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The Greatest Extra Chapter 36- If you pull out the sword (2)

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Unbelievable. When the Fifth Prince gave up using Magic and pulled out his sword, they thought he was just disguising his Mana as Aura.

As Devil’s Bloodline came to an end, no one was able to use Aura and Mana together anymore. But, not all the history and teachings had been forgotten.

Moreover, there were some talented wizards that uses their Mana as a substitute of Aura while wielding their sword. Their swordsmanship did not interfere with their magic, and they only did this for self-defense if the enemy was in their range.

However, because it was an imitation, it was weak compared to Knights using Aura.

‘It will only be a mere imitation of the Aura Blade.’

This was what they all thought.

The Fifth Prince was walking on the wizard’s path, so he couldn’t have possibly have Aura.


It was real Aura. It pierced the breastplate of the Moon knight and tore his heart apart.

The Fifth Prince did it so skillfully as if he had learned swordsmanship for many years already.


In an instant, the two Moon knights stepped back. They soon pulled themselves together and attack, but Raymond’s time reaction was fast and dodge their daggers.

“What kind of aim is that?”

Before they knew it, Gesteine, who had killed all the Moon Knights that surrounded him, rushed like a demon beside the Fifth Prince.

However, many assassins confronted him.

“Your rude!”

Gesteine swung the sword and red blood spurted up. This all happened in an instant.

Even the sharp eyes of the elite among the assassins failed to follow Gesteine’s steps.

Every time a demon-like look flashed and a sharp blade cut through the air, the Assassins fell one by one.

They were no pushovers, every time Gesteine knocked down one, his body would received a wound either big or small. And yet he did not collapse.

Gesteine, the one-armed swordsman, swore allegiance to the Fifth Prince, who restored his lost swordsmanship, and became a shield that could protect him.

More than ten people all collapsed and died.

“Darn it!”

A moon knight, who was left alone after all the assassins were killed, pressed down on the deep wound on his side to stop the bleeding and coughed up abusive language.

Since the Fifth Prince name was written on the “Black Book,” Moon knights thought he was an unusual person, but they didn’t know there would be such powerful people beside him.

They were surprised when two Tower Master slaughtered the Second Prince’s minions, but they didn’t expect two more high-ranking knights

“Is this really the power that the youngest prince of a falling empire can have?”

The Moon Knight bit his lips to the point where blood burst out. The Fifth Prince himself was not weak. Everything that happened today was unexpected.

‘All of this must be reported to the King.’

He hid himself in the shadows and stealthily went away.


“How dare you point your blade towards a member of the imperial family! You will soon have your retribution!”

The Imperial Army, who defeated the Second Prince’s men, joined the siege. The Moon knight remaining gave up surviving and bit his tongue at the sight of the Imperial Army lead by Casillas. He chose suicide over being captured and tortured.

“He bit his tongue!”

“Stop the bleeding!”

They tried to dig up information, but now that he had committed suicide, there’s no way.

The Moon knight life was cut off in an instant, and Casillas, who was the first to run and check his condition, shook his head with a short sigh.

“Imperial Commander.”

“Here! The Imperial Army is ready to obey the orders of Your Highness the Fifth Prince!”

“Move 50 Imperial soldiers to search the perimeter. If you find any enemies that have not yet escaped, capture them alive.”

“The Imperial Commander, I, Casillas, accept your solemn command, Your Highness the Fifth Prince.”

Among the survivors, he choose 50 soldiers with minor injuries to search the surroundings.

“Sir Jace.”

Raymond said with a calm expression as he watched the army scatter in unison.

“Go ahead.”

The retired Imperial Guard, Jace, bowed as he approached him.

“The search of these fifty Imperial soldiers has its limits.”

Even though there are many of them searching for enemies that have escaped, they were not skilled enough to find those who has hiding skills.

“Of course, a skilled assassin would easily avoid them.”

“That’s why I need your help.”

He’s retired, but he was still an Imperial Guard. As Raymond noticed a while ago, his skills seemed to be similar or slightly higher than Gesteine.

Of course, he don’t know if his power has detoriated because of old age, but he was sure that his skills and experience was still there.

“My mission is to escort the Fifth Prince.”

Jace replied in a calm voice. The role that Marquis Crayer ordered him is to be beside the Fifth Prince Raymond. That’s why he couldn’t easily agree to his order.

Jace would be troubled if the Fifth Prince will be killed while he was away. Gesteine, who he trusted second to him to protect the prince, was seriously injured.

“This is not an order.”

Raymond quietly swallowed “Please” that he was about to say. However, Jace seemed to have received its meaning. He wore a red mask and spoke again.

“I will not be going too far. I’ll be back after a quick look around.”

Raymond didn’t say thank you. Just a friendly smile, but maybe that was enough for Jace to flutter his cape and went search.

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* * *

“The Assassins and Moon Knights have been annihilated.”

Siadin was astonished by the tragedy that happened before her eyes.

“How did the Moon knights of the Kingdom of Edgar so powerless in face of the power of the Fifth Prince?”

The elite assassin group of the Kingdom of Edgar, the Moon Knights. We’re known for being the “terrors of the night” because they are highly skilled in assassination techniques compared to ordinary assassins.

More than ten Moon Knights came to kill the Fifth Prince, but none survived and the Fifth Prince remained unscratched?

Even the two tower Master, who were reported to be the main force, was not beside the Fifth Prince because they were dealing with the Second Prince’s minions.

In fact, the Secret Squad of the Fifth Prince and an unidentified man wearing a mask were the only ones who remained protecting the Fifth Prince.

If it weren’t for the assassins standing by, Sylvia and Siadin would have fled a long time ago. But it may not be too late.

Siadin pulled a sword from her waist to confront the assassins guarding them.

“Wind! Come to me!”

Wind energy gathered in her sword.


“Too late.”

The assassins, who had been caught, were now lying down and bleeding. Only Sylvia, who was in a desperate position, remained sitting down.

“Who dares to point the sword at the blood of the Pilias, the Elves?”

It was Jace in a red mask who appeared in the dark with a cold voice.

His blade stretched long toward the ground was full of scarlet blood, this was an evidence that slaughter of countless enemies.

“A race that has managed to survive since the Great War was behind it?”

Siadin, who is only a high-ranking knight at best, knows that it will be hard surviving against him.

‘Hey, this is real life…….’

Sylvia felt her whole body tremble. She thought she had gotten used to pressure emmited by powerful people, but that was just her illusion.

Jace’s energy was cold and sharp, it was beyond comparison with the Moon Knights.

“I will be leaving you alive right now, because I have received a strict orders to capture you alive……. Follow me. The Fifth Prince is brave and merciful, if you cooperates, your lives may be saved.”

Can she believe that they would not be killed?

Sylvia was not sure about that part, but she decided that it would be better to cling even a slim at the possibility than to lose her life in vain while resisting. She commanded Siadin to lower her weapon.

“But, miss…….”

“We can’t win.”

“We have no choice but to meet the Fifth Prince,” she added in a very small voice. Besides, Jace, the man in the red mask in front of her, was the most powerful person she have met.

“Wise Judgement..”

The enemies who tried to harm the imperial family was in front of him, so if they dare to resist, he may kill the other and knock out one.

If Raymond hadn’t been ordered to capture them alive, they would certainly have been cut into dozens of pieces by now.

Siardin turned her head and looked at Sylvia behind her. Sylvia shook her head silently, and eventually Siadin threw a sword at the floor, and put her hands up.

“I’ll agree to speak to the Fifth Prince.”

Jace wasn’t the type to say empty words. He was very angry that they threatened the imperial family, he didn’t want to disobey their orders.

“I’ll be restraining you, so don’t resist.”

The black rope bound the bodies of the two elves tightly. At the humiliating treatment, Siadin bit her lips so hard that blood burst, but Sylvia calmly closed her eyes and started clearing her mind.

She knew that imperial orders were strict for the soldiers of the Pilias Empire.

He was ordered to capture them alive, she she was sure they wouldn’t be killed along the way.

At her calm appearance, Jace was a little bit impressed and fired a flare at the sky.

A red flare shot up into the dark sky and  the Imperial Army searching the surrounding area, immediately went to his way.

“Sir Jace! These are the guys?”

Asked a Soldier, who rushed towards him with another twelve soldiers. Half of their uniforms were red, possibly they were wounded in the combat against the assassins.

“They were the ones who dared to harm the imperial family of Pilias  We will have to take them to his Highness the Fifth.”

“I will carry out my mission under the name of the Emperor!”

In response to the Soldier’s response, Jace nodded with a satisfied expression and disappeared into the darkness to search for any other risk factors that remained.

“Don’t resist, Siadin. The Fifth Prince is our hope.”

Sylvia dissuaded Siadin, who showed signs of resistance to the rough touch of the Imperial soldiers.

Siardin, a bodyguard sent to protect her, was very reluctant but still she obeyed her orders.

“Open the way!”

As soon as they entered the base, a knight shouted in a loud voice.

Imperial soldiers gathered to see the faces of Sylvia and Siadin, who they thought was the one who wanted to harm the Fifth Prince.

“Dare to harm the Fifth Prince?”

“Why did you capture them alive? You should have cut off their arms and legs to have them face a rough life!”

The imperial soldiers gathered and vented their anger. Some of them even pulled out their sword and pointed at them.

“This was an order from His Highness the Fifth Prince to capture them alive!”

As the knight shouted, the imperial soldiers could only swallow their anger only put their sword back.

‘Obeying the Fifth Prince and respecting him…’

Sylvia had a wry smile. So far, he thought that the closest to the succession of the throne would be either the First or the Second prince, but there was an unexpected candidate.

Clearly they could lose their lives protecting the Fifty Prince, however, not only they could give up their lives for the prince, but also be angry if the safety of the Fifth Prince was threatened.

As they followed the Knight a huge barracks remained standing and it was not damaged during the battle.

‘No way…’

Did all of her companions sacrificed their lives that even the residence of the Fifth Prince was not damaged? Was the Pilias’ Empire power was at this level?

‘I heard that their power declined and they could be considered a fallen Empire…….’

This level of power resembled the peak of the Pilias Empire from the ancient times. However, it was rumored that its power had diminished significantly as years went by.

But that was not the case for today.

‘Was this only the Fifth Prince power?’

There are still only a hundred Imperial soldiers, but they fought like they were the elite Imperial soldiers of the Pilias Empire. Even the Fifth Prince’s residence was kept intact.

She thought that maybe the insides was ruined while the outside was intact, but as she stepped inside, all those thoughts vanished.

‘The Fifth Prince is awakening the sleeping power of the Pilias Empire.’

This was really scary. This was a sign that the great empire, which commanded the ancient era, would rise again.

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The Greatest Extra in history

The Greatest Extra in history

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One day, when I opened my eyes, I became the 5th prince of the empire that appeared in the novel. I was supposed to be happy. But the empire fell and the 5th Prince was horribly killed.


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Thank you for the chapter and also, for the the confirmation of the schedules for updates! Happy new year!

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Happy new year

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