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The Greatest Extra in history Chapter 2.3

Character List

Raymond Pilius

Alex Tilinger, Baron Tilinger’s second son.

Ronald Pilius, emperor of the Pilias Empire.

Aloken Pilius, third Prince of Pilias Empire

Lisefield Dior, an Old Mage

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“He is escorted by an Imperial Guard and his Imperial knights at a safe place near the dinner hall. As soon as the safety of the palace is confirmed, he will return to the Fifth Palace.”

“No, he can’t return now.”

“Your Majesty?”

His mouth was faster than his mind. Ronald unknowingly uttered his innermost thoughts.

He felt all the Imperial Guard’s eyes were on him.

The Emperor opened his mouth with a stiff face.

“I’m going to have breakfast. Tell the kitchen to prepare a meal first.”

“Your Majesty! Your safety has not been confirmed yet!”

“Yes! There must be some assassin left.”

The commander of the Imperial Guards and the Imperial Knights came forward.

“It’s been five years.”

The Emperor’s voice resonates quietly in the Emperor’s room. 

It was calm but possessed strong power.

The eyes of the men gathered were the most powerful in the whole Empire and the Emperor’s escort.

“I can’t even feed my own son for breakfast after five years? Or….”

Attention was drawn to the commander of the Imperial Guard, the Empire Shield’s leader, and the Imperial Knights Commander.

“Has the shield of the Imperial family weakened to such an extent that I could not protect my own family breakfast?”

His voice became a sharp sword and dug into the hearts of the men present inside.

The Emperor’s words had many meanings.

‘Is this how the Empire fell?’

This was his meaning.


He still needed to show everyone that the Empire is still alive.

His subordinates understood the Emperor’s will.

“Your Majesty, the Imperial Palace is safe now. We will now accompany you to have safe journey to the dining room.”

He was the Marquis Blizzard, who replaced a vacant Imperial Guard position.

“It’s been five years, hasn’t it? I’ll send more escort to the dinner room for you and the Fifth Prince.”

The moment of father-son reunion has come.

“Can you explain it again?”

The Fifth prince, Raymond, did not understand the current situation. So he asked the Imperial knight in front of him to explain.

“We were ordered to give safety to the Fifth Prince until your highness reached the dinner hall.”

“Do you mean by sending the entire 6th platoon of Imperial Knights, the entire Golden Heart Knights, just to escort me?”

“Yes, it is.”

He didn’t expect to be escorted by the entire Golden Heart knights of over 20 men.

Raymond never imagined that after five years of not setting a foot on the main palace would have such a huge ripple effect.

‘I can’t go out like this.….’

He didn’t expect the palace to be attacked. He wanted to go back to his palace and stay there, but he didn’t expect the Emperor to come out like this.

“Fifth princes, Your Majesty…….”

Alex next to him carefully urged him to answer.

Raymond wanted to run away, but he didn’t dared to and opened his mouth.

“I want you to take me to the dinner.”

“We’ll keep you safe.”

It’s not far from the dinner hall. 

Maybe it was because there was an attack a while ago, but there were unusually many armed people along the way.

They finally arrived in front of the dinner Hall and there were as many as two platoons of Imperial Guard members present.

“Your Majesty is waiting for you.”

When the Imperial Guard opened the door slowly, speaking in a small voice, a large dining room appeared.

The Emperor, Ronald, was sitting at the top of the dinner hall.

“Welcome, son.”

It’s been Five years since they met. Parental love was smeared from the Emperor’s gaze at his son, who has returned to his embrace again.

Breakfast was over quickly. 

The Emperor looked at Raymond with a pleased look during his meal, but there was nothing special to say.

It was their first meeting in five years, but there was little conversation to talk.

After the meal, Raymond was able to see the Emperor standing up first with the Royal Guard with a sad expression.

The Emperor was busier than anyone else especially now because the Palace was attacked. 

Even under such circumstances, he took time to eat breakfast with Raymond.

He could see how much the emperor cared about Raymond.

‘But, still the Emperor was old and sick.’

The sun has not lost its vitality yet, but the fact that he is a dying sun remains unchanged.

It was highly likely that the throne would be succeeded by the First or Second prince, or the Third prince.

[The First Prince, who is talented in swordsmanship, is strong, but his personality is like an angry flame and he is supported by the military and knights. The other Third prince was very talented in magic at a young age, and he is supported by the Red tower and yellow towers of the Southern Magic Tower Union, but unlike in the past, he has lost his Wits and blinded by jealousy towards the other prince, he always acted rashly.]

Monarchs supported by wizards and knights are common settings. The problem lies toward the Second Prince.

[The Second Prince is unique. He was placed in the darkness of the Empire below with overwhelming wealth and insidious schemes. The assassins are behind supporting him.]

A ruler over the darkness of the Empire

“What are you thinking so hard?”

‘He’s not a good man either.’

He didn’t expect him to appear at the right timing.

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      The Greatest Extra in history

      The Greatest Extra in history

      Score 7.2
      Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
      One day, when I opened my eyes, I became the 5th prince of the empire that appeared in the novel. I was supposed to be happy. But the empire fell and the 5th Prince was horribly killed.


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      Blyat man
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      Thanks for the chapter

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      Thanks for the chapter!

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      Thanks for the chapter

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      Thanks for the chapter ♡ (˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶)
      his first son has anger problems, his second son’s dark connections, third son’s jealousy, and his fifth son hates him for 5 years, his personality is garbage. I don’t think it’s because the emperor’s sickness is due to his old age ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

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      Thanks for the chapter.

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      Such great family
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