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Chapter 37

TL: As soon as I returned school, The professor required us to do a thesis… I am quite free this week because the professor is checking out what we have written so far before the execution of the thesis.

“Where are you going?”

Jera is currently lying down and burying herself in the comforter.

Jung-ho grabbed her hand and forced her to sit up and said.

“I’m going to Times Square to dance.”

“Dance again?”

“I’m going to make some content and upload it. I haven’t filmed anything yet for today. “

“…….” Jera, with a sick look on her face. Then, for some reason, her eyes sparkled.

“Can I come along and watch?”

“What? Are you going to be okay?”

Jung-ho grabbed her outstretched hand and lifted her up.

“I’ll just be there in the living room waiting for you. Be quick to get ready, and come down when you’re done.”


There is no reason to stop it if it is okay with you.

After returning to the officetel, Jung-ho quickly took a shower and changed his clothes, and went down to the first floor with filming equipment and Bluetooth speakers.

After a while, Jera appeared.

“What do you think?”

She was wearing a skinny and black hoodie. And then a mask.

“I’m sure your face is hard to recognize with the mask, but…”

Cool legs, and a well-balanced body!

Even ordinary clothes didn’t hide her overwhelming presence.

“But I think it’s still going to attract a lot of attention.”

“That’s enough. Let’s go.”

She looked somewhat excited.

Jung-ho smirked and went out side by side with her.

There were a lot of people in Times Square. Fortunately, no one was seen performing on the street.

There it is!

Looking around, Jung-ho found Mark Miller, the huge black police officer.


“You’re late today.”

“There was something going on. Aren’t you going home?”

“I’m working overtime today.”

“Oh, you must be having a hard time.”

“I’m used to it because it’s something I always do. Are you here to busk again today? “

“Yeah. You don’t mind if I do, do you?”

“You can do it.”

When he started preparing for the performance after taking permission, Jera was watching him with a strange expression. She approached him and asked.

“What’s going on?”


“That cop. Are you two close? Do you know each other?”

“No, I met him earlier.”

“But how can you talk like you are so close to each other?”

“What can’t we?”

Jung-ho looked at Mark and said.

“He’s a good guy.”

Finally, the preparation for the performance is finished.

Jera asked again.

“What kind of dance are you going to do?”

“KPOP is all the rage these days, right? Some of those songs, and also some pop songs with choreography.”

“You’re not going to dance to my song?”

Jung-ho was speechless for a moment.

“Do you want to see me dance to your song?”

Obviously, there are some of her songs that have a fast beat. But there’s no choreography, unless it was a concert.

“My song. You’re going to do it, right?”


“Okay. I’ll buy you iced coffee if you do well.”

It was not a reward he wanted.

“How about the coffee where I drank?”

“I’ll do it!”

‘No, I really want it!’

It’s the best reward in the industry!

“Hahaha! Good luck!”

Jera, who regarded his action as a mere joke, smiled cheerfully and backed away.

After a while, intense beats resonate through the Bluetooth speaker.

“What is it?”

“I guess it’s busking. Is it dancing?”

“Oh, let’s watch!”

Anyway, most of the people who gathered here at this time were tourists.

Jung-ho started dancing to the choreography without saying anything.

A cheer rang out.

Jera watched Jung-Ho’s dance closely.

“I’m sure I said it was a level of comfort.”

The word ‘normal’ never goes well with that crazy move.

‘I’m not a very good dancer, but I’ve seen the world’s best dancers in countless performances.

It’s not as spectacular as they are, but… It’s powerful.’

He is not only good at creating music, but also at dancing. His dancing skills are exceptional.

Jung-ho’s busking method is a little unique.

He doesn’t have a proper break time, doesn’t say anything, and he’s only crazy about dancing. That doesn’t mean he is turning a blind eye to the audience.

It was a little clumsy for her eyes, but it was enough to brighten the mood and induce a response with various gestures and cries.

So it makes it impossible to take a step.

It gives energy to viewers.

That’s how she feels now.

It’s a relief that that his special talent doesn’t only apply to dancing and singing.

I am grateful he is also talented in songwriting and producing. If he didn’t…’

“I wouldn’t have gotten Jung-Ho.”

On second thought, it was an excellent decision.

Jung-Ho’s cover song video was reported by fans.

She visited the channel out of curiosity, and she listened to each cover one by one. She thought he was talented and offered a deal.

The long-struggling result is now in front of her.

Finally, Jera’s song began.

It was a song with fast beats without any choreography.

‘What kind of impromptu dance will my producer show?’

At the moment, Jung-ho’s eyes are on her. And then he smiles, and today he shows off the wave moves she’s learned before puking.

Even with the same movement, she was confirming that his atmosphere changed greatly depending on how he got into the rhythm.

It’s more intense because it’s a familiar movement to his eyes and body due to training hard.

It becomes a quiet stream, and it becomes a torrent that sweeps everything.

It expresses various aspects of water throughout the body.

It wasn’t a pre-arranged choreography, and it was an impromptu dance that flowed by instinct, but strangely, it was more heartwarming than other performances. I can feel the emotion in great detail.

Jung-ho, who proved that he could dance well with just the basic moves, was presented with enthusiastic cheers and applause. Jera clapped her hands as hard as she could. Her heart was burning hot.

The following stage was another song by Jera.

This time, more difficult movements are unfolding.

As Jera watched the scene with rapture, at one point, she realized one thing.

‘It’s a mix of crítica choreography!’

She may not have executed the movements perfectly, but she could tell because she remembered all the moves.

How basic movements can be applied, and how wonderful the combinations are combined with simple gestures.

This time again, Jung-ho was telling her through a performance.

The flow.

At this moment, she was feeling the flow that Jung-ho was creating.

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