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Superstar from age 0 chapter 113

“Did he think Seojun was dead because he acted so well? Jong-Ho is really—!”

“Why did you think that back then?”

Kim Jong-ho became more silent than usual and nodded at Lee Ji-Seok’s question.

He was wondering if what happened in the filming a while ago was just all a dream.

Everyone forgot all their nervousness from the previous shoot, perhaps it was because the smell emitted from Seojun’s body had calmed them down.

Seojun felt sorry. He didn’t mean to do this. He just wanted to act more perfect.

“I’m sorry.”

“What’s there to be sorry about Seojun?

“It’s because I was so immersed.”

“Seojun is just too talented at acting.”

‘Still, I should be careful next time.’

He only thought of the viewers beyond the camera, he didn’t care about the actors he was acting together with.

If his body temperature dropped so low and stiffened, no actors could act composed.

Seojun was so sorry that tears seemed to come out from his eyes.

While most of the people on set calmed down due to his ability, the rest were still confused.

Kim Jong-ho looked very anxious during the shoot, but now he has calmed down.

“Was that acting?”

“I got goosebumps when I watched him.”

“But didn’t Seojun look like he was about to die earlier?”

Director Choi Min-sung decided to end the filming today due to the ambiguous atmosphere of the filming site.

Director Choi sat between Kim Jong-ho and Lee Ji-Hye while looking at Seojun.

After the filming, the staff has taken care of Seojun more carefully.

They really liked Prince Seongnyeong. Due to his sickness, they want him comfortable all the time.

Perhaps if this was edited and broadcasted, the public’s response would not be different. In short, the reaction of the staff here would also be the same reaction of viewers watching the drama “My Clinic.”

The staff who saw Prince Seongnyeong, who filmed from time to time for several days, were also worried about Seo-jun while watching the filming with their eyes.

It was clear that viewers who were healing while watching the perfectly edited broadcast would pay more attention than the staff.

Director Choi Min-sung was worried that Seojun may really be sick. It was time has come to make a decision.

Everyone left the set and Seojun headed to a hospital with An Daho.

“Hospital? Why?”

No matter how long he lived or how many past lives he had, Seojun has always hated going to the hospital. Seojun, who clung to the window, was getting anxious as the car get closer and closer to the hospital.

“There are some painful scenes during this shoot. You were going to get a medical checkup after the shoot, but because it ended early today, so we have time. Let’s get a medical checkup.”

“I’m really healthy! I eat well! I don’t feel pain!”

“The boss must be in the hospital now. Let’s eat something delicious after this”.

“DAHO! I’m really healthy!”

“We’ll be more relieved after seeing the results, okay?”


Seojun, who was eagerly appealing for his health, had no choice but to nod quietly at An Daho’s last words.

There was nothing he can do. Everyone’s worried, so he’ll do the check-up. But he really didn’t want to go to the hospital.

The white big building soon appears in front of the. An Daho park and they went directly to the Pediatrician where Seojun’s uncle, Seo Eun-Chan, was waiting.

The results of the examination came out quickly.

On the day where the last scene of Prince Seongnyeong will be filmed, Seojun appeared at the filming site with a medical examination result sheet.

He proudly presented the results to the two actors he will be acting with like a scholar who passed the scholarship examination from the past.

“I, Lee Seojun, am totally healthy!”

Kim Jong-ho’s and Lee Ji-Hye’s gaze fell into Seojun’s health examination results as if analyzing them. The two, who had already undergone several medical checkups, read it down familiarly. Lee Ji-Seok and Park Do-hoon also snooped beside to see the result somehow.

“Jong-Ho! Show me, too!”

“Uncle! Me too!”

No, you should ask me. Seojun watches the four people surrounding the result medical sheet with a sulky look.

That result paper was a copy and the original was at home.

Back when he was being diagnosed, the doctor would always ask his uncle “How can you raise a kid this healthy? Do you have a secret?” He kept the praise disguised as a question. When his mom and dad heard it from Uncle Chan, they smiled proudly.

In Seojun’s opinion, the doctor seemed to really ask it sincerely.

After reading the result many times already, Kim Jong-Ho looks at Seojun.

“You’re healthy.”

“That’s right!”

“But next time, I’ll ask you to avoid dropping your temperature much.”


After pretending to be dead once, the filming site turned upside down. As soon as that event happened, he thought about he should just drop his temperature a little.

“We changed the scene.”

Hearing what the Director said, it was like a thunderbolt fell.

Did you change the scene because I did my best to die? Seojun wanted to ask the question, but he nodded without realizing it.

“Everyone is so into Seojun’s acting of Prince Seongnyeong. They say they don’t want to see the death scene, because they will be so sad. This is just how staff members are, so what about viewers who are in love with the drama now? If we air Seojun’s death here, it might become a mess.”

“You’re acting is so real that it may cause a bigger problem.”

“Are you worried about the Werther effect?”

Seojun didn’t understand An Daho’s words, while Director Choi Min-sung and writer So Eun-jin nodded.

“I’m just worried that people who enjoyed watching will be shocked”

“What’s the Werther effect?”

An Daho explained to Seojun.

When the protagonist of a novel committed suicide, the readers of the novel would attempt suicide following the protagonist.

It was said that not only the main character of the novel but also some people imitate the death of a celebrity.

Seojun was terrified once he knew its meaning.

Writer So Eun-jin said.

“It’s not that serious. As long as the scene doesn’t go out is okay. Seojun’s acting was good, but Jong-ho’s acting was so realistic that it looked more dangerous.”

As So Eun-jin said, Seojun’s acting was good. The viewers won’t be able to feel Seojun’s lowered body temperature or the smell of death on camera. Just… the problem was from there. When Kim Jong-ho’s expression became a reality at some point.

“That expression combined with Seojun’s acting, and it was so realistic.”

Director Choi and writer So, who watched the video again, smoothed their goosebumps at Kim Jong-ho’s urgent expression and Seojun’s dying appearance.

An Daho and Seo Eun-chan were surprised by the news that the scene would be deleted, but they understood the reason. With their permission, the scene was deleted from the script together with the filmed scene.

In the future, when Seojun grows up, Seo Eun-Chan would always talk about it.

“If my sister and brother-in-law found out about the scene, they would have killed me.”

Seojun’s laughed at his child self thinking that he should act more realistically.

Seojun realized that the real acting was not so good. No matter how great the acting was, it had to be just acting.

Acting where he can laugh, enjoy, and talk. Even if he was sad, he would think, “That’s acting.”

People can enjoy thriller or horror movies because they recognize that it is not a reality.

What’s the boundary between acting realistic and just acting?

Everyone told Seojun that he was good at acting, but Seojun still had a lot to learn.

“Is it okay to change it?”

Seojun nodded at the careful question of director Choi and writer So.

“Yes! I’m fine!”

Seojun thought that he didn’t want people watching the drama to be sad. It’s sad content, but he hope it’s still very little sad not to the point of suicide.

Thus, Seojun’s first drama’s last scene disappeared.


On Wednesday, the 13th episode of Clinic was aired.

“Your highness.….”

Doctor Yang Hong-dal bowed down.

Prince Seongnyeon was more terrible than ever. The King’s hand, which held the armrest tightly as if it were breaking, trembled.

“It’s Changjin.”


TL: Smallpox. It was named changjin back on Joseon Dynasty because it was first found on the villages near the changjin lake. In modern times, Korean don’t refer it to changjin anymore so it was usually confused with the lake or the battle of changjin. I found this after taking my history book from highschool.

King Taejong and Queen went speechless at the words of Yang Hong-dal. They just looked at the back of Yang Hong-dal’s head lying down with an absurd face.

“Changjin? Changjin?”

Prince Seongnyeong’s fever has risen and his breathing has become rough since a few days ago. Sometimes he whined that he couldn’t sleep with a tired face.

Many doctors said it was fever. If he took medicine and sleep well, he’ll get better!

But Changjin?

“Cure is… Uh-huh. How do you treat it?”

The queen managed to pull herself together and asked.

Yang Hong-dal hit his head further on the floor.

King Taejong and Queen went at the heavy silence.

The palace was engulfed in cold silence. Taejong scolded Prince Yangnyeong, who was playing with his younger brother when he was sick and didn’t get a spoonful of rice.

The Queen stopped by the temple with Prince Hyoryeong to pray to the Buddha and offer sacrifices to the heavenly and earthly gods.

The intelligent Prince Chungnyeong studied the disease of Prince Seongnyeong with the Doctors.

In those days when medicine was not developed, everyone did their best. They looked for a God, which they didn’t even know if there was one, and they also set to look for Yeongdak, which was rumored to be a panacea.

Among them, Heo Yoo-sun was the busiest.

Prince Seongnyeong, who was sick, didn’t went out in consideration for his family.

Heo Yoo-seon, who is open-minded, was the only person who he could act like a child.

Prince Seongnyeong apologized to Heo Yoo-seon after being a little childish.

“I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s okay.”

“Doctor Heo, thank you so much.”

“It’s really, really okay.”

Heo Yoo-seon smiled, hiding his red-colored eyes. He didn’t even have time to cry.

Heo Yoo-seon took care of Prince Seongnyeong, fed him with medicine, and studied about the disease at the place prepared by Prince Chungnyeong when he had free time.

However, despite everyone’s efforts, Prince Seongnyeong’s illness worsened.

The preview came out.

It snowed.

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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1 year ago

It’s nice to see character development, thanks for the chapter!

1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter ☺️

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