A Dungeon Beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 10

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Even ifit was his first time for such a huge dungeon, the inside of this forest was enough to be covered by Sung-hyun’s memory.


Sung-hyun moved forward by knocking out Goblins he encountered from time to time.

Walking on the way back while getting experience, this is killing two birds with one stone.

However, as time went by, the number of Goblin encountered increased, and he began to feel strange.

‘…What is it?’

There was something unusual about Goblin’s movements.

Their movements seem to be gradually narrowing the siege.

In addition, Hobgoblin, has attacked Sunghyun



The rushing Hobgoblin’s head was blown high.

Although Hobgoblin was much stronger than Goblin, Sung-hyun’s level had already reached 12.

He was stronger than he had been before, so the Hobgoblin could be cut down quickly without difficulty.


“Oh, shit, they’re coming again.”

This time, two Hobgoblin appeared, and there were even ten regular Goblin around them.

A large number of monsters appeared, enough to interfere with the movement.

‘Something’s weird, too.’

The collective movement he is seeing.

It was a move that was like finding out about the existence of Sung-Hyun who attacked them and tracking him.

‘But Goblin wouldn’t have that much intelligence… Do they have a leader to follow orders from?’

Sung-hyun changed his plan and started running away, knocking down at least a few Goblins.

He had to speed up as much as he could because of the persistent clinging.

Sung-Hyun arrived at the entrance of the dungeon after passing through the Goblin crowd.

Although it was hard to completely get rid of the chasing Goblin, none of them came here.

“Phew, there’s a little bit of a situation. I need to check it.”

Sighing, he entered the cave.

He was so sweaty that he felt like he had to take a shower.

“Okay, wait, this is……?”

Sung-hyun stood still at the spot.

The unusual footprints were found on the floor of the cave.

A trace of a quadrupedal animal that he definitely never had seen before.

“Oh, damn it! It’s a monster!”

Sung-hyun started running toward the inside of the passage with all his might.

I don’t know which monster it is, but he run quickly with his might hoping he wasn’t too late.


Sung-Hyun came out of the aisle and ran out from the basement.

In front of him was a chaotic basement.


A big wolf with red fur.

The monster’s identity, which revealed its sharp fangs, was a formidable monster, a “red mane wolf.”

As far as he knows, he was stronger than Hobgoblin.

‘Damn, what I was worried about finally broke out.’

He don’t think he’s going upstairs from the basement yet.

However, he had to subdue the monster quickly before the residents around him noticed anything strange.


“Hey! Shut up, you punk!”

Sung-Hyun, who raised the spear, jumped at him.

He had to pick his throat before he barked more.


However, the red mane wolf twisted his body to avoid the spear.

The wolf showed a very fast and flexible body compared to his size, quickly kicked the wall and stepped on things and moved with agility.

Sung-hyun hurriedly followed him and swung the spear, but he couldn’t easily catch up with the wolf.

The one who opens his mouth while aiming for Sung-hyun’s neck.

“Oh, my God…!”

Boom boom!

Sung-hyun barely threw himself away from his fangs.

It was a moment, but his life was in danger.

However, none of that came into his eyes right now.

A messy cellar

Not only the collapsing and smashed items, but also the sound of empty paint cans rolling around scratched Sung-hyun’s nerves.

“This kid shouldn’t make a fuss!”

He seems to have lost control quickly.

After changing his mind, Sung-hyun turned his back on him and started running away.


The wolf, excited by the battle, immediately followed him to bite the back of Sung-Hyun.

Sung-hyun threw himself into the entrance of the dungeon as if he knew it.


Red mane wolf and Sung-Hyun entered the passageway of the dungeon.

He faced him in a quiet cave.

“This is where we can fight at ease.”

The running wolf aimed at Sung-hyun’s neck.

However, Sung-hyun lifted the spear and blocked the stinker’s mouth.

Unlike in the basement, there was no need to be impatient here.

After twisting his body, Sung-hyun immediately poked a spear into his side.


“Not the same as before, right?”

He kept a moderate distance, and induced a wound to him.

Sung-hyun gradually increased the wound and bleeding, draining the wolf’s strength, and eventually lowered the spear to cut off his breathing.


The blood of the wolf dampened the floor

Only then was Sung-hyun able to breathe a deep sigh of relief.

“Ha,Shit… that could have been a disaster.”

I barely won anyway, but I feel like I’ve aged ten years.

He must have entered the cave while he was away for a while, and if it had been a little later, he would have made a disturbance attacking citizens on the street.

The SSS-class dungeon located in the basement may have been revealed, and it was good to say that from that point on, Sung-hyun’s hope for survival disappeared.

He would have been dragged away without knowing a mouse or bird, buried somewhere, or sunk under the sea.

“I can’t stand it as it is.”

If only the was any artifact that keep monsters away from the entrance of the dungeon so they stop coming over.

Goblin, where there are so many objects in the forest, appeared, and even so, it was unusual considering that these wolves had invaded here.

It was time to make a clear plan.

‘Cause I can’t live like this forever.’

While I was somewhere else, I can’t keep being anxious about the passage all the time.

The dungeon in the basement gave him a chance, but this entrance was causing serious disruption to all activities of Sung-hyun.

Even going out for a grocery shopping can be a burden.

No matter how careful he is, it was impossible for a person to stand guard in front of the 24-hour dungeon alone.

In particular, as long as he was a human being, he was forced to become defenseless.

‘I can’t stop the dungeon by myself. Then should we save people… Someone he can trust among the Hunter.’

Sung-hyun was lost in thought.

But he soon shook his head.

‘No, no, no. I can’t do anything stupid to give my life to other people’s whims.’

No matter how troublesome the situation may be, it would never be possible.

There was no reliable person in the Hunter industry.

This is all the more so when it is linked to such a huge secret, the SSS-class dungeon.

He knew better than anyone else that no one could trust in the face of such a serious problem.

‘Then we need a way, not a person.’

The entrance to the dungeon cannot be artificially blocked.

Unless the dungeon is closed at all.

Therefore, when he was away, he needed something to protect the entrance instead.

‘Is the only option left is to make deal with summoners or setting up traps? Then we need the help of characteristics.’

For Hunter, characteristics were a powerful force and one of the key elements.

It is already a means to make use of physical abilities beyond human beings.

Dealers and healers or prosecutors and wizards.

The division of classes and occupations commonly referred to among hunters is also due to the difference in characteristics that they have.

If Sung-hyun acquired characteristics related to Summoner, he could keep the passage of the dungeon even when he was absent.

Even if it was not possible, if the next best way was to obtain various trap-related characteristics, the burden felt now could be drastically reduced.

‘It doesn’t matter which way the class is decided right now.’

Fortunately, his S-class characteristic of “status window” was very general-purpose.

Now, it would not be a big problem if his career group and direction were set in any way.

‘But it’s not very likely that they’ll fit in.’

The opening of characteristics was to elicit inherent potential.

Just because you wanted a certain characteristic, it doesn’t really show up.

It’s only expressed in accordance with his talent and potential.

“More than anything, getting a new trait is no ordinary thing.”

Characteristics could not be easily obtained because they were powerful forces.

A remarkable development that can be said to have raised the field a notch.

Or, most of the time, it was opened one by one after a special experience or long training.

‘Then again… I need to deal with the boss.’

There were also several boss monsters in the huge dungeon.

It goes without saying that a mega dungeon in the basement of his house was a big one.

‘The head of the Goblin must be in the woods. If I get rid of him, maybe I can get a characteristics. It’s a big experience as a hunter to take down the boss for the first time.’

The moment Sung-Hyun solidified his heart.

A system message appeared as if he had read his mind.

[Quest has occurred!] [The forest ruler noticed the presence of an intruder. Dozens of Goblin tribes move to find intruders. Defeat the Goblin chief, Geard.] [Compensation: Obtaining large amounts of experience and new characteristics]



[Inventory is enabled!] [You can freely collect items.]

Sung-hyun looked into his inventory window.

On the translucent screen, an inventory of numerous compartments was floating.

“I’ve tried it a few times, but… It’s amazing.”

When Sung-hyun brought his hand and touched it, it went into the screen.

As expected, a mysterious sense.

He didn’t get used to the unrealistic scene even when he saw it in person.

Although it was an ability to bring tremendous innovation to the delivery industry, Sung-hyun did not intend to use his ability for such a place.

‘I Like this.’

‘It’s not the time.’


Sung-hyun, who came to his senses, swept away all the food he could eat by opening the refrigerators and storage cabinets inside the house.

Food whizzing into the inventory.

In addition to simple foods such as biscuits and jerky, they could also pack gas burners, pots, and utensils if they wanted.

‘As expected, it’s a very convenient ability.’

Many of the things disappeared like a flash.

Food was arranged neatly into the inventory.

His inventory was very large, and he couldn’t even guess how big it was.

‘This useful ability is just one of the added effects.’

His “status window” was not an S-class characteristic for no reason.

This single inventory function will even make it to an A-class characteristic.

“Then it’s time to start.”

Sung-Hyun, who checked the watch secretly murmured.

The reason why he suddenly robbed the refrigerator and took food was simple.

It was annoying to have to come home from the dungeon at every meal, and more than anything, now that he had to invest quite a long time to the dungeon.


[Quest has occurred!] [The forest ruler noticed the presence of an intruder. Dozens of Goblin groups move to find humans. Defeat the Goblin chief, Gead.] [Compensation: Obtaining large amounts of experience and new characteristics]

The message that appeared last time, Sung-hyun re-read it again.

He murmured, looking at the message.

“Well… I honestly expected it, but I didn’t expect it to show up.”

When he decided to kill the boss in this area, he expected that related quests would appear.

But he couldn’t believe that the reward of the quest is ‘acquisition of new characteristics’.

It was such an exquisite timing, as if he had read his thoughts.

‘So the Goblins are moving just to find me?’

It was noteworthy in the content of the quest.

Their leader began to move the Goblins after noticing the presence of a stranger.

They must be scouring the whole forest, so if he leave it like this,at some point they will come inside the cave.

He had to destroy their collective movements by killing the leader.

‘In a way, it’s a crisis and an opportunity. It’s a must-have goal.’

Sung-hyun, who grabbed the spear, took a step.

Now it was time to comb the whole forest to find him.

The process required some patience and persistence.

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