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On the way to the meeting place.

His waist, carrying most of Beatrice’s weight, was throbbing.

Maybe it was because all his strength was now all used up after the battle.

His palms were sore, his thighs and forearms were throbbing.

“Young master Raymond!”

When he was almost at the entrance, the knights found him and rushed towards him. And when they saw Beatrice on his back, they were stunned.

It was already a big problem that the son of a Master wizard was injured, but now another one of the same status was also injured.

“Healer! Bring a healer!”

After telling the knights, he carefully dropped Beatrice off. And then he looked around.

“I found him.”

Kaham’s face, who made eye contact with him, turned pale.

He was really surprised that Beatrice and Raymond came back alive.

It was really surprising. Because he, whom Kaham was trying to kill, came back alive against the Orc warrior.

“You were alive. I was surprised that you suddenly disappeared.”

Raymond tried really hard to prevent his anger from bursting while talking to Kaham.

“Oh… Ahh..”

Looking at his shivering face, Raymond had the urge to hit him.

Yesterday, he beat him until his face was red and his bones were broken. He shouldn’t be able to wield the sword for a few months, but his clothes were torn and full of wounds, it was as if he participated in the battle.

Seeing that he took the brown barrel with him, he must have been really scared that the Orcs would follow him.

‘That’s the container from before.’

Due to that barrel, it was possible for him to escape.

He looks so obvious.

“You must be very sad that I came back alive.”

“What a-are you saying?… I’m glad you came back safely.”

“Really? But you look too tense to be happy.”

His face let out a forced smile.

Watching his reaction, Raymond took out the leaves he had put in his pocket.

“I found something quite interesting there.”

He showed him the leaf.

Looking at his trembling eyes, Raymond was sure that he was the culprit.

If he weren’t the culprit, he would be confused and assumed that it was a leaf.

“It’s an Orc stimulant. Thanks to this, it attracted an Orc Warrior.”

People’s eyes were on the leaves Raymond was holding.

Kaham’s complexion grew dark.

“That’s weird. This was installed on the hunting ground. It was as if he was trying to kill someone.”


“However, it was impossible to enter the hunting ground unless you’re an official.”

“What are you saying…!”

“Why are you getting angry, I didn’t say anyone in a specific way. Do you feel guilty about anything?”

“That doesn’t make sense. There’s no reason for me to do that.”

“Well, that’s right.”

A Knight approached them, it could be seen that they were angry.

Beatrice was also with him. After being healed, she now looked fine.

“I don’t know who the culprit is, but the prank was too much. Thanks to him, Beatrice and I almost died.”

The word “died” gained the gasps of everyone.

Death was a very sensitive word to aristocrats.

“You know what’s funny about this leaves? It is toxic, so if you touch it with your bare hands, you will get black spots.”

Raymond showed his hands to everyone.

Black spots appeared over the hand that touched the leaves.

“This doesn’t even require treatment, so the spots will subside after three days. Fortunately, these spots are harmless to the human body.”

People look at his hands.

“If you can’t believe it, someone else should touch it. Then you’ll know that what I’m saying is true.”

A nobleman sent an apprentice Knight to touch the leaves.

The apprentice Knight carefully touched the leaves.

Not long after, the same spots appeared on his hand.

“It’s true!”

“Does that mean the culprit is here?”

People looked back at each other and stood away.

They don’t know who the culprit was. They knew that there was nothing good about being close to each other.

“If the culprit is here, he must have spots on his hand like me.”

This has been in Raymond’s mind since he learned that it was an Orc stimulant.

In the original, the protagonist used it to attract Orcs, so he was very familiar with it.

“Everyone, please show your hands. This is an issue that needs to be solved by catching the criminal. I believe you all know why.”

This was the law.

A situation in which no matter how high status they were, he or she must be punished for the crime.

Each of the people present showed their hands to the knight.

“Why doesn’t Young master Kaham show his hands? If you’re not the culprit, please show us.”

“…why should I do that?”

Kaham pulled his hand back and gritted his teeth.

Raymond tried to resolve it peacefully because there were many people’s eyes, but now he was losing patience.

It was hard to endure it anymore.

“I already know that you did it.”

Raymond approached him.

“There’s no evidence, right?”

“Evidence? Ha…”

Raymond reached out and grabbed the brown barrel.

Kaham’s body flinched and tried to take it back, however, Raymond was stronger.

“No matter how bad my magic is, I am the eldest son of Count Millennium. Did you think that I will not recognize the magic here?”

Then he opened the lid.

A disgusting smell came out of the barrel.

It was so strong that they could even see a light green smoke.


“What’s this smell?”

The people around freaked out and grabbed their noses as they stepped back.

Because the smell was too strong, Raymond closed the lid immediately.

“I knew it from earlier that this as a conservation magic.”

At this point, Kaham was too stunned that he didn’t. Raymond took this advantage to take the gloves.

Then his hands full of spots that were revealed.

Hearing all the exclamation of the people around, Kaham hurriedly covered his hands, but it was too late, the people had already saw it.

“I told you. I knew you were the culprit. Or… are you saying that you carry this around as a hobby? That’s a really bad hobby.”

Raymond called Beatrice.

Having been treated by a Healer, she was able to walk to some extent.

She walked past him and grabbed Kaham’s wrist.



She used magic.

Then light surrounded Kaham’s hand, and his hands turned all black.

“Oh, oh…”

Surprised and embarrassed, Kaham hurriedly pulled his hand back.

Seeing it, she spoke.

“Orc stimulants are like magic drugs. Using a light magic, the area where the Orc stimulant had touched becomes black.”

What she says made people nod in agreement.

Her words were heavier than his, in front of these people.

Raymond already talked to her along the way.

He asked for help in catching the criminal.

Because she was almost killed, she naturally agreed.

And the result was this.


As soon as she finished speaking, things went fast.

Kaham, who failed to withstand the continued interrogation, eventually confessed, and even the servant, who agreed to the work with him, was also imprisoned.

‘I can’t end it with this.’

Just because he was in jail doesn’t mean it’s over.

Although he had sinned and went in jail, that doesn’t mean that he won’t be bailed out. So he will be released soon.

If Raymond wanted him to repent more, he could appeal to the court, but he didn’t’t want to go that far to develop things.

He had worst impression among the nobles.

Above all, he still have one thing to solve.


After the hunting event.

The nobles returned to their own home one by one, while Raymond went to the prison where Kaham was locked up.

“Stay somewhere else until I call you.”

Although, the gatekeeper who was guarding the prison protested, he used his family name to enter.

“I thought prison would be the bad… but this is quite decent.”

“You, you…”

Kaham, who saw him, pointed his finger and stuttered.

Ignoring him, hs looked around the prison.

His prison wasn’t really bad.

A bed, a clean blanket, and luxurious food that were not usually given to sinners were was in his prison cell.

Although he is a sinner, a noble was still a noble?

Contrary to his cell, his servant’s prison was dirty and full of bugs.

“Did you think Luhaman’s family will stay still and watch you do this? I’m going to be released soon. As soon as I go out here, I will never forgive you.”

Kaham growls like a beast.

He really doesn’t understand the situation.

“I can’t believe you are still loud even when you are already locked up in prison. In a way, that’s also a talent.”

“Are you insulting me?”

“Is it an insult?”

It was really an insult.

Raymond can’t help but laugh.

If Kaham really knew his situation, he would have never said that.

He should take this opportunity to warn him.

On how to act when he meet him.

“I’m going to insult you from now on.”


“I have a philosophy of returning what I received.”

With the key he received from the gatekeeper, he opened the door of the sell and went inside.

“You tried to kill me, so I’m trying to kill you too.”

Crack, crack.

After loosening his fist, he went near Kaham.

Kaham stepped back.

Only then did he notice what he was trying to do. He called the gatekeeper in a hurry, but the gatekeeper never came.

He might have gone drinking in a bar at Raymond’s order.

“I’m generous, so I’ll beat you just before you die.”

“Well, wait…”

Before making a noise, Raymond stuffed a cloth into his mouth.

He knew that he would be noisy if he didn’t stuffed his mouth with clothe.

Kick! Kick!

Starting with his legs, Raymond continued to kick him.

He should have done this before. When they had a fight in the banquet hall, he should have broken every bone to prevent him from doing anything.

He didn’t know that doing something in moderation would result to such a bothersome thing.



Kaham’s face was covered with tears and runny nose.

His face was filled with pained expression.

Not long after, the stuffed clothe started to loosened and he was able to say some words.

“S-stop! P-please stop!”

Kaham grabbed Raymond’s leg and begged him to stop.

I’m so sorry I don’t mean to stop.

“Gasp! Do you think you’ll be safe like this? My father will not forgive you!”

Raymond’s fist stopped.

Did he think his threats were successful?

Looking at Raymond stopping for a moment, Kaham was delight.

However, Raymond wasn’t threatened.

“The family that you mentioned. Let’s see what will happen in the future. I’m looking forward to your expression at that time.”

He screamed at Raymond incoming fist.


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When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

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