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Chapter 136

TL: 50/120 retranslated chapters 🙂 They will be edited out soon too. The previous translator splitted the chapters into two. So I will also follow the same format.

Chun Tae-sung looked at the woman who suddenly appeared in front of him.

Aegis’ S-rank Hunter, who just started her career in earnest.

It was Izuna, who filmed and pressed Han Seung-hee, the 100 man guild leader.

It was such a sudden incident that he still didn’t hear the details.

She was the owner of an appearance that could be recognized at a glance through rumors.

“She knocked down a leader.”

Chun Tae-Sung’s eyes stared back at her.

Not normal.

She didn’t give off any kind of menacing vibe as he got closer.

But she is definitely an S-Class hunter because only S-class hunters can catch up to S-class hunters.

‘Let’s see, the Lord said was right.’


In a flash, with the use of magic, Izuna reclaimed the sword.

The reason why Izuna, who was raising her level by hunting, followed him after defeating the 100 guild leader is that Sung-Hyun gave it as direct instruction.

As Sung-Hyun traveled through Cheongseong, he overheard rumors about the appearance of an S-rank dungeon in the southern region.

Even if it wasn’t in the same location as this operating area, he discovered that it was near by.

If that didn’t work, he sent Izuna outside in case he ran across Cheongseong’s senior executive, who had come to the dungeon to help solve it.

Chun Tae-sung’s frowned expression.


Chun Tae-sung fiddled with the sword he was holding.

Cheongseong’s Chief Executive.

He was not even part of the three top members of Cheongseong’s best hunters.

Even so, an S-class Hunter, who had just recently started to acquire public notice, would have a difficult time defeating him.

“Should I kill or not?”

Chun Tae-Sung’s hand had already been taken to the sword handle.

But he didn’t pick it up right away.

As they can see from the mood if he draws his blade, one of the two will die.

The struggle between S-class hunters did not mean that they would start an all-out war between guilds.

Aegis was an unknown guild that he had no information of.

Due to the fast increase in power, even Cheongseong now finds himself at odds with the growing might.

It ate over the whole southwestern portion of Gyeonggi Province after absorbing three big and strong guilds.

‘Even so, they’re just fruit flies easy to be defeated. They are quite annoying.’

The difference between winning and losing is very clear in the case of a collision.

“…You’re lucky. In the past, your neck would have flown away before you could even say such a thing.”

Chun Tae-sung, who ‘tsk’ his tongue, stepped down, turning his back.

Such guilds could have been destroyed as much as possible, but the problem was the other nine guilds facing the disputed area.

It was difficult to create an accident while Hwasin and the Baekryong Guild were at odds.

Because nothing has been known about the guild Aegis yet.

The best course of action would be to wait for the guild’s decision before acting.

“You’d better convey it to your guild leader well. If you want to keep your life alive, you’d better understand the subject well.”

“I’m running away, but I’m not scared if I talk that long.”

“Seeing your sly grin, I’m sure we’ll cross paths again soon. It’s something I’m looking forward to.”

In a moment, Chun Tae-sung, who had snorted, had vanished from the scene.


Lim Dae-Han, who had been sweating profusely, breathed a sigh of relief as his appearance vanished entirely.

He was watching the tense struggle between the two S-class hunters with dwindling hope.

It was possible that the worst-case scenario of all-out war with Cheongseong had already occurred.

He seemed to have endured ten years.

“It’s a little disappointing.”

Izuna took a closer look at her sword as she stooped.

In her eyes, he appeared to be quite strong, so she thought he was a suitable opponent to test her sword’s abilities, which had grew.

However, what Sung-Hyun wanted was just this.

The cost of a full-scale war with the giant was too high for Cheongseong at the moment, but they had now become a zone of influence that he couldn’t recklessly intrude upon.

This alone meant a lot.


“Take care of the injured!”

Meanwhile, a hunter, who came to his senses, immediately gave instructions to the guild members.

Some injuries were done by the sudden surprise attack of Chun Tae-sung.

Hunters of 100 man guild were injured by S-class hunters’ attacks because they did not just break the wall.

Some of them were critically hurt, putting their lives in jeopardy.

“Oh my god, it’s a terrible wound…”

“Don’t get in my way, please.”

The guild member’s health was on Izuna’s mind as she pushed the lease through.

Frustrated by her sudden behavior, Lee Dae-han looked at her as if he didn’t know what to say.

She abruptly drew a potion bottle out of her hands and tossed it on the ground.

“Potion? It’s useless…”

Because the cut was deep and the surrounding region was in bad shape, a potion wouldn’t be enough to heal it.

No matter how hard Hunter’s body was, he would soon lose his breath.

“Drink it.”


It didn’t matter to Izuna, who just shoved the bottle down the wounded person’s throat.

The gulping potion made him squirm in agony, but he didn’t cry out.

It was Izuna who poured the potion into his mouth, and she didn’t leave a drop behind.

You had to be kidding, right?

After a short time, the effect started to manifest itself on the victim’s body.

As the wound healed, the bleeding stopped entirely and some of the expended energy returned. The shattered bone became lodged once again.

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