons inside it.

There were often huge dungeons more than the simple dungeons seen outside.

‘This should be a medium-sized dungeon.’


The sounds of monsters approaching in the dark were heard everywhere.

While he could hear something crunching, he could hear the unique unpleasant footsteps of bugs.

‘Its not one or two.’

Sung-hyun’s nerves were on edge at the flagging of the bustling ones.


Sung-hyun, who pulled out a sword, prepared to greet them.

Soon he began to be able to see in the dark.

A big spider monster that is fast approaching the ceiling.

It was surrounded by black armor.

“That’s an ironclad spider, isn’t it?’

Sung-hyun’s impression of the upcoming monster was that of frown.

“Somehow, I thought there were too many webs for just the old ones, but…….’

Ironclad spiders were very difficult opponents.

As can be seen from its appearance, it did not die easily because of its very strong defense, and it was excellent in physical warfare.

It was at least a monster from the D-rank dungeon.

I could see why the Goblin didn’t come in here.


An iron-armed spider, which was just around the corner, jumped from the ceiling.

And he’s running towards Sung-hyun with his big front legs.

Sung-hyun hurriedly stepped back and widened the distance.


‘If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to keep my bones intact.’

Sung-hyun grabbed the sword by the sight of the sunken ground.

The weight was considerable as it was wrapped in iron gloves all over the body, and the power contained in it was also great.

That didn’t mean the speed was slow either.

It was a level higher than the wolf and goblin he had ever faced.


He rushed toward Sung-hyun to see if he believed in a full-length ironclad.

Certainly, it was because of such recklessness that hunters dealing with iron-arm spiders had a hard time.

Thanks to his solid defense, he had no fear of counterattacks or wounds.

In fact, it took considerable attack power to hurt them.


However, Sung-hyun split the rushing ironclad spider in half from the front.

The split in half ironclad fell down with a thud.

A dead body with a green mucus and blood spilling.

“Wait… were they supposed to die this easily?”

Sung-hyun paused for a moment.

It was such a blow that he would be puzzled even if he cut it down.

Even though you’ve grown so fast recently, you can’t get rid of D-rank monsters so easily.

This was certainly abnormal.

‘But… there was this, right?’

Sung-hyun’s eyes turned downward.

The sword in his hand with a bluish glow.

This is why he was able to split the crust of the hard-armed spiders at once when he was not this easy to be cut off.

[Liberated Sword of ‘???]

[Grade – Best]

[Endurance – Undestructible.]

[Weapon attack 741-1056]

[Attributes not yet expressed.]

The performance of the new sword was great.

I already felt it when I broke my opponent’s weapon in the fight against Hunter, but it was such a great sword that I felt was enough for him.

However, it was the first time he showed its true value against monsters.

He already felt it when I broke my opponent’s weapon in the fight against Hunter, but it was such a great sword that he felt was enough for him.

However, it was the first time he showed its true value against monsters.

“When I fought with wolves, I felt that it was easier to cut, but there wasn’t much difference.’

The person who can cut it all at once.

It could be overwhelming without relying on the sword’s power.

However, he was able to feel the power of the sword again as he faced an enemy with a solid defense.

‘The weapon’s power is so good that it just penetrated the defense.’

As expected, the performance of the superior weapon shines even more when facing monsters with high defense power.

Weapons are weapons.

The capabilities of weapons alone cannot defeat enemies.

However, when Hunter’s power alone is a little insufficient, the destructive power of the weapon is added to give him the power to penetrate the monster’s defense.

That’s right.

‘… this is a good situation?’

This is Sung-hyun, who has already entered the 30th level.

At that level, it takes a long time to grow just to catch monsters like goblin and wolves.

Of course, Sung-hyun has been able to quickly raise the level with a strong bonus of eight times his experience.

However, there was a time when the limit would come, and it was the same that dealing with similar levels of hunting was the most efficient.

‘D rank monsters give you a lot of experience. That’s how difficult it is, but… If only we could neutralize that tricky part.’

Monsters with the greatest strength in defense.

In other words, except for the defense, it was less capable than other D-rank monsters.

To Seonghyeon, who can neutralize defense with the power of weapons.

Sturgeon spiders are simply the best opponents, with a lot of experience and ease of hunting.

“Okay, well, before you go to the boss… Let’s raise the level a little bit.”

A light smile was built around Sung-hyun’s mouth.

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  1. Wonder if there will be a part where he becomes too reliant on the sword or something like that

    1. I was wondering the same thing.
      Is he never going to get more spells?
      Or is he just gonna be a wannabe swordsman…

  2. “It was surrounded by black armor.”
    You translate it like there’s armors lying around.
    The spiders have exoskeleton, so “It was clad in a black armor/exoskeleton.” is better, I think.
    Btw the monster’s name changed. The first is ironclad spider and the latter is sturgeon spider?

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